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Author and dramatic reader from YouTube. All your pony are belong to us.


British bod who has too much fun with fandom. To most I'm Scribbler (obabscribbler being my screen-name when my actual name has already been taken). I'm a fan of satirical comedy, reading whatever I can get my mitts on and creating fandom content.

Have at thee, fandom!


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Comment posted by Irispony deleted April 20th

Hello! My name is Hunter, or Nemesis Sol. I love your fanfic reading, and comic dubs on YouTube, they're so creative, funny, and awesome! I love reading MLP FiM fanfiction, and yours are so good! Keep it up!

Hey scribbler! I was wanting to know if you could read my fanfic Mystic Skies Day off on your youtube channel? Because the story is almost done and it would be a big honor!

I noticed you did a reading of one of my old, old fics, like, a year ago. Whoah boy, that was quite a trip! I'm curious why you picked that one in particular.

I've tried a portion of it and it's really good, you can do an excellent Octavia! It was very interesting seeing someone else produce my story, cus it's defintely interpreted as sadder than what I had in mind. I was envisioning it more as sardonic humor as I was writing it. It's just cool to see an interpretation of the story from someone elses eyes.

I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, cus I can't stand reading my old work, but I'm gonna try cus it really is a good adaption :pinkiesmile:

Greetings! Scribbler I have seen your audio dramas about Mlp fanfics and I really like your soothing voice, could you do me a favor and do a audio reading of my friend’s fanfic, ( https://www.fimfiction.net/story/451897/the-dawn-of-a-new-mission )

This fanfic is about a Luster dawn’s mission to reform the Three villains of Legion of Doom, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis and Tirek. It’s a Rated E and it’s very funny and have some meaningful lesson to be learned here. I hope you can see this comment see ya!

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