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And then there's this asshole.


Under 1000 word micro-fics based on one-word writing prompts. Romance, Slice of Life, Sad, you name it, we got it.

All authors are welcome, just check out this thread for rules and latest prompt.

Chapters (145)
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oh hell yes!
been waiting for one of these.
hope there's more.

yes, YES! I love these things and now we have a Twidance one, I wish this ship was more popular. Now if only someone would make a scootabelle one...

This starts off well, but it's too short

Again short, but nice. Bit of a jump back though, ain't it?

Oh yes. You have pleased me with this prompt. :moustache:

So glad someone started this. Not enough Twidance out there. :twilightsmile:

Yes, I agree. Now where is the prompt collab where Twilight gets ALL of the princesses?

Give it time. Twilunestiance will happen eventually. Just give it time. :trollestia:

Then we can found the 'Shining Armor and Flash Sentry crying together in the corner Collab'

4196276 Both of these need to happen.

4193631 well, we go from twilight and cadance in a romantic setting, to twi as she was in school. bit of a switcher that just kinda confused me:applejackconfused:

These are all mini-fics, unless stated otherwise none of the fics are in the same verse or in chronologically order.

i feel bad for shining.... and i usually never do....

Same here. As such, I'm rather ambivalent at the moment. :applejackunsure:

will chapter 8 have more chapters added to it?

... well this is a sad one.:fluttercry:

shining cheated or something....
poor cadence.

If this one follows after pregnancy they he may have committed suicide after Cadance left him for Twilight ...
wow this is a sad chapter ... :fluttercry:

These are all independent universes of each other. Occasionally there will be some continuity, but those are almost always prompts by the same author

Cuuuute~:twilightblush: Now we need to have Cadence wake up to see Twilight being dragged away in her sleep by the shadows. She chases them off, and Twilight wakes to see her marefriend all freaked out and asks what's wrong, 'cuz she slept through the whole thing! That would be hilarious.

It's an interesting concept, but it needs a bit more polish.

4202142 It is possible. I do like to have some sort of continuity in prompts.

Holy shit I feel bad for twiley.

4218080 i hope you get it, partly because you left it on a cliffhanger and 2nd it be the best Twilight X Cadence yet :twilightsmile:

While for me this connects with my story "A Bittersweet Day To Remember" this sounds really neat as a sort of continuation to chapter 8.

Ya know...If anyone is interested.

The first time I have ever felt bad for shinning when it comes to relationships. Hot damnit, stop teasing mine emotions mortals!!!!!

Hmm... this is new. I actually feel pity for Shinning Armor. Interesting, now please, continue... :trixieshiftright:

You realize, of course, Cadence will see right through his bluff.

Just as an overall comment: 7600 words already. Nice:twilightsmile:

How in the hay did SHINING get to be Celestia's student???? The Lt./Cap. Sparkle I can understand.... But shiny in twilight's place??? I mean, I would just like to know how.... I loved this one otherwise.

This...this right here...is the form of Shining that SHOWS he is a proper big brother. Speaking as one myself, and being in a situation all too damned similar to this, I can say I know his feels. The burden of putting the happiness of others before yourself, wanting their smiles and wishing to keep their happiness despite having your own crushed. Frankly, THIS Shining more than most versions has my respect. I want to see more of him if possible, though I'm fine with more Cadence and Twi. Still...for this Stallion, I offer a Salute and a Bro Hoof, you are not alone colt.

4228516 I wanted to throw Shiney a bone, plus I needed him in the fic, and I like Spike so he needed to be available. It all comes down the basic premise being Shiney, and Twi switched around a bit.

4228516 Its not that implausible. He showed sufficient skill in his shield spell that Chrysalis, who even without siphoning SA's love for Cadence must have a very respectable power of her own, was forced to attack its source rather than overpower it. While there is little evidence of his magical prowess, he must have shown incredible skills to be named Captain of the Royal Guard. It is within reason that he could have turned these skills to arcane study as Twilight did, though he perhaps wouldn't have had the success she did

So much story potential! This needs to be a standalone collection, UHAGSOC-style.

I will be, once I have a firmer grasp on a characterization of Cadance that I like. It's getting there, but I also want to give myself a firmer base to stand on as I dig into the concepts of managing an addiction.

Great follow-up. Very solid. Now is the time for the BIG CONFESSION!!

I loved this! Short, but easily one of my favorite story's on the collab. I don't believe I have seen any Twidance FO:E story's before, now I want to read a full langth one.

4242476 I don't think it would work as a full length. I tried to imply Twilight wasn't all there

On to part four! And five, if you feel so inclined. :twilightsmile:

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