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Life doesn't always go smoothly, and relationships rarely work out as expected. Fleetfoot has recently become aware of that. So, when her partner turns her life into a constant competition, she seeks relief in a solitary gym session in order to deal with it.

It is only when she gets surprising company that she discovers how cathartic togetherness can be.

Winning entry of the "A two-faced charade" contest. Proofreaders/Editors were Chaospaladin, 0_0 and Doggyshakespeare. The cover art was commissioned from the talented MarieDRose.

Rated and tagged for implied intimacy/sex and all the bitter consequences of cheating, as well as some mild language here 'n there.

This story is part of the Shadowverse main timeline.

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Returning from her banishment and taking over Equestria had been the easy part. Ruling over it, Nightmare Moon had come to realize, was the real challenge.

One fateful night, an assassin gives her a dilemma that shows her just how great a challenge it will be.

My thanks go to Chaospaladin and AlicornPriest for their help with the story and to MiesDo for the cover art.

This story is part of the Shadowverse alternative timeline.

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After the Windigos have plagued Equestria for months, they are finally gone. But a rather young Celestia had witnessed the events and draws her own conclusions. She recognizes these bringers of ice and death from the stories her mother once told her. Realizing the deeper meaning behind it, she goes on a journey to meet the cause of all things: Omni.

Special thanks to Crysis Commander and Chaospaladin, you two are the best!

This story is part of the Shadowverse historic timeline.

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This story is a prequel to Crysis Commander's Black Sun Nation.

For over two decades, Equestria has been torn asunder by civil war. Thousands have fallen, and most of the country lays in shambles. Canterlot is one of the last bastions of those loyal to the monarchy, the Royalists.

With the Rebel army knocking on the city's gate, Celestia's last hope for victory is an age-old book. Sealed an locked away by Starswirl himself, she hopes that his knowledge will aid her in such a crucial time. She could not have been more wrong.

I would particularly like to thank Crysis Commander, since his story had inspired this prequel. He had also been so kind as to help me with the editing.

The cover picture was taken by Luc Viatour and is used under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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What gives a pegasi the ability to fly? In what language does the soil speak, when it talks to an earthpony? And what power does a unicorn may posses, so it can create things out of nothing?
To this question I have devoted many, many days and nights of my long life and I only found it right at the end of said life to write down all my experiences and to share them with the world.
Or, to be more precise: With you, dear reader.

Follow me with my adventures to distant cultures, different kinds of magic and in the end; witness the birth of a nation of which I can only hope to last in peace forever.

Important note!
I changed the story's status to 'cancelled' due to the fact that I am going to fully revise it.

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