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Forget the Words and Sing Along! | (Commissions)


This story is a sequel to The Day Spike Stopped Caring

(But you don't need to read the first story!)

Breakups are hard. They're only made more difficult when they involve Death, a missing ex, and a ticking expiration date on a Wonderbolts acceptance letter. Spike will have to traverse Lewis Carroll's wet dreams on acid if he wants to find Rainbow Dash by the end of the day.

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles ready to impede his path, many discoveries still for the drake to have—like Greed glorifying gluttony guiding him to his desires like a used car dealer—and an old love interest hellbent on getting him back. Maybe it's about time Spike started caring. Well, kinda caring.

Edited by the revived NATOstrike , the polished OmicroniX, and pre-read by Sejox.

Cover-art done by the super-duper Doctor Disco

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I like my tea sweet but my coffee bitter.

When I was younger, I loved a show called Twin Peaks. Its protagonist was Dale Cooper, an eccentric detective who likes his coffee blacker than a midnight on a moonless night. I loved his personality and sought to take it for myself, so I started drinking coffee black ever since!

But, if I'm being honest, were it not for that show, I'd probably like my coffee very sweet.

What, chapter 1 already? Guess I'll need some more black coffee!

Word's can't describe how happy I am there's a sequal

Legends say that if you follow the footsteps of B_25... You’ll be faced with a question: Tea or Coffee?

Celestia dammit, I can't give another like to this.

Get ready lads, this will be a trip to remember.

Glad to see this finally up! Can't wait for what's next :twilightsmile:

Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Hmmm, good flow between death and spike, you definitely have your idea of how the character should act hashed. Good ring around the rosey comedy so fair.

Nate's still editing?

Well whaddya know...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Tell me about it. Here's hoping he can make me as half as decent as Ardensfax one day.

I just woke up from a strange dream with you naked in my bed, bro. Not sexually, just naked. It was kinda gay, but not really.

Then I saw this story pop up on my feed... Gay.

Liked and caved.

Swag again.

Death is now my second favorite character.

I am curious what kind of name Spike would be given/come up with.

Currently he's my favorite character, unless spike goes all uncaring again :derpytongue2:

The "WE HAVE A DEAL" bit was great :rainbowlaugh:

I started as a tea person, then one day repeated exposure to richperson sortofcoffee happened. Then after that phase i downgraded to actual coffee that has just been sweetened.

Now I'm just an alicorn-of-all-drinks.

AHAHAHAH, omfg I'm dead, just like death with a smile permently on my face. But srs doh glad you picked up from that last masterpiece by the description looks like it's gonna be a confusing ship, either rarity or dash.

This was a funny ass start to what promises to be another great story!
Great job!:moustache::rainbowlaugh:

How many chapters do you think, before Death quits his job?

Answer: 0,5

I'm here. First story I've taken on in several years, so I'm a bit rusty, but it's coming back to me pretty quick.

I keep missing you in the MDA discord. We'll have to remedy that sometime in the near future.

Reorganizing your room is fun but also hard work!

You often come across relics from the past that you've forgotten about, relishing in the memories as minutes pass by, knowing that you must get back to work sooner or later. So many books read but forgotten, demanding a re-reading on an already demanding schedule! It seems up whenever you clear space or time up, something pops out at you for doing so.

Oh well. Guess I just have to work harder, as I should have on chapter 2.

I LOVE IT, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER "Don't tell Death I used all caps"

I'm loving death. I miss terry prachet already.


Looks like you busting your balls has paid off. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh god.... if RD did what I think she did....

I'm trying to figure out just how much craziness is, Spike, going to get into before the part when he knocked out, Celestia. The ride is funny and sad. More funny than sad though, so that's good.

Let continue!:moustache:

A very enjoyable exchange between Spike and Death. Extremely creative with depth that was not tooo much to take in as a result of the comedic moments that took place throughout the exchange.

It's hard to think of a favorite part. It all came off quite well. The description of Death, his actions, his quips, and how he was able to see the life of those of the living through a shelf of hourglasses.

Spike was definitely a jovial and naïve little kid. I'd expect nothing less from him. He was raised to be serious but is often far from it as a result of still being, in dragon age, a baby dragon.

Nicely crafted. Definitely eager for more.

The way you write emotion is extremely impressive. You definitely get drawn in to the environment that the characters are creating as a result of how they 'feel' and how their feelings interact to further set the mood for each scene.

It will be neat to see how the rest of this story goes. You created quite a sticking point with Spike finding his way to Death. Now we need to get to 'how' and 'why'. But certainly no rush as the story is quite gripping with all these details. :)

Well she didn't kill her self, the story doesn't have any tags like that. What do you have in mind?

I think she took the “I don’t care” vial and will blow it with the Wonderbolts.

Oh. I thought that was from the already-accounted- for inventory. Whoops.

What did i just read................ this is interesting and made me laugh way to much

If your want Spike to get to the bottom line of this thing give me a hell yeah!

Pretending to be someone will not help you Spike.

Spike you could have said that they are holding you hostage

Tell the truth Spike!!!

Also why couldn't he use his flames?

I do not like school.

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of school: learning from teachers and growing with classmates, reading books for knowledge and having your application of said knowledge criticized. Education paves the way for a better tomorrow, that I know for sure, but for the time being, it sucks waking at six AM!

Oh well. Onward to chapter 3!
~ B_25


Find out why in the next chapter!


Silver has Pinkie hostage, so any mention of that means bad news for her. As for the flames, Spike wouldn't want to kill the guy, but maybe his claws...

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