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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .

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Just an update! · 9:23pm Jun 24th, 2018

Currently, reviewing all chapters for mistakes, one at a time. So if you see changes, 'twas me!

Am getting them ready for self-publishing and could be a while. Getting those spelling errors and try to get the story straight from when I was writing so fast it was a jumble.

So little things might change, nothing huge, but figured I'd let you good people know, because as sharp-eyed and smart as ya are, SOMEONE would say something :)

Take care all!


P.S. More Coming!

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You may be right. But I can not, will not abandon my post, for as long as this site remains online. I will keep my vigil until Nfire's return, be it days, years, or eternity. If I never read another fic in my life, I will remain here and wait. Because Nfire has earned that much.

Till all are one.

Godspeed brother.

Ever here, ever vigilant. Always.

I haven't been able to find a trace of their name looking around sadly. Hope they're alright.

i take it no one has any other method of contacting nfire then? no facebook, myspace, spacebattles forum etc?

i like to think more BOLO's found their way to earth, applejack and crusader had a family, Athena found her sister and no aliens ever dared to invade Equestria.

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