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This the group for the best ship: SpikeDance!

Feel free to post any SpikeDance stories you happen to find!

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One hundret members!!!:pinkiehappy: Now if only this ship could get that many stories.:ajbemused:

can somepony change the pick so that it just says "You. Me. Bed. Now" i'm just saying

This has got to be the biggest "why the fuck not?" ship ever...
I love it.

359946 Here you go

Looks like the artist goes by the name of venezolan brony

360011 Nope, I want some as well. :moustache:

Great that GIF makes me want some Spike, Cadance, Shining Armour threesome action... is that a bad thing? :moustache:

Got a link to the artist for that pic?

Hey John can you either send me or post the link to where you got da pic you're using for group (not the gif pic)

I can ship it.

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