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"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane." Philip K. Dick

Funny Lines With No Context

"I'm not a parseltoungue," Harry tiredly explained. "I'm a parselmouth. The language I can speak and understand is parseltoungue. And if you've ever seen an anaconda you can understand why I sometimes get called a parselcrotch."
A Black Comedy, by nonjon

"He has his own way of getting there," Apollo continued, his hands and feet easily slipping the Sun into gear, ready to drive.
"We're just going to see who's is better."
Zoe's eyes widened in sheer terror as Apollo mashed down on the accelerator and launched the Sun into the sky, scorching the air.
The California Sage: Equaling Olympus, by kujikuri21.

"There's only one thing worse than pushing a guy to the side and 'stealing the deal' with the bird I'd spent two hours chatting up: gloating about it. "I got four words for you, Ollie 'Percy Weasley's Sloppy Seconds.' Now come on, lover boy. You've got ten minutes to get you tighty-whiteys unstuck from the scoreboard at the practice facility; otherwise the coaches will make you leave them up there all day."
The Lie I've Lived, by jbern

Mirala bowed. "I fight crime by fucking it to death. I figured you'd approve."
OSABC: And Then There Were None, by LogicalPremise.

"Excuse me, I have matters to attend to. Explosives to refine, dissection diagrams to draw up, you know... BUSINESS AS USUAL." Chopper in This Bites! by Xomniac

And a few chapters later...

"I~ spy~ with my little eye~" Chopper's demented voice sang as it bounced around the room. "A sma~ll room within a ma~ssive floor filled~ with pillars. And in the bed that's in that room, a gothic Lolita lies, utterly dead to the world. My initial diagnosis?"

Soundbite's grin practically split his face in half, and his eyes shone with cyan intesity.

"This should be ... FUN."

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So, a proper bio for you lot, finally here after close to 4 years. I'm a college kid, male for what it matters. I have a weird habit of tossing random words from other languages into my vocabulary, and I randomly imitate other peoples speech patters. I'm an inactive band nerd, although that may change soon. Depends on my schedule, and whether I actually pull my saxophone out. I love music, all kinds, and am almost always listening to something. If you want me to love you forever, recommend me a band or song.

And last, a little something to set the tone:

Check this guy out! They don't get half as many views as they deserve.


Random Thoughts #2, and a Quick Update · 6:42am Dec 1st, 2018

So, Star Wars has been a topic of some contention in recent years, and for obvious reasons. The Last Jedi being what it was, polarization in the fandom has reached all time highs, and it's hard for a Legends junky like myself to really be optimistic about the future of the canon EU. There's a couple reasons for that, but I'll come back to them in another blog.

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