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None? Not one? · 1:12am Nov 27th, 2021

There are tons of crossovers out there. But there's not one for the Don't Escape or Deep Sleep series. Those were some interesting (if a bit hard to figure out at times) games, so I find that a bit puzzling. Back in the day they were flash games, but they've since been ported to STEAM.
I guess that means that the basic idea of it is prime material to rip-off and use here.....assuming I can work up the motivation and inspiration to do so.

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Strictly SFW slice of life silliness.

made with SFW slice of life happy/silly fluff in mind, or that it leads into NSFW? If you're hoping for the latter, I'm not into mare-on-mare and have no intention of writing anything to that effect. It's hard for me to do well at anything that I have no interest in. Simply how my brain is wired.

As the result of a bet, Pinkie has to let Dash tie her down, gag her, and tickle her for a while.

Kind of simple for a fic, but since you did say you haven't written in over a year, I figured it was best to start simple.

I haven't written anything in more than a year, but I'll at least hear you out. What did you have in mind?

Would you be willing to potentially take a request?

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