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Author and dramatic reader from YouTube. All your pony are belong to us.


British bod who has too much fun with fandom. To most I'm Scribbler (obabscribbler being my screen-name when my actual name has already been taken). I'm a fan of satirical comedy, reading whatever I can get my mitts on and creating fandom content.

Have at thee, fandom!


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Dummy thicc Wolfmom narwal horse is my spirit animal

I should also mention that if that how AJ, they'd better make Rarity into a riveter to balance things out

Have you by chance read the fic Blink on your channel? I'm not the author buts its a damn good fic. Its hella scary.

Question: will we ever see a Truckdori fic? :rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 419 - 423 of 423
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