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And then there's this asshole.


Celestia loves Twilight Sparkle. That is a fact, an indisputable constant of the universe. What that love means, however, is much less certain. The love of a teacher. The love of a friend. The love that Celestia dares not name. Every tick of the clock demands her answer, for while Celestia is timeless, Twilight is not.

Celestia has only a single lifetime to make her decision, but Twilight will wait. She always has, and she always will.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Editing performed by the very talented Knight of Cerebus

Winner of the Seventh Bimonthly Twilestia Contest

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I was crying at Twilights death, cheering at the wedding, and then crying with Joy at the end. I have to say one the single most written one shots Ive ever read!:pinkiehappy:

That was beautiful

[lie]ha, you failed to make me cry[/lie]
ok, I cried, but they were happy tears

I would describe this, but it's too beautiful for mere words

That was an enjoyable rollercoaster, everything you wrote came through vividly and I'm trying not to get all emotional. Thoroughly enjoyable fic.

The battle against the tears was won this day. A grim farewell to those who didn't make it.

That was beautiful. When you showed us Twilight's death I was sure you were going the way of robin hood, spoiling the happy ending with the reality of death. But then you had that last part, and it was all the better for it. You had to knock all our hearts down to rock bottom just so that you could lift them that much higher. I need to set up more book shelves, two tiers of favorites isn't enough to do all these wonderful stories justice.

This was just so truly beautiful.....and these words fail miserably, to describe the joy I felt at reading your story! I could not cry a I was so in awe of such a wonderfully told tale of love. Only now to tears begin to well up and I wish to thank you for sharing these wonderful expression with us all. I enjoyed every part of this story, even the sadness of Twilights passing, but I loved and envied the ending. I only hope that when my time comes, it will be as you have described it here. Thank you again. It is beautiful!

So very beautiful... I wish I could say more but... Wow...

:pinkiesad2: I didn't cry... much...

Not to break up the feels, but this is necessary:


In all seriousness though, nice story!

Why isn't this more popular?
I will pray to the great Regidar to fix this great injustice.

Wow. This really makes one think. The thing that really got me was that Luna died just before her. For a moment, she was the only living thing in the universe. I realise Celestia probably didn't live long enough to process the thought but that's okay. This was beautifully written. I applaud you. *Applauds, at first slowly, then faster until my hands drop off*

That first part would have been fine on its own. (So much cute…!) Then you improved on it. :twilightsmile:

Also, as a person with an interest in astrophysics, thank you so much for explaining why the sun exploded instead of going white-dwarf. It was even a good explanation, too. :pinkiehappy::twistnerd:

Happy tears... they're happy tears... :fluttercry:

Throughout the hospital scene, I had "No Prisoners, Only Trophies" playing in my head.

So bittersweet. :fluttercry:


Just take the damn favourite and upvote, I don't care...and a follow...

Oh, look, a nice Twilestia fic, this shou-OWW, MY FEELS!

-Sanity is overrated


Comments like these really help solidify my comfort in having a successful and productive life. I really do wish the same for you someday.

I wasn't quite sure what to think when I saw this in the feature box, but now words fail me, completely and utterly. All that remains are the tears of this hopeless romantic for something that truly has gone above and beyond.

The picture threw me off at first but the you actually turned this from something that could have turned out the wrong way, into something amazing :)


Freaking amazing.

I worry this is an unentered Twilestia contest fic because of the topic. I won't say more until I find out one way or another. :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

5884252 I already posted it as my entry in the Seventh Bimonthly Twilestia Contest thread. Did you mean it might not be eligible?

I hadn't checked the thread before I read this. I also didn't RECHECK the thread before I posted my comment. The perils of being on multiple devices. I see the entry now. So I shall reserve my judgement for later, then. And as far as I know, it's totally eligible.

What happened in the they-finally-hook-up section makes me uneasy. The reaction was way too harsh for just turning down Twilight's confession. While I suppose Luna and Cadance (by virtue of love magic) might have noticed that Celestia subconsciously loves Twilight, the Elements would have no way of knowing that. Plus, screaming and physical injury aren't the best ways to convince anypony of anything.

And from a reader's POV, it's actually quite sensible to turn her down--we haven't seen any romantic-type scenes until this one so we have no idea what they actually feel.

There's the bit about Spike's perfect timing & location that wasn't elaborated on. Aside from which, Twilight's behavior in that section was just... weird. She has zero reaction to Celestia's arrival, manages to stay completely calm when speaking to her, She doesn't really acknowledge Celestia at all until she broke down crying. She comes off as very manipulative.

Absolutely adorable, great read! I will say the abstract nature of the section where they get together made it confusing, but that's a pretty minor complaint all things considered.

I... do not know what to say. This was both beautiful and heartbreaking. I have Favorited this and am now following you.

While my favorite romantic stories will always be about the journey, this was a very well-written piece.

Dam you, you tear jerking bastard...

Now I'm cry- er, I'm shedding liquid pain! Why would you do this to us?

All joking aside, this was a wonderful story that I sincerely enjoyed. You have just earned a follower.

This...I didnt need these feels at 6 am in the morning....*Cries*

And so once again I find a fic to be NSFW, not because it contains explicit material, but now I have to avoid coworkers for a while until I stop crying. Beautifuly done.

Although honestly, part of me was hoping that it was going to end in hilarity on the wedding night with a sudden subversion of the theme.

I wanted a fic that gave me some tears and joy...this fic....I waited for you,

It was a little confusing at points but I think that was the idea and was a very sad but happy ending. But I have a question, how did twilight die if alicorns are immortal or at least in aging? And just... Wow.... This story really shocked me in so many ways

This isn't the first Romance-tagged sun-goes-nova Twilight x Princess story, or even the second, but it's arguably the most well-executed in an admittedly oddly specific genre. In case that came off as backhanded praise, I'll say again: nicely done, AP!

This is actually rather well done. That one bare instant between Luna's death and Celestia's must have been soul-crushing.

5885925 in the show twilight is not immortal, only natraly born alicorns are immortal which twilight is not. the creators of mlp stated this in a tweet some time after season 3 finale

ok autor i need to know why you didnt use the line

I waited for you

when celestia meets twilight in the after life

This is not okay on so many levels and I love it.

Right in the feels. Great story

The ending really made me tear up...

This... was not a good story to read at work, because now I have to stay in my office until my eyes dry and the redness goes away...

Bravissimo good sir... that was simple, elegant... and glorious.

5886181 oh okay didn't know that

This was, I can say full heartedly was one of if not the best romance story or fic I've read in my life, I loved every second of reading this and it certainly was a Roller Coaster of emotions, many applause to you :heart:

Love the passage of time, Twi's characterization, plus your depiction of the End Times and pony heaven. Was very moving. Liked, favorited, told a friend, and followed. :twilightsmile:

That was simply beautiful! :fluttercry: :raritydespair: :raritycry: :pinkiesmile:

Well I'm crying now, but at least the're happy tears. 10/10

That was simply beautiful! :fluttercry: :raritydespair: :raritycry: :pinkiesmile:


I can honestly say that I shed a few tears at the end of this. This might be an understatement, but the front page is more than earned by your story.

To you I say; Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Very well done.

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