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February Write-Off Second Place Winner! Dodge Junction is a foul place, full of fouler people. At least, that's what Sheriff Bismarck wants Applejack to believe. And yet, here, among the dregs of society, Applejack finds an honest soul to help her rid her home town of a fearsome beast - a grizzled old outlaw, desperate for redemption.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 38 )

"Like the stallions in the bar from the day previous, they cast Red a wide berth..."



Anyway, story's done. Watch me for more!

Oh man, so damn good. Needs a wee bit of an editorial pass due to some misplaced words, but so damn good.

Very nice. Very, VERY nice indeed!

I feel like I've read this before...and I knew Arkansas was her grandpa from the very beginning...*suspicious look*

Well, whatever, it's very good if it is original, though I had trouble picturing it as an pony fanfic rather than a standalone work.


I didn't learn anything about fixing my typos


Writer :trollestia:


Well, I'm gonna give all the money to charity, that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm just disappointed I couldn't squeeze more of the story in. I liked it a lot, and I'd love to write more, but this seems good enough. :eeyup:

I was inspired by a Clint Eastwood film.

My mule, he don't like people laughin'.

Good job author, good job.

Congratulations! The story absolutely deserved the prize, excellent job! :yay:

Oh crap, a western-style fic! I love this kind of setting, and if I'm not mistaken by the quote, it's inspired by Fistful of Dollars! (Can't check video, internet sloe derp)

I was planning on writing my own western-ish fic, but I'm afraid it will be sub-par compared to this.

Trackin' this for a later read, can't leave a western-style-second-place-winner unread.

well, it isn't really, but i did get the original idea of mixing poni and westerns from a fistful of dollars

True Grit much?

doesn't matter, had narrative.

I love you.

I said God Damn! God Damn... :ajsmug: Beautifully written and a absolutely fantastic story line!

Wait- this has more than 10k words. :twilightoops:

This was very very good and I'm not entirely sure how you didn't end up in first but hey you win some you lose some I guess

Now to see what else you've got written..

Thrilling story. I love how it kept true to the spirit of the show and only changed exactly what was needed to make the story work.
The only change I didn't like was making the cows non-sapient and the use of leather by the ponies.

Now THAT was a western at its finest! Good job my friend!

I love stories like this. I love sad stories and romance, and stuff like this. This deserved second place in the February Write Off.

There needs to be more I can do to show this story love. All of my love!

It is a rarity (not :raritystarry:) to stumble upon a western theme pony story. And one so good too!
Truly a masterpiece. Granted, the story probably isn't the most original idea ever (I'd say many western movies share a set up similar to yours), but the way you pulled it off certainly deserves a praise. Congratulations. :raritywink:
I particularly liked the way you used the loopholes in Applejack's family storyline (missing parents, only Granny Smith on the farm) to base your story on that and introduce Black Arkansas. Thumbs up for that. Truly a great work.

Completely thrilled with this story you do good work brotha

Since when am I blue? My eyes are, but my coat is clearly silver, see? And since when do I have a railway?

all this in one chapter :O :derpyderp2:

Author Interviewer

I don't think I ever actually read this during the writeoff, because I sure as heck would have remembered it. This was awesome. :D

I just listened to a reading of fan fic I really like the story it was fantastic this is western done right. The only complaint I would have is that AJ never get a chance to use that guns she tows.

A solid piece. The ending was absolutely beautiful. Hope you start writing again someday.

Very atmospheric piece, beautifully written. You have really done AJ proud.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story from end to end - thank you!

The Atmosphere was nice, and Black Apple was a good character. But I'm not sure it went as far as this story should have. The reactions of the people at the bar paint him as a very dangerous pony, and we see that's not true, but I didn't get the sense that he was ever a truly bad person, and I feel like that should have been emphasized more.

The story would have been much stronger had you ended it here

As she crested the hill, the shotgun sounded twice again. There was a roar of pain, a shout, and then a great crash, followed by silence.

Leaving it to the reader's imagination as to how it ended. Seeing him survive didn't add anything to the story, and not knowing for sure would have left a real impact.

I do like that Applejack was motivated by nobility, not revenge.

The story felt a little unfocused, but that might just be how late it is for me right now. What exactly was this story trying to say? (Come to think of it, what was the prompt?) I get what happened in it, but what was the thing, the message or hook, that would keep someone from forgetting this story after they read it. (I hope this doesn't sound nonsensical in the morning.)

Anyway, good job, glad you got 2cd place.

This was one of the fics I discovered long while back when first getting into the Brony Fandom and it really made me see MLP Fan Fics as something more. Really really good story.

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