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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .

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Just an update! · 9:23pm Jun 24th, 2018

Currently, reviewing all chapters for mistakes, one at a time. So if you see changes, 'twas me!

Am getting them ready for self-publishing and could be a while. Getting those spelling errors and try to get the story straight from when I was writing so fast it was a jumble.

So little things might change, nothing huge, but figured I'd let you good people know, because as sharp-eyed and smart as ya are, SOMEONE would say something :)

Take care all!


P.S. More Coming!

Report NFire · 249 views · Story: Legacy ·
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He disappears often and for long periods of time, but he always comes back with more. Sit tight and check back often.
It's highly doubtful he left us, it's definitely not the longest we've gone without an update.

(The longest was 11 months by the by, for those wondering.)


Hey, are you still there?

Had to follow after I saw your profile picture was from 'The Dark Crystal' :rainbowkiss:

2634297 It's definitely a challenge, but I'mma gonna do it! Just gotta figure out some cool cover art for em, something simple and nice:) Which particular scene by the way?

I knew I was forgetting to do something besides following Legacy... :thinking: Best of luck on the beast of a story, enjoying rereading it so I can refresh myself and snag one particular scene. ^^

  • Viewing 165 - 169 of 169
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