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My other projects...

So this is a shameless self plug of my other projects! Below are the projects and a short blurb about them!

MLP Emoji (Planning phase)
The idea is to create a custom front with MLP characters as emoji. I am still learning how to do this however, I also will also be making a voting website for the emoji... I should contact the admins of this site to see if they can help with lending me a API so people can login using fimfiction.net ...

Egyptian Stone: lojban (Planning phase)
This is a website that helps you learn the language lojban. I'm still planning it though...

Proof Reading / Editing

First the story(s) I am Proof Reading:

And the story(s) I am editing:
A past that I did not see coming

I am willing to Proof Read or Edit story's that interest me, such as Human In Equestria, Good Changelings, Twilestia, Etc.

If you are interested please send me a PM with a google drive link, I will at least do most first chapters before saying that I am not interested.

I Recommend!


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Hey I sent a Pm to you that I would like if you respond back as soon as you can

Have been reading my Pm's that I sent you and your just not talking to me or didn't you notes the Pm's I've been sending you since your last Pm???

Thanks for the fave on The Celestia Code! :twilightsmile:

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