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Author and dramatic reader from YouTube. All your pony are belong to us.


British bod who has too much fun with fandom. To most I'm Scribbler (obabscribbler being my screen-name when my actual name has already been taken). I'm a fan of satirical comedy, reading whatever I can get my mitts on, walking my dog and creating fandom content.

Have at thee, fandom!



OMGWTFBBQ! I'M ENGAGED! · 12:34pm February 15th

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I saw the voice cast announcement video for the History Repeats recording -- they sound quite promising! Looking forward to the finished product. :twilightsmile:

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day Scribbler. I already commented on your videos, but I thought, "You know, I should comment on here too." After all it's such a big occasion. I'm so thrilled for you, the news that Reverb proposed, Wow, that was so amazing. I can only imagine how happy you are. I wish you both an amazing amount of happiness. Also I want to thank you. You are one of my absolute favorite VA's and readers in this fandom, and recently you have inspired me to start trying to write some stories as well. I just want to thank you for all you have done for all of us in the fandom. ( also, just a little fun fact, whenever I have been working on my first story, I've been narrating it in my mind using either yours or Illyas voice, its quite entertaining.) Once again thank you for all the wonderful content you've given us.

Love your work, from the grim to the romance stuff, so keep up the awesome content. Also stumbbled uppon "no place like home" and was fully immerced into the story's scenario, shame it only got to chapter 2 cause it was great, but can't find the original story to read it, bummer. :(

holy crap i did not know scribbler had a account here cool

  • Viewing 360 - 364 of 364
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