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To much twitter? · 9:42pm Nov 9th, 2018

If I had written a story like I have wrote on Twitter all year I would have a really wierd story that wouldn’t pass moderation :)
Anyhoo, no luck writing yet. It just isn’t coming forward, but I did grab a model steam engine and bling it right up over the summer. It got a crane and I made a new back end and I had fun. Also had some fun with the race truck.

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To be honest, we have to blame Scribbler and her dramatic reading for that. The downside is that one should never forget to go to the website after listening to her reading and leaving a like for the actual author, too.

Like... I almost did :twilightblush:

Oh boy, Twilights Ghost did so well that I got confused who I had thanked for favourites and watches and stuff :o)

Thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

Thankyou Inucroft1 :)

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