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Story Practices I disapprove of

-Accepted Creepy Knoweldge. Because finding out someone has been secretly watching you and your friends for years, possible part of the future as well, is not creepy at all. Even if they don't get any intimate moments, well, you still are going to think Stalker, Spy, or something equally damning. Or I suppose they might try to pass themselves off as a seer, but that rarely happens.
~A subset of this is that people who know of a world as fictional don't actually have to explain it as such. Personally, I would explain it like this.

"Are you familiar with Seers, prophecies, or similar? Well, back on my world/dimension/reality, there is at minimum one, probably many more. Somehow, they are able to peer into other worlds, and possible other time. They see the stuff going on there, and write stories about it. This world is one of them. I already know a lot about it from those stories."

-Straw Vulcan. Because logic doesn't work that way. At all. Nor does anyone worthy of a character slot act that way unless in jest.

-Failure to actually use SCIENCE properly. Proper SCIENCE follows the SCIENCEtific method or something close, rather than, well, what Hollywood has deluded everyone else into thinking it is.
~Real scientists, on confronted with magic, will be Sceptical and disbelieving, up until someone starts levitating things. Then, after they make sure it isn't a cheap trick via transparent wires, they will try to figure out how to reproduce it. Eventually you end up with Tractor beams on your Starship.
~Arcane Howitzer had the guys from HALO carving Eldrich Runes onto their starships because, although they had no idea why it worked, it did in fact result in a hull plate with energy shielding. Hollywood has scientists going "This is Impossible, and gettings Logic bombed.
~Magic users are rarely better. They usually have no useful information on how magic works either. Admittedly, if you are gifted magic, or born with the easy version, instead of figuring it out yourself, with you having to know exactly how it works to use it would problems, It is understandable.

"I am having trouble discerning the real from mere folklore, superstition, and outright scams," the doctor admitted. "Could you perhaps assist me with that?"

"Me?" Sailor Moon pointed at herself. The sheer amount of books in the room was rather intimidating. "I only use magic," she said quickly. "I don't actually know how it works! I say the spell, something happens!"

Dr Mizuno frowned. "In that case, I would like to talk at some point to the person who taught you.

- MLP Specific
-Foalish. In the Pilot, Nightmare Moon uses the term repeatedly. All fanfictions I am aware of that use the term, use it to replace the word Foolish. However, I believe this to be in error.
There are many, many immortals in fiction. Most of them are Arrogant and see Mortals as lesser existences, to the point of classifying them as similar to bugs. Interactions often end up with Immortals calling Mortals various things, including Children/Child.
Nightmare moon, Like celestia is extremely long lived, if not ageless/immortal. This suggests that Foalish is actually analogous to Childish. As in Childish behavior would be called foalish behavior, as in behavior a foal would do.

-Violence Aversion
Aside from Fluttershy, the rest of the Main six are fully willing to use violence in the show. However, many fanfictions have them all be horrified by the idea of violence. And this is thier normal state, not while corrupted by discord or similar.

~All of them, save fluttershy fought the changlings, and with little hesitation.
~Rainbow dash, well, violence is pretty much her first response.
~Rarity, During the Pilot episode, she was the first one to attack the manticore.
~Applejack used what would probably classify as lethal force against the timberwolves.
~Pinkie Pie I can only think of her using the Party cannon against the changlings.
~Twilight. Well, I seem to recall, after Tirek destroyed the library, she went into rage mode, and started throwing nuclear-yield blasts at him. Repeatedly.

-Meat Aversion. Plenty of fanfictions suggest that Ponies are horrifed at the simple idea of an omnivore eating meat. Also, they tend to inaccurately call them carnivores. This is most commonly seen from Fluttershy.

However, In the show, Fluttershy specifically feeds some of her animal friends fish. That makes it pretty clear that there is no way she would have a massive aversion to the idea of eating meat.
Rainbow dash is secondary, since, as a friend of a Griffin, who are always either carnivores or omnivores (Cake + train episode suggests second option) there is no way she doesn't know Gilda ate meat.

Laws of Fanfiction

By Eliezer Yudkowsky / Less Wrong

The (first) Three Laws of Fanfiction

Rule One If you do anything to increase the protagonist's power, or make their life easier, you must also amplify their opponent or add extra difficulties to their life. You can't make Frodo a Jedi unless you give Sauron the Death Star. Otherwise, even if it is well-written in all other ways, your story will suck because the reader will know to expect an unending string of easy victories, leading them to neither wonder or care about what happens next. The Mary Sue is not defined by her power being too strong, but by her challenges being too easily overcome.

Rule Two Originality isn't easy, but it is simple Just don't do stuff that's already been done. Even if all of your other characters are going to be absolutely true to canon, you still shouldn't have Harry Potter facing the same three challenges in the Triwizard Tournament because we've already read about them a thousand times. Put in three different challenges. Seriously. It can't hurt. Don't just go through the same events everyone has read about a thousand times before. Writing fanfiction lets you borrow the characters and the world; it doesn't exempt you from needing to surprise the readers and give them something new to read.

Rule Three The premise of a story is a conflict and its resolution - someone with a goal, which they take action to achieve, and severe obstacles that they must replan to deal with (not just speedbumps along the way), and some ultimate resolution of the conflict in which the people and their situation have changed. What happens if the Terminator is sent back in time to kill Voldemort is not a story premise, just a fleeting mental image. What happens if Harry Potter is under constant attack by shape-changing robot assassins is still not enough of a premise. Harry Potter is under constant attack by shape-changing assassins, and by the time he manages a spell to wall off the future he's already learned not to trust anyone could maybe be a story's premise (though you wouldn't put that in the summary, or tell any reader that until the story had ended). You can change this plan later - but you should at least have one to start with.

So if you have a lovely mental image of Frodo with a lightsaber

1. Figure out how to make his life more difficult, to make up for the lightsaber.

2. Decide what's going to happen differently in your fanfiction than in the other ones you've read.

3. Know what Frodo wants and what's going to get in his way, and have a plan for how it will all end.

Tropes I really Like in stories.

Actual Tropes.
Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: More specifically, when you actually see the process of analyzing it, via experimentation, failure, and eventual application. Dungeon Keeper Ami is particularly good at this.
Post Modern Magik: Dresden Files, and similar. Dresden files goes out of it's way to have technology/Science/modern knowledge and magic/fantastic being interact in interesting ways. The Harry potter series has some, but goes way out of it's way to keep the two worlds separated, and that they use the term world is a big tip off that it doesn't do it much.
My Little Pony is particularly notable in that it has a weird hybrid of magic and technology already, and the scifi Crossover fanfictions tend to be rather more interesting as a result.

Something like Mundane Fantastic. The dissonance from something completely normal and fantastic at the same time is something I really like.

The radio then rolled over to an advertisement for wing care products, with the requisite annoying jingle.
Blue Crystal Feather Conditioner! Keep those flight feathers flicking, flitting and flying free! No other feather conditioner can match; try it and you’ll agree! Bluuuueeeeeee Crysssstaaaallllll!
“Ahh. Advertising.” She smiled, glancing out the window, “It seems our people aren’t so different after all.”

A Skitch in Time

Technical Fantastic/Scifi docnumentation. The dissonance from a fictional universe with different physical laws/extra laws supporting magic/Minovsky Physicsis highly entertaining.

Code: Deus
Sub-Coding: N/A
This category refers to beings like Discord. I’ll sum it up now: Know when you encounter one and if you do, run.
The Do-Nots
Attempt to seal
Attempt to stop
Do the Cha-Cha-Slide With

Letters from a fascinating but frustrated Scientist

Storie(s) I am trying to find again

An old, finished copy of "God in the Stars" by Nightwatcher
Discord turned Luna into a filly, and at one point and noted that he gave her back her speech impediment. Luna denied having had one, which was no longer the case.
I think Lauren Faust's daughter ends up in equestria temperarally. Notably, she has superpowers.
End of the world type situation. Celestia and Luna are dead or missing only Twilight-Alicorn remains, as well as perhaps a hundred other ponies. She receives tumbler-like letters from the readers.
Someone, and I think spike were mixing chemicals probably in Twilight's lab. Due to following different recipes, it ends up as a known, vibration sensitive substance. Spike (presumably) didn't believe the other person, and states such, loudly, followed by an explosion.
A scene with Nightmare Moon, probably historical, where she ends up burying, I think, part of an army and civilians up to their heads, and leaves them to die when the sun rises from overheating/Dehydration. I believe the motivation involved how the sun would betray them or something. The soldier who's POV the scene was from refused to give in to NMM, and all the other soldiers and civilians were behind him and under a silencing effect so he didn't realize his refusal to give in would result in all their deaths as well.

“Wow. Um.” I rubbed the back of my neck, a little nervous about asking. “Twi, you okay?”
Twilight didn’t even look at me. She simply continued retrieving samples until she had a dozen or so. “I’m fine!”
“Eegh~! Wrong answer.” I stepped in front of her, frowning at the impatient glare I got in return. Now, I know a lot of things have managed to scare me in the past, but Twilight wasn’t one of them. She’s a little too cute for that. “Look in the mirror. When’s the last time you slept?”
“This morning!” she roared as she moved to step around me; I moved to compensate. Simple as that.
“Stop yelling! Christ almighty, you need a break.” I immediately began nudging her towards the kitchen. She pushed back, but she wasn’t what you would call... um... built? So yeah, she was forced to obey through means of sheer physical dominance! That’s how I was sure that she wasn’t thinking straight. She only had... what? Sixty spells that could have dealt with me? Yeah, she needed a time out. “C’mon, let me make you some tea.” “I just had some!” she cried as she braced herself along the entrance to the kitchen, stubbornly shoving back at me. When I gently reached out with some unicorn magic to individually pluck the hooves off the wall, she countered by snatching a nearby book off the wall with her own magic. With ire in her eyes, she began to swat me with the book until I had finally had enough.
“Twilight, I swear to Friendship and Magic,” I growled, lowering the tone of my voice to a threatening one, “If you don’t chill out right now, I’m going to walk out to Sugarcube Corner and inform Pinkie that you need a party to help relax.”
The pupils in her eyes shrunk to the size of pennies (which is a big deal for ponies!) as the horror of that threat set in. See, Pinkie Pie Parties will wreck your plans for the rest of the day. One does not simply tell Pinkie that there will be no party. By God, you will get your party, one way or the other, and if she has to move mountains to get it done, your best hope is to have not liked Everest where it was in the first place. Somebody get that rock some change-of-address papers and a briefcase!
“You wouldn’t!” She stopped pummelling me with the book as she fell back onto one of the kitchen benches. “I would,” I uttered, looking her dead in the eye as I fought the urge to burst out into laughter, “I’d tell her to bring streamers, too.”
“You... I...” The frustration reached a boil and she was forced to cry out helplessly as she maneuvered herself onto the bench more completely. “Aaaagh!”
“Lookit you, all relaxed and comfy.” I gushed at her as she ground her teeth in vexation. “Hey now. Relaxed. Smiles?”
She bared her teeth at me. “Grrr!”
“Close enough.” I shrugged as I plucked a towel from the drawer and tossed it over her face. “Here. You don’t interrupt well. I can relate.”

Whatever this is from.

Some HIE where they refer to Twilight as "Purple Smart", resulting in confusion when it is revealed that ponies can't see purple. - Immunity by Homfrog

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Thanks for faving Unlike Any Other!

Thanks for the watch.

Heh. It DOES have a lot of great stuff, and I don't doubt I could enjoy it again. Few MLP fanfictions show a broken ecosystem, or the other mechanics that might be part of basic life in Equestria.

EEK! Then don't read! Don't read! (The last thing I want is for my stories to be hated!) :facehoof:

Actually I had it favorated for a long time. One of the stories i am admittedly scared to reread. I have good memories of it, and don't want to damage them. I have went from loving stories to hating them before.

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