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Scratch what I said before · 11:40pm Oct 11th, 2020

Apparently I'm not going anywhere just yet. I thought i was, but the 'higher-ups' changed their minds and gave me more time when they saw how nuts with stress I was going over trying to find a new place and are giving me more time. How much time precisely they didn't actually say. For all I know, them giving me a time limit of one month might have been entirely to throw my motivation into overdrive. Well it certainly worked....until I was so worked up as the deadline approached I started having

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Strictly SFW slice of life silliness.

made with SFW slice of life happy/silly fluff in mind, or that it leads into NSFW? If you're hoping for the latter, I'm not into mare-on-mare and have no intention of writing anything to that effect. It's hard for me to do well at anything that I have no interest in. Simply how my brain is wired.

As the result of a bet, Pinkie has to let Dash tie her down, gag her, and tickle her for a while.

Kind of simple for a fic, but since you did say you haven't written in over a year, I figured it was best to start simple.

I haven't written anything in more than a year, but I'll at least hear you out. What did you have in mind?

Would you be willing to potentially take a request?

  • Viewing 40 - 44 of 44
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