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Every few decades or so a series of books, journals, pieces of paper and sometimes even pictures gain the ability to send and receive messages from the planet Earth to the land of Equestria. No one knows why this is, but with time and patience we have managed to start collecting records of all letters sent or received starting from the date of March 18th, 2012 between the two realms.

The results are open to the public.

(Will add characters once mentioned. Accepting submissions for new 'letters' as we speak. The Dark warning is more for 'Mature' then anything. Things connected to the human world generally are.)

(The Picture isn't mine. I'm not really sure who it belongs too, to be honest.)

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Not gonna read yet but the premise sounds awesome, you've got my vote


Fair enough. Still, it would help if someone was willing to give me something to work with.

...Or at least, help me figure out how to get a damn picture up..

please, tell us how. there are many things I wanna say...to everypony I can


Just write a letter. Either in the Reviews or send me a PM. Either is fine.

336948 I'll tell you how to get picture up, while your typing new chapter the bar that has bold and italics also has a picture icon. Click the one all the way to the right, and put in the pictures url.


Useful to know, but I was more interested in getting a cover picture. (You know, the one at the chapter selection stage of the story? The one that helps draw attention to it and all that.)

337281 Open the over all story, click edit, and scroll down until it says cover image. You can either use the url, or browse through your computers images. :twilightsmile:

by the way, entree is the main course of a meal, what you're looking for is entry.

Sure I'll bite. I'll write a letter.

Dammit "You got mail..." I really thought it was Derpy Romance story xD

Did Twilight completely miss the bit about "Magic doesn't exist?"

Also, it's "Thank you for your time." Have a helpful guide that's angry for comedic effect.

Alright, first off I would like to thank everyone who has written a letter so far. Thank you very much.

Thank you for pointing that out. I wrote this at 1 AM and I guess I just wasn't in the best frame of mind. I will correct this shortly.


For the time being, yes. She was a little more worried about the rest of the letter then the whole 'magic' thing.

Can't blame you. It really does sound like a Derpy fanfiction, hmm?


I keep doing that but whenever I save the image nothing changes.

338749 Do you hit edit story at the bottom afterwords?


Yes I do. The page just refreshes, tells me that the story is updated and...nothing.

i LOVE the way you kept AJ in perfect character! it's so perfect, now I have to apologize

*puts everything on a single piece of notepaper, this time*

Twi: pardon the grammar and spelling, I have a learning disability that messes with my body, and it doesn't do what my head tells it. I'm still learning to live with a lot of it. i get the idea behind Starswirl's "chow mein noodle" theory, though. and for pete's sake...take a break from the research every now and then! (this universe has a set of rules in it that kinda blocks a lot of stuff from happening unless it's from the other end, I think)

someone tell AJ I'm sorry, already. if they'd stop showing country gals as all flank and no brains, or trying to be Nightmare Moon and manipulate everybody to better her own situation over here, and make em normal mares for a change... I can't help it, ya ain't the only country pony around here, AJ! my tongue's kinda blunt.

Madame Rarity, I also apologise to you. we have seen your parents before they went on vacation, and believe I saw some frustration, there (and, no, madame, there are some things we do NOT observe. there are a few gentlcolts around even here in the country, and i can be...discreet)

Scoot, I guessed! everything we've seen so far says it! you HAVE a family, though, they're sitting right beside you! (AB, Sweeitie, would you apologize to your sisters for me, please?)
PS: you'll fly someday, just keep believing.

Luna, thou art incredibly sexy (and tell thy sister to keep an eye on her faithful student when she has time. I am quite concerned that twilight shall take things too far again in her research)

yes, Twi, I'm worried about you. we have small windows into Equestria available to us in this particular universe I write from.

PS: spike, I just watched you deal with a bunch of teenage dragons. reminded me of my time at that age. love to see you fly someday, too.


oh, I think I saw a picture submission thing somewhere. some of us don't have an idea what to put in for a picture, though

pardon the hamming, here


I have to admit, when I first saw your letter I couldn't really get past the rushed and therefore poor grammar. But then I thought 'Hang on, I can use this to my advantage!'

And thus I did.

I'm not sure if I did Rainbow Dash right... It was something of a toss up between her panicking that someone was watching her rather closely, or taking it in stride and using it to boost her ego. I picked the latter. I already have someone else in mind for having a nervous break down about being watched.

It might take a few updates before I can reply to your reply letter. I sort of want to post letters in the order they arrived in. So it will be happening within the next three chapters or so.

I also managed to get the picture up at last. Turns out there was a glitch with the website or something. Seems to be fixed now.


no problem, take your time. i love the way you worked my real-life crappy grammar into it (i really do have Dyspraxia, a leaning disability)

yes, dash is right on the nose. I had to bite back a sarky comment about a perfect example of shallow, which means you hit her right on.

I'm looking forward to the other reactions.

Dear Luna,
Being a hot momma, means you are beautiful. Tell Celestia I think your more beautiful than her.


Hey Mate. Love the pictures, even if the first one scared the buck out of me when I first saw it.

What's the second image about through?

I'll be writing letters to each of my favourite ponies tomorrow, much like that chocolate guy, except write more like an English person than that guy.


I look forwards to seeing what you have to offer. As I said earlier however I intend to handle the letters in the order that they arrive in. Currently, I have the letter I'm currently working on and Chocolate's reply letter. It might be a little while before I get to yours but I promise I will get to it as soon as possible.

This is a very creative idea. :twilightsmile: I like learning more about Luna. :yay: And is the jousting Undertaker inspired from today's Undertaker? :pinkiehappy:

Maybe, and this is just an idea, some video game/anime cameos? The only game I can think of is Assassins Creed. Enzio writing a letter or two would be cool. Maybe a goofy letter from Ichigo's dad (Bleach) or something.

This is just a random idea off the top of my head. :twilightblush:


As a matter of fact it is. :pinkiehappy: I've always felt that Jousting was the WWE of the dark/middle ages, right down to the morons who ignore the 'Don't do this at home' warnings and do it anyway.

Right now I'm doing letters submitted by the readers. If there is ever a shortage of possible letters, I might be inclined to make one up from a fictional character. :raritycry:

Let us pray that day never comes.:derpytongue2:

Well, Pinkie Pie was completely and utterly useless for his problem.


I've always felt that when it comes to Pinkie, listening to what she has to say will either lead you right where you need to go or convince you that you should jump off a cliff.

Besides, in all the mystery/ horror movies that have the same sort of problems, has anyone ever tried offering the unknown creature a teddy bear? If nothing else, it will confuse it enough to come up with a better plan if plan A fails completely.

Chocolate Flash is gonna be hunted down what a sucker :rainbowlaugh:

This is hilarious keep it up!

The idea of this fic is just awesome! I might just write a letter for this :pinkiesmile:

Nonsense! If the Teddy Bear and party doesn't work, try giving it a computer so you can communicate with it and ask it what it wants. If it Rick-rolls, you, then it's probably a pranker that goes too far. If it fries the computer, then it is obviously stupid and you should give it an old-fashioned word-processor instead. :derpytongue2:

I wonder if Spike would deliver a letter to an Ursa Minor...


Stay frosty!

Oh, Luna... of course we couldn't live on the moon, but that doesn't mean we can't visit it!


Since the discovery that the moon's north and south poles are covered in ice, plans to settle the moon are currently underway.

Huzzah! My fun has been doubled! This was my letter to the ponies!

I know I've already commented, but how would one go about submitting a letter for approval? I kind of want to now that I've been reading this GREAT story. :twilightsmile:


While I would have no problem with you submitting a letter in the review section, I find PM's make it easier to keep track of when the letters were submitted and thus I can answer them in order.

410488 Sweet! I'll probably submit it tomorrow. :twilightsmile:
I need something to stave off the boredom of school tomorrow. :ajsleepy:

That...is a BAD IDEA. If we add stuff to the surface of the moon we run the risk of (and I have every little understanding of how the universe works so if it's wrong, please forgive me.) altering it's gravity by adding more mass. That thing from the remake of 'Time Machine' might actually happen and we'll bring down our own freaking moon on our planet!
To answer your first question, moving the sun isn't as much of a choir as you might believe.
Celestia sings to raise the sun? Well, that sure is-
*Puts on sunglasses*
A high note.

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