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Spike The Dragon has always loved to eat gems, but he'll eat vegetables and rocks as well. He's even tried fish, since Twilight joined Herd Bellerophon with its pegasus and human members. But now he's accidentally found out what meat tastes like.

What ponies taste like.

Fortunately, you get to decide how it all turns out! A Choose-Your-Own-Ending-I-Don't-Care story!

Chapters (8)
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I don't even...wow, just wow.

Well. That escalated quickly.

even as a oneshot its extremely short and it could have had more thought put into it. you had a decent premise, could have made a good oneshot from it.:ajsleepy:

Well, that happened...

In the Xenophilia forums, there's a thread for 'Shotglass One-Shots.' Ideas meant to be brief looks in at alternate possibilities for the Xenophilia universe go there, so they can be collected into the corresponding group story. This one needed the various chapters of its own, but I didn't want to do a serious treatment of Spike discovering the 'meat' side of his omnivorism. If I do that, it probably wouldn't even be a Xenophilia story in the first place. Maybe Spike/Gilda...

4303394 Spilda? Yeah, you Spilda lotta blood there, mate.

It was good blood, though. Damned good blood. :pinkiecrazy:

And then Spike became a man.

Ah, I remember this. A delightful bit of silliness. Thank you for making it widely available, Spinel.

I remember this one on the forums. Meat for everyone.

All that's missing is the Scooby-Do ending.

"Okay, gang! We all know Spike actually has a terrible meat allergy never before mentioned and also it doesn't count those worms he ate, but that means this isn't the real Spike!" Twilight said.

Lero pulled on Spike's head. "Let's see who you really are!"

"Curses! And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling dweebs and your pet human!" said Gilda.

double reverse fakeout

I like the cut of your jib

4304821 this gives me the funny mental image of gilda's disguise being paper thin. Perhaps nothing more than a brown paper bag with a crude drawing of spike's face upon it.

and everyone fell for it.

I think it just had 'SPIKE' written across the front. And why would a paper bag lie?



Knowing how the good ending went, is this just Gilda's convoluted plan to get Lero to take her on a date without having to do mushy stuff like admitting she likes him?

Ponies are delicious?

What did I just read?

It was intersting though!

You read Spike the Dragon finding out that in addition to plants and gems, he also likes the taste of ponies. So he went to the resident human in Ponyville to talk, omnivore to omnivore!

5004056 :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: I was being retorical.

I find the best response to rhetorical questions is often a literal answer. :pinkiehappy:

I can see this story being exceptionally easy to cross with the "Pony meat" universe...
(For those of you who've never heard of it, Equestrians have a portal to Earth, Humans found ponies were delicious, and so ponies use the Mirror Pool to make pony clones and sell them for food, and/or sex.)

Lero: "Hey, Spike, grab Rarity, a butcher's knife, and the cutting block. Meet me at the Mirror Pool in 15 minutes!" :pinkiecrazy:

The correct ending, indeed.

5205880 That universe sounds terrible

Or tasty, if you're a human. (Or an exceptionally unscrupulous pony! :pinkiegasp:)

6075595 I just dont understand why anyone would eat something that they can have sex with.

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