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So its finally happened. · 1:28am April 7th

The show is ending. We all knew it wouldn't last forever, but after so long of it seeming to do just that, it seems they're finally running out of ideas. Frankly, considering how short of a time the previous generations of the show lasted, or how long regular shows last, this is quite impressive. Had the age-rating of the show been different, perhaps it might have carried on even further, but if that had been the case, it probably also would have gone in a different direction than it did.

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Strictly SFW slice of life silliness.

made with SFW slice of life happy/silly fluff in mind, or that it leads into NSFW? If you're hoping for the latter, I'm not into mare-on-mare and have no intention of writing anything to that effect. It's hard for me to do well at anything that I have no interest in. Simply how my brain is wired.

As the result of a bet, Pinkie has to let Dash tie her down, gag her, and tickle her for a while.

Kind of simple for a fic, but since you did say you haven't written in over a year, I figured it was best to start simple.

I haven't written anything in more than a year, but I'll at least hear you out. What did you have in mind?

Would you be willing to potentially take a request?

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