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“This story is part of the Shadowverse.” · 7:06pm Feb 13th, 2018

So, what does that mean, exactly?

As promised, here is the blog post to explain it:
Simply put, the Shadowverse is my single largest fanfic writing project. Except for my prelude to Crysis Commander's Black Sun Nation, all my stories take place within it.

Because the verse is alive.
To explain this, I have to go back two years.

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Thanks for the watch, I hope you like what I've got in store!

Thankyou for the favourite on My Little A.I.
I’m thrilled that folk keep finding it :o)

"The Shelf of Extraordinary Comedy", eh? I'm glad you found Shining Armor's Amour's Armour worthy of a place on such a finely-titled bookshelf. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you very much for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

Hey, no problem! I wish you the best of luck with your story and your time here on the site and in the community!:twilightsmile:

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