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"Late night, come home. Work sucks! I know!"

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Hey everyone! I'm Famous and I've been writing here for 7 years now. I love to write Romance and "Coming of Age" stories, but honestly, I'm always looking to broaden my horizons. I'm always down to answer any writing questions you might have, so feel free to reach out or drop a comment!

Love, Famous

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Followed for the blink-182 lyrics.

Call me, you crusty ass, cunt sniffing, fetus feasting fuck nugget:scootangel:

spike x EVERYONE

New FamousLastWords content is required, the fans demand it!

Why did you remove the story Daily Spinyltap from the site? Granted, its on fimfetch now, but I would still like to know.

Interesting shelf name, but I see it holds the role of your favorites shelf. Thanks for calling All the Small Things a cool story! Stay awesome!

(And don’t think I don’t notice the lyrics to that exact song in your bio.)

I wish to have ‘The Dragon Guardian’ removed from the Spike x Derpy and Spike x Daring Do folders in the Spike’s Many Shippings group. I respectfully request this since my first Spike harem story doesn’t involve any shipping of him with those characters. I believe that was a mistake since there is no confirmation of those shippings.

Can you please look into this when you have the opportunity?

Perfectly Insane

I love you and your interest in dinosaur movies.

  • Viewing 1,929 - 1,938 of 1,938
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