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The Monarch of the Sun has, after a long and glorious life filled with joys and hardships, finally stepped off the mortal coil. As ponies gather for the state funeral to say goodbye to the longest ruling, beloved ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle starts the procedings with an announcement that Celetia requested delivered on her death bed.

This story is based on the following internet comic: Follow after reading the story.

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Twilight's own wings flared in shock and horror as an unregal "HOLY SHIT!" escaped her.

:twilightangry2: Buck you, random author person. I'm the God Empress of Equestria. I can say whatever I want!"

Great story by the way. And here I was thinking Celestia had faked her death, and she would pop up and scare the horseapples out of everyone. This is better though.

I had an idea of how this really happened, but I honestly found it was funnier to leave how this was happening up unknown.

Much better this way for sure.

you regret nothing, and neither do I

She might have spirit oh lord of chaos, but she doesn't have a ghost of a chance against some one with the backbone her opponent does.

Surprisingly, Discord had nothing to do with this.


I honestly considered having Pinkie Pie saying something like this as well, but I decided to stick with the ending we got.

Well, my bones are on Skelestia.

Nothing that old and that powerful dies quietly.

Old yes, powerful...that's still up for debate.

1 million bits on Skelestia. She's got this, I can feel it in my bones.

I'm not sure what I just read, but I like it

I'm glad you did.

This is halfway awesome halfway horrifying, and the other (missing) half because maths is sad.
I love it.

I expected it to be, I bequeath to Twilight Sparkle, a boot to the head. And to my wimpy nephew Blueblood, a boot to the head.

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