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Celestia's morning has been difficult enough, between hearing Twilight's confession of love, and then breaking her heart as gently as possible. Mere moments later, her private chambers are rocked by the shockwaves of a time-traveling spell. This marks the arrival of Celestia's alleged lover from five thousand years in the future, Princess Twilight Sparkle—or as she insists on Celestia referring to her, Glitter-Flanks.

Armed with thousands of years of knowledge of which buttons to push and how to make her squirm, Glitter-Flanks has traveled back to this date for one singular purpose: to establish the closed time loop that sets the two of them up as a couple.

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Glad to see this finally going up. It was fun to help and I regret nothing n_n

Wanderer D

Oh man, that was fun! Couldn't stop grinning! Well done!

God damn was this hilarious. I had to stop reading at several points just to let the laughter flow.

:rainbowderp:Well, that was something else...and I like it.

Loved it! :pinkiehappy:

This was brilliant. Hilarious and heart warming!

And now I'm lost... :rainbowhuh: Well I still got a bunch of laughter out of the last one so I really can't complain.

You... You brilliant goddamn son of a bitch.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, that was certainly something. :trixieshiftright: :ajbemused:

Quite a something actually. :duck:

Something that was nothing lass then freaking fantastic! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry:

Now if you don't mind I'm going too raid your story folder for similar gems. :coolphoto:

“Oh. Fluttershy.” Fluttershy? “Yes. Of course.” Celestia focused on her facial muscles, willing them to not betray her thoughts. She had simply assumed that the letter recommended Rarity.

That is exactly what I thought. :moustache:

My head was pounding the whole way through. So many questions, but you tied them all up very well in a quite comedic way. Well done.

I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time I read this, Bravo! :twilightsmile:

Well, that was... bizarre. In a good way.

This was just a bundle of fun, with a healthy dose of though-provoking moments. Loved it.

That was fun. I love when we get to see Celestia's nervous side. And I love future Twilight, sounds like she'd throw a great party.


I'm not normally a fan of this pairing, but damn, that was good. Enjoy your spot in the feature box. You deserve it.

This is perfect. You're perfect. Everything is perfect.

As nuch as i was laughing while reading, the way older twi plays both celestia and twilight like a damn fiddle is disquieting.

Twilight says celestia still has choice but doesn't give her time to think before the dinner and she even sets up younger twis prank in motion.

I guess i just felt as if neither celestia or young twi had any agency to choose a path that wasn't what old twi planned. It just kind of ruined the romance of it for me.

Heh! This was a fun time that had me smiling almost the whole way threw. One of the more interesting starts to there ship that I have read.

Would you consider a sequel that goes into there ever escalating prank war vs each other? That by it's self could be fun to read even if you didn't get into them slowly falling in love.

freaking awesome
and i dont usually go in for this pairing

This was definitely a balancing act, and part of why the story went through so much revising before I finally published it. Earlier drafts had Glitter-Flanks leveraging an uncomfortable amount of power over Celestia and especially over Twilight; I found out quickly that "It won't feel wrong for Glitter-Flanks to manipulate Twilight because they're the same pony" didn't hold water. At all.

In the end, while I did give Glitter-Flanks the upper hoof overall (5000 years of studying under a chessmaster will do that to you), it was by no means unchallenged. Celestia got several moments where she was able to push back against Glitter-Flanks and still remain competitive. Twilight got pulled into the ruse, but she saw through it as soon as the gift arrived and served as a willing participant, even if she underestimated the effect she'd have.

I definitely understand how the heavy degree of meddling in the premise could be off-putting, so mea culpa for that. If it's any consolation though, this is only really a date. The romance is still to come, but Celestia has a hunch now... The two of them will turn out pretty great.

You get a like for the copious interaction and feels.

You get a follow for Sparkles pulling the 'you gave me this name' on Celestia. That was brilliant.

You have me laughing every few lines. Thank you.

Shipping fics are usually not my thing, but this one was both hilarious and heart warming. Awesome.

So. If I am reading that ending right, future Celestia went back in time to ship HERSELF which makes it all the better.

It’s always the quiet ones.

oh sweet moon above
it's right around here that i just completely broke down laughing

6509461 Twilight ripped the outfit and delivered it to the guard, with orders that it be "returned" to Celestia. What conclusions might that guard draw from a lewd costume, ripped, related to both Twilight and Celestia, who had been spending the evening together?

Hilarious, and strangely poignant.

Then things really got really twisted when Alicorn Fluttershy, Alicorn Rainbow Dash, Alicorn Pinkie Pie, Alicorn Rarity and Alicorn Apple Jack showed up looking for their own share of sugar butt and glitter-flanks fun...

But seriously... This is one time travel loop that is messed up in a twisted way that makes one wonder how twisted the future became all because of the twisted time loop..heh...:twistnerd::moustache:

6510187 ah yeah I see what you mean. one date doesn't make a relationship by its self.

Young twi and celestia will still have to put a lot into building it and making it work while still maintaining their responsibilities.

It is an intriguing story, did anything inspire it?

Strange Kind Of Woman - Deep Purple

6510661 Ah, that makes a lot more sense, I guess I just got confused. :rainbowderp:

Trolltage commences

Someday, every mare will have orgasms~ like every family has color TV~ and we can all get on with the business of clopping.

6510034 Wat R u doin... Azira... Staph. Dat Feels!

Exactly what I was expecting. Very funny and fairly cute.

Was disappointed by the lack of weather vanes though. :trollestia:

From start to finish, I can only laugh and smile so much before it starts hurting!

That was awesome XD

I keep expecting the time travel story to be an elaborate hoax by present-Twilight hoping to get Celestia to change her mind. :trollestia:

These are Luna's speciality. So of course they are absent from a pure Twilestia story.

lol someone likes the downthumb button.
Every comment below me has one XD


That gag will live on forever. :rainbowlaugh:

6510187 it doesin't show the flow of the story is natural and works it doesin't seem edited (that's a good thing)

and i never stopped smiling this whole thing is perfect you did a great thing!

This was amazing! :rainbowlaugh: I, like some other readers in the comments, don't really ship this ship....but this....THIS was just too perfect! Well done!!! I was very amused the whole way through.

“I have my mission, remember? Gotta set you and Little Me up for all of the snuggles.”

Trully, the only mission that matters. Get to it trooper and make us proud! :rainbowdetermined2:

Good read. Deliciously awkward, saucy and funny. Fav.

And the secret ending where it turns out that this is all an elaborate changeling plan to have Celestia love a changeling disguised as Twilight Sparkle so they can take over Equestria.


Is it wrong that I wonder if the comedy aspect could still be made to work if the story had unfolded in such a way as to actually break the time loop so that Celestia and Twilight really didn't end up together?

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