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This is the tale of a drake craving freedom.

Spike wakes up every day to a nagging roommate. His days are spent doing chores he neither likes nor dislikes. And, to make matters worse, Rarity's heart is still as distant as ever.

So he stops caring for a day.

Spike Stopped Caring cover done by the wonderful, 2135D. Please check him out; his art is better than my stories.

Edited by gaming goof, Diamond Brook, along with the ever so mysterious, Silent Watcher, the new and improved, Obsidian Shard, and tea drinker, Vexy.

FamousLastWords calls the story: "Swag."

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I will be severely disappointed if there is no sequel.

6704685 Hey! One punch-man, awesome.

As for a sequel, I'm not sure yet. But I'm glad you somehow enjoyed the story I told.

You've got a good concept there but I preferred it in Spikes real day
That said, aside from some grammar errors and spelling mistakes it's not Bad. Just skip the meta jokes and comments in the middle of the text next time.

6704626 As I have said before, I will be severely disappointed if therre is no sequel to this.

Comment posted by Wheeljack613 deleted Dec 6th, 2015

I enjoyed reading this. I noticed some grammar errors while reading, but you uploaded an updated version while I was reading it and I don't know how many of them are still there.

6704748 Quite a few. Someone complained about the chapter being too long and wanted them split. Thank you for reading.

β€œHey, Dash? Is that Plot Convenience’s Magical Dust?”

I swear...leave it to dash to find something that sounds like an illegal substance.

Another great read. We all have our days or moments where we want to say fuck it and do what we want. Even if things turn out bad the fact that you let your worry wash away can have a lot of good results.

6704795 I've got days like that every day.

You should think about doing a sequel to this.

This needs a sequel:rainbowlaugh:

This was good. Spike's "just fuck it" attitude is so great especially since we can all relate to it. 8/10 from me.

I think this is the most ratings per view I have ever seen a fic receive.


The chapters were split up, so the first batch of upvotes came on the previously single chapter. But the views are just the largest view count on any chapter, so deleting the chapter removed the first set of views.

That was truly amazing, there were quite a few grammatical errors, missed words in sentences and such, but it was very much readable.

FamousLastWords, Vexy and B_25?
This should be good...

Teenagers, amiright?

Also, now we need a showdown between Spike and Shia Lebeouf. One does not simply say, "Just don't do it".

6705186 damn it. Should've done this.

The first chapter was good. The second was meh. By the time I finished the third, I honestly can say I kinda stopped caring. Jokes aside, I can't upvote this with the two extra chapters on it - they ruined it for me.

6704925 i tried my hardest man, but I think B_25 didn't pass 1st grade grammar

Sorry, I was going to finish reading this story, but then I thought, "meh."

You had me at "well that didn't work". :pinkiehappy:

And "I don’t even know what went wrong" :derpytongue2:

β€œI mean, your spell just exploded in my face"

And then it exploded in his face again! :pinkiegasp:

I'm greatly enjoying this!:moustache:

Amazing. I never thought of Spike and Rainbow Dash, but you made it work. Wow

Spash is my OTP.

Look’s like Spike’s stay was only temporary.

Out of curiosity was this line a reference to that story "Spikes Temporary Stay" where he comes back older and disguised? Whatever happened to that story anyway? Last I checked it hadn't been updated for a year and a half.

Despite the few grammar errors, I'm loving is story and chapter.
Always love the, Mother/Son relationship for, Celestia and Spike!:moustache::trollestia:
And ever got some, SpikeDash, in the mix! Awesome!:moustache::rainbowdetermined2:

This story is amazing! Like, really, it is. Spike just suddenly gets some sort of enlightenment and pretty much ditches all of his problems!

The only thing that troubled me was an excess amount of grammatical mistakes, lost articles and words, starting somewhere from the last third of the first chapter (yet the beginning was absolutely flawless). You should ask your editors to read them through or do so yourself with the help of some free online program. There's not so many mistakes, really. Do that and you can submit your story on EQD. Maybe I'll post some of aforementioned mistakes later.

I don't get why people think this is good, to be honest. It doesn't do anything for me.

6705921 How is it not good?

Nice. Very nice!:moustache:

Meh. Not my cup of tea. Too much dialogue that goes absolutely nowhere, and OOC characters just for the sake of having a story at all. Also that grammar... We need an emergency editor up in here, pronto.

There are so many little grammatical errors in this it almost hurts. The laughing however, was enough to make me forget the pain. Good job friend.

... this feels like a stoner comedy. Is this a stoner comedy minus the pot? I feel like by reading it while stone-cold sober I'm missing something.

Decent story. Only issue for me is that you have a lot of editors and a lot of grammatical errors.

Don't know why I like this, but i do

I really really liked this, and this really isn't the sort of fiction I read, in fact, it's almost the opposite, it's short, doesn't have much in the way of action and doesn't always seem to have a pour pose or goal?

but Christ alive I enjoyed this, maybe get so,done to help with a few spelling and grammar errors? But even that did t take away from the story.

I would love to see a sequel but either way I enjoyed, great job!

Thus concludes the tale.

Nooooooooooo! This story is too good to stop. We need more of not-caring-spike.

This story was awesome, buddy. Absolutely loved it, but you need to get yourself an editor. If you clean up the grammatical errors thought the chapters, the story will be perfect :)


Go Spike!! This guy has the balls of titanium...

This story was full of funny, warm fuzzy feels and interesting characters stuff. Not at all what i expected.

I liked it.


No sequel needed.

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