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Spike, like many teenage boys, is at a loss for romance. Kissing girls is as foreign as shedding for a pony. Seeking guidance, Spike turns to the one mare he trusts with such a matter: Cadence.

Taking him under her wing, Cadence sets up practice dates for the young dragon. But with each date, something grows underneath the surface. The dividing line blurs, and practice soon becomes reality...

Thanks to Vexy and The Abyss for kicking this fic into shape.

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Wanted to beat someone to it :rainbowwild:

Man, I miss this game. :raritydespair:

This will be a curious fic to witness take shape.

I look forward to where it goes from here, bro.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh my, this is a ship straight out of left field :rainbowderp:
And I can't wait to see how it turns out!:ajsmug::pinkiehappy:

Oh man, Shining Armor is NOT gonna like this.:pinkiegasp:

Well, this should be interesting. He's not letting it get to his head but he's not completely comfortible with all the praise.

This is going to be a great series. I can't wait to see where this is going. I want to see what is it that makes makes go to Can for help. Seeing the forbidden love grow more and more will be interesting to watch. As the princess of love can she ignore her growing love for Spike and her feeling (whatever they might be or become) for her husband. I am sorry to Shinning but I just get the feeling Spike would me much more interesting of a person and fun to be around then him. He always gave off a boring standard joke style to him. Spike seems like he would be fun to spend time with and I think that is something Can will really like.:moustache::duck:

4365667 True, but I think the majority of people don't care and would rather have Spike come up and take the Can and the kingdom from under him lol.:moustache: :pinkiehappy:

4365663 I know the forbidden love growing more and more. Them trying to act like they don't love each other. But with each "practice" make out session they fall more and more in love. While doing all this behind her husband's back. This is something that will be very interesting to watch develop:trixieshiftright:

4365697 I feel that is how Spike would react to this situation. He would enjoy it alittle at first but he doesn't seem like the type to want to be treated better then everyone else. That redeeming quality will be one of his many draws. And he has so many of these draws it can even lure away married women lol.:moustache::facehoof:


Actually, you'd be wrong. Most people don't even like Spike. :V Now if this was Twilight with Cadence... you'd have most of the site agreeing with you.

[Paid for by the Committee of Spikebelle OTP] (Spikence is a false prophet!)

4365848 Most people do like Spike, they just prefer their entertainment to prominently feature ponies. When it comes to romance/clop, a lesbian relationship is much hotter than suspending one's disbelief enough to pretend that a canonically young character is mature enough for something so serious. But they do like the guy; Pinkie Pie F*CKING said so!

4365848 Lol really, I never really liked Shinning myself. So anyone other then him is a win (But Spike is a epic super mega level win to the tenth power!) We all know the big deciding factor will be the claws. Hoofs are okay but it doesn't compare to a claw. The second he run it down her back .... Spike wins. Flawless Victory! lol:moustache::facehoof:

4365879 I am and will always be a member of the Spike Army. IN SPIKE WE TRUST!!!! lol.:moustache::twilightblush:


Shining is fun when he's portrayed as his Friendship Is Witchcraft persona. The gnarly surfer-boy obsessed with corndogs.


Yet nowhere I look do I see more than a handful of people declaring any favor for Spike. Those that do usually tend to be cultists of a fashion in my experience. The sort where you say anything that isn't glowing praise about him, the slightest besmirching or even just saying you have a favorite over Spike, and they gang up on you and attack you viciously like a bunch of squalid children mobbing you and screaming their heads off - or the pseudo-intellectuals feeling the need to try and bore you to death to protect the character they use as their canon self-insert. Note, when I say 'don't like' I don't mean they hate the character, I mean I don't see people putting him high up on the tier list, so to speak.

I actually didn't mind Spike personally until I ran across the aforementioned people who gave me no end of trouble for not putting him on my favorite list of ponies and I had to spend four or five days arguing with them that Spike does not go on a list of ponies. Then all the abuse I've seen favored authors of mine getting for not making Spike a prominent character in a story that has no reason to include him, the constant yowling and yammering that he wasn't made into some kind of badass pimp in a story where Spike wouldn't even have a part in more than a mention. After awhile I personally grew to dislike the character, and I've found more people who agree than disagree, and many times more who just don't hold the character as one of their 'top picks'.

Mileage my vary, if your experiences are different I certainly don't hold it against you.

That said, I still find Spikence a weird ship! Spikebelle will always be my Spike shipping. It's too adorable.

4365916 Huh is that the one where it turned it wasn't his kid he has been raising, His wife cheated on him and 'knew' the kid wasn't his, and then brought her into their life (or should I say she 'let' him stay in their life), AND he wasn't even mad about all this when it came into the light.... Sorry even if that Shinning is a little more fun, just cant back him for just going with the flow with all of that and not being angry about all of that when he found out. :facehoof:


That one was fun, too! Though, because he didn't get angry, he did wind up with two mares who are more than happy to tend to his needs rather than him being the bitch in a relationship with his wife and her lover. So, for a short period of emasculation he got his metaphorical spine back at three times the size it was to begin with. I was hoping he'd get the maid in there, too. Maybe later on. But, yes, that is an example of the corndog machine Armor that I like. Should have been his canon personality, then he'd /have/ a personality...

All said though, unless something is specifically labeled a cuck/cheating fic so I can stay away, the whole cheating aspect of a story rankles me - especially when the partner is portrayed as loving and dedicated but either with flaws or a busy job to support the couple. Most of the time either written by people who've never had it happen to them, or when it has, by people who seem to absorb the pain and turn it into a fetish to try and get over the past. In the end, most stories could simply just do without that aspect and still be written the same way, or in a different direction.

A Spike shipping from Draconic Soul?

...I am extremely interested on how you will pull this off with Shining in the picture.

Is this finally a Spikedance fic? Cause if so thank the Fimfiction gods. Nobody is safe from Spike.


Still right. I did say most. There's a helluva lot of support for Twidence fics and not many Twidence fics! That said, I'm giving you +5 points (and one upvote) for the Breaking Bad video. Good show, chap! And I totally don't mind that you don't like a character. I'm not -that- big of a hypocrite, you see.

I had a bad feeling in my gut while reading the description... but I guess i'll read it for now, it's pretty good after all... even though the premise, if I read it correctly, is a tad um, yeah...

--Pyro The Faithful Hesitatingly-Out-Of-Comfort-Zone Reader


First thing, thank you for those comments.
Even if I personally don't agree with everything you said, you always...
...sense! :rainbowkiss:

Anyway, you have to know that (most of) the Spike's fans "agressivness" is caused by his exclusion from most of the fandom works.
I never noticed this before S4 aired, but for example, just look at the banners of this site, where is Spike? We got even OCs but somehow a major character isn't here, same for EQ, how many banners have all of the mane six, the CMC and even secondary character (and one with all of the main charers , some of the secondary ones and Owlowiscious too) but not him!
There are fics that don't need his presence, true, but that doesn't mean that he have to DISAPPEAR from existence, and anyway more than half of the fictions where he doesn't appear actually need his presence, and they don't even make sense without him, and I'm not saying that he must have a major role.

Without speaking of ALL of the drawings out there without him, drawings with names like "the
gang is all here", yeah everyone but him or even Christmas pictures with all of the ponies having good time without the orphan!
Really. even if Spike has never been my favourite character, and even now that I like him a lot more he still isn't my favourite, it's impossible for me to not get reeeally annoyed by those kind of things, and this fandom is fillied with them.

Well I hope I haven't killed the english language too much today,
have a nice a day!


At the same time I understand why he isn't. He's... not actually a main character. Despite getting quite a lot of screentime and his own episodes, the show has always left those roles to the Mane Six. Canonically speaking he is not a main character and is not intended to be. That is the desire of the fans and their own headcanons speaking. About as unrealistic as the people screeching that Luna deserves to be the sole ruler of Equestria and to be the seventh main cast member, taking over for Twilight as the lead role.

Previous to my abuse at the hands of his cult-like fans, I felt he fulfilled his role amicably, and that there was no problem with Spike. He performed his role as he was meant to perform it, he filled his niche in the story and dynamic when it was appropriate that he be there to do so. Then you find his fans and they complain that Spike isn't in a story about Fluttershy. Or that Rarity is shipped with... I don't know, Big Mac, and Spike either only gets a passing mention or just doesn't appear because he doesn't fit the actual individual story's dynamic itself. Just tacking him in would feel like adding on a third wheel, and forcibly writing him into the very thread of the story doesn't make it a story about Rarity and Big Mac, but a story about Rarity and Big Mac and Spike, which was not the intention.

When I point this out I tend to get downvoted and threatened, but it's still the truth. After getting that sort of screaming rammed into your metaphorical ear for the better part of two years you start to dislike the character that people are demanding you worship as some sort of harem-building god or all-important cast member that must be in every story about the ponies that you signed up to read about or else they'll go on a riot. More often than not these people show signs that they've emotionally attached themselves to the character BECAUSE he is not often mentioned, inserting their own feelings of being ignored or abandoned into his absences and lesser consideration and getting themselves all worked up like they're the ones being given a bad rap.

Which is pure insanity and blurs the line of reality and fiction. Thus, cultists.

Promise me the ending won't be spike waking up and it'll have been a dream.


At the same time I understand why he isn't. He's... not actually a main character. Despite getting quite a lot of screentime and his own episodes, the show has always left those roles to the Mane Six. Canonically speaking he is not a main character and is not intended to be. That is the desire of the fans and their own headcanons speaking. About as unrealistic as the people screeching that Luna deserves to be the sole ruler of Equestria and to be the seventh main cast member, taking over for Twilight as the lead role.

True, absolutaly true!

Personally I always considered Spike "the cuddly talking animal of the main character".

Of course The Show focus on Twilight, the main character (well she was during S1, 2 and 3, now I'm not sure) and on her pony friends, because this is a little girls show.

But you know why this show is so f***ing great? Because even the talking magical animal has a deep characterization, dreams, goals and probably a great backstory! Sure the show can't focus that much on him nor in his backstory, nor in his relationship with Twilight nor in the story of the Alicorns Sisters figthing Discord, because the show must focus mostly on the six ponies.
But you see, those fictions aren't written for little girls, they don't have to focus entirely on the mane six, and while I can accept a story that focus on certains characters, how can I found it credible or original if Twilight leaves everytime her best friend that only wants to spend his time with her (as he said in TBNE) for no reason at all, or simply he disappear, in the void! At least find a credible excuse, or give him a minor role!

Then you find his fans and they complain that Spike isn't in a story about Fluttershy. Or that Rarity is shipped with. Or that Rarity is shipped with... I don't know, Big Mac, and Spike either only gets a passing mention or just doesn't appear because he doesn't fit the actual individual story's dynamic itself.

Of course there will be always the annoying fans with the maturity level of a 9 year old child , but that doesn't mean that everyone who complains is just a "cultist"..
But in any case you, for the sake of the story, can't just ship Rarity with BM and ignore Spike existence, "and then Rarity, the element of Generosity, decided to broke little child heart after years of using him like a personal slave to stay with... the first stallion she meet!" That's not exactly In Character, The problem is that you can't make a story with such deep characters using them like plot devices, someone will always complain. And of course there are stories where he has absolutaly nothing to do and still there is the angry mob of spike fans complaing, but we could say the same for the Luna fans etc.. But his fans are more "motivated" by the fact that he's usually excluded without a valid reason.


I'm more of a mind with people who enjoy the story for the story's sake. Because it is entertaining, not because it doesn't/does include a character who has no impact on the story's intention. The psychotics who start fights over whether a character's there or not or hand out death threats because you don't like the object of their obsession seem to be highly numerous moreso than the more reasonable people who just have their likes and dislikes and don't care if you do the same, or at least they're attracted to me because I trip over them left and right.

I still don't believe he's required to be mentioned in every story, regardless if it includes Twilight or Rarity, just because he's so attached to them. Many stories don't involve the entire Mane Six and don't even mention the ones who aren't present except in passing. Some don't even do that, and they're damned fine stories. What these hypocrites don't seem to get is that it's the same for Spike. If ANY character is not central to the story and including in any way only draws away from the story's intention or feels like unnecessary additions, then you simply don't include them. It goes for Twilight, Luna, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie, AJ, Dash, any character at all. Yet they don't care if AJ gets ignored, because despite her being the 'backbone' of the group - which arguably makes her more important to the dynamic and therefore more of a constant than Plucky Sidekick #1 - they're hyperfocused on Spike even though I believe at one point he had more screen time than AJ did, and tends to have about equal story-spotlight time as he does within a fic. AKA: Kind of... there, says a line or two, or doesn't show up at all.

Yet they don't complain about fair play for AJ because they're too busy blowing things out of proportion and crying foul play for the whelp. An example, but a prudent one. It boggles me how people can put blinders on and completely divest themselves of objective reasoning purely for emotional bias and selfish subjectivity.

Yep, I knew when after watching the episode someone would notice and write a fanfic about it...
Still, you got my interest. :twilightsmile:


Well but Spike hasn't an "Appreciation Day". :ajsmug:

You know what your problem is? You are being logic!
You are probably thinking that Spike has the role he deserves, that in certain fictions he isn't so important and we can close an eye on his absence, right?
And probably you consider all those stories where he is sooo depressed because he is soooo alone , leaved by everyone really stupid, don't you?
And with "Spike at your service" even if he was a little out of character, the important thing was enjoy the show, not start complaing that the writer didn't portray him perfectly.
I mean why should he be treated differently than the other characters?

Am I right?

Because this is what I tought, then I started to notice what his situation truly is and I started to watch the show and the fandom works with the eye of a Spike fan.

Yes, the spike fans blow things out of proportion but that's only because they (excluding the more immature part of the fandom) are exasperated... I was exasperated too! ! The problem isn't A story or A drawing without him, No! The fact is that he is excluded soooo maaaany times, and I'm not speaking only of fictions but in everything, the show, the comics, the drawings, the videos, the games. I wouldn't care AT ALL if his absence would be justified and I don't think any Spike fan would, but sooo many times his absence doesn't make sense, and occasionally it's even offensive! A cristhmas scene with all the ponies gathered toghether
without the orphan.
A family reunion with Shining and Cadence, Twilight,, her friends
without Spike...
"I'm so happy you could all join us"...and i just can't stop remembering him in during "The Crystal Empire"...
Seriously he's only a child that wants to be loved,
And those are just two examples.

So yes, you are perfectly right, but don't get too angry to the spike fans, I "felt their pain" and it's not exactly what I loved to feel watching a show called "Friendship is Magic".:ajsleepy:

4366822 I think you got it. I mean Spike was the one that got me into MLP in the first place. So imagine how I feel when I look and see he barley in the show at all, and most of the time he is he is represented badly or given poorly written episodes. In my opinion as a Spike fan he is such a interesting character that has many different parts in his personality that make him more then a one toned character but that never get touch on but by Spike fans. Don't even get me started on EG I mean really a dog.... what a slap in the face to all people that like Spike. That is why I am trying personally to fix the whole Spike dog thing but that is my point They trash Spike so much we have to stand up and show how great of a character he is.:moustache:


I disclose that I am a Spike fan, and also a Sparitylight shipper, part time. Just not one of the rabid ones. :twilightsmile: And part of me is a a little annoyed at the way they treat Spike. But hey, that's life. You can't get everything.

With that said, I read debate between the two of you. Very informative!! I would wish more people would take a open mind like you two have done.


Twilight wasn't an alicorn yet, true when Spike delivered the Heart (S3: eps 1 and 2). But you have to remember, this story is directly after the episode "Equestrian Games". Twilight has wings now, you probably have seen the tribute to Spike the Savior, among other things.

4366822 XD Let's count some more not-justified episodes in which he was gone.

Twilight's Birthday Party in Canterlot in "Sweet and Elite".
Meeting Maud Pie in... "Maud Pie".

... Is that about it, or is there more?

Well, at least you had the common sense not to title your story after a love song; if you'd have done that your first fifty comments would've been that particular song... I'd know :twilightangry2:

You underestimate the power of a dragon :moustache:

In all seriousness though, I just wrote this for fun. Understand your resistance to the idea but eh. I'm going through with it.

Well, you could say that it's part of a soundtrack but that wasn't the intention and I just noticed after a happy accident xD. Yeah, wouldn't want the comments filled with songs, otherwise I wouldn't get to see all these comments about Spike going back and forth :rainbowlaugh:

So this is going to be a shipping, but between whom? (praying for Spilight)



This will go exetremely well, like, totally. xD

Okay, I love Spike's portrayal in this :pinkiehappy:
Ya'll got my attention :moustache:

4367341 Where did you get that?! :rainbowderp:

4367352 Type spikedance on derpibooru and you'll see it. :moustache:

Kissing girls is as foreign as shedding for a pony.

But... ponies have fur. They have to shed. They even seem to get winter coats, judging from the fact they don't really need more clothing then. Umm. Well. Gonna pass on this then. :applejackconfused:

4367341 No, DS, stick to the script. It's much hotter to see the lady taking that much initiative.

4367356 looked it up, found the source, and followed their blog. I gotta say, I didn't think about this ship, but damn I'm already starting to like it, and I haven't even read this fic yet. Can't wait to read. :pinkiehappy:

Is the concept of Cadence's marriage nonexistent in the fandom?

people ship this because of all the attention spike received from cadence.

people ship thunderlane and rarity because he saved her and he hugged him

people ship fluttershy and discord simply because she is his reformer

all you need is a few hints and this fandom will ship it like fedex:scootangel:

Good start. Wonder who came up with that name, because I doubt it was Shinning or Cadance:twilightsheepish:.


And probably you consider all those stories where he is sooo depressed because he is soooo alone , leaved by everyone really stupid, don't you?

Drastically wrong. In a story ABOUT Spike and how he feels about being left behind, I don't mind. Because Spike is SUPPOSED to be in that story. It's his story. I have a problem with the people who demand he be in every story that's NOT a Spike-centric story. I have literally argued tooth and nail against some twats who demanded Spike be put in a Vinyl/Octavia shipfic where they live in Manehattan. I thought I could just write them off as random loonies, you know the sort no one listens to who has this one-time post in a thread that gets ignored. But no, they went hard on that.

I'd ignore that as a one-time thing, except it wasn't. It happens extremely often. As exasperated as Spike fans may be, in which I completely understand the feeling, I think I can speak for those of us who aren't when I say we're exasperated with being told that Spike must be included or the story we like is a pile of garbage and we're all idiots. I have no problem with his sensible fans, just the cult-like ones. The type that tell me they're going to track me down and shoot me when I say he's not my top character. After a few years of that sort of thing, you can easily imagine being fed up with the whole thing, can't you?

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