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Space Princess Luna returns to New Canterlot to charm her love and root out a dangerous spy known only as The Broker. A tale of space, spears, and thrilling intrigue!

This is a planetary romance and a love-letter to the works of Jack Vance, Robert E Howard, and Ray Bradbury. Expect high camp, purple prose, and space duels.

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The Moon orbits the Earth every 27.32 days.

Yeeessss... a veritable paean to the science fiction writer's art. You captured the feel so well, I wasn't sure what decade I was in.


New Canterlot! A space station of such monumental size that the equine mind can barely comprehend its existence. Three main megadomes house entire mountain ranges, lakes and rainforests, each one enclosed in a shell of hyperglass that weaves the light into a perfect blue sky. At night, the sun dims through the screen until it appears as a great golden moon, a coin resting on a sheet of purple silk, surrounded by a million tiny diamonds.

Onto this shining world stepped Space Princess Luna. Scion of a fading race, bounty hunter and former reaver, bringer of justice and desperate atoner. She of great strength and wit, dark-coated and bold, her blossoming joys matched only by her terrible woes. She had laid low the Star Drakes, saved ten-thousand colonists from the burning seas of Liath Macha, banished the space pirates from Lariat IV, and had now returned to New Canterlot once more.

Behind the desk sat a purple unicorn, whose eyes burned with curiosity and intelligence. She was Twilight Sparkle, genius, polymath and teacher, patron of the sciences and general advisor to the City Council. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw of Luna’s approach.
“Fair Twilight,” said Luna, her voice a sultry contralto, “fairest of the fair, how do you fare?” She took one of the unicorn’s hooves in her own, and placed a small kiss on the fetlock.

This is high camp. This is such high camp that Galactic Mount Everest's trademark lawyers are on space line three.

I hope that my upvote and signal boost assist in fending them off. :ajsmug:

When I was 8 years old my mother introduced me to the fiction of Arthur C. Clarke, and I never looked back. Science fiction has been my absolute favourite genre since then, from the Golden Age of the 50's to the early works of Wells, to the modern day. It's also a genre I rarely read in fanfiction - I have never felt it is well suited to the medium. Very few people can pull off a science-fiction fanfiction.

But you've done more than pull this off. You have taken everything I love about the old sci-fi classics, and somehow made it, well, pony. You just gave me back a huge part of my childhood. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Ooohhhoohohohhhhh... yes.
I can tell I'm going to love this, so i'm liking this and putting this on read later list.

Blam-Kannon Mk. IV

This just keeps getting better and better. :rainbowkiss:

”My earpiece is for music and the dulcet tones of my dear ABACUS! This cur will pay dearly for his insult! Show me its location, that I might destroy it!”

Mount Everest just called back. They're now pleading for mercy, amid the screams of the wounded and the stygian whisper of darkfire's blaze.


The future of law enforcement!

Adorable and epic. Those are the only two words I can use to describe the story.

Please tell me Luna is going to use the Lance of Longinus.

We need some "Equinegelion" campiness here! :trollestia:

5603076 Unless... it's actually TITAN and Equestria has been Saturn all along!!!! :pinkiegasp:

Or maybe Triton and it's Neptune... I dunno. :derpytongue2:

NFire #11 · Feb 9th, 2015 · · 1 ·

I cannot say anything else but that truly this is a worthy homage to those greatest of writers. You have done yourself well and earned your place with the stories of those bygone days! Adventure! Thrills! With Tales of Pony Pulp Science Fiction!:pinkiehappy: Pulp Pony Science Fiction?...something like that.. Onward!!

A wonderful piece of high sci-fi adventure. A tribute to Clarke's Third Law and its converse. A story I can only describe as Chucktastic.

Thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

- and then Luna woke from her slumber, looked at her twilight plush with forlorn, and rose the moon once more.


but in all seriousness, this will be going on my ebook library, and i will reread this, time and time again. fantastic story.

this needs a dramatic reading.

i did find it humorous that you found spots for most of the fandom/mane 6, but did i miss applejack somehow?

Why has no one posted a video of that portal robot?

Back to the future!
And I know there where more then that blatant reference in this piece.
This was glorious! It has been to long since I have read some real good sci-fi.
And pony sci-fi i the best sci-fi
Space Princess Luna is best pony

Hail, a grand tale of heroism, delightful camp, and SPPPAAACCCEEE!!! More, I cry out! I beg thee, more!


this needs a dramatic reading

I'd love to do the narrator parts, but I fear the character voices would be humiliating. It'd be a great thing for a group project.

With, y'know, girl VA's and stuff.

Which I amn't.

Anyhow, loving hell out of the unapologetic astro-camp in this. Nicely done.

Shades of Perry Rhodan and Alfred Bester. Nicely done for a quick dose of high camp, and bonus points for front-paging my OTP. Good show, CF!

I am very glad that your predictions for this story's success superseded my own.

It appears there truly is a market for nostalgia done well, even among the most hardened of cynics.

*Does the Yes! Dance*

I liked this. I liked this a lot. It's like a scrumptious buffet of SF references, homages and pastiches, with lush descriptions and highly enjoyable action. Space Princess Luna is a damn fine space opera heroine, and the members of the Mane Six appearing in the story are deftly translated into the SF setting. :raritystarry:

But I wanted to love this story, and, sadly, I don't. Oh, the equinity! :raritydespair: I think the different elements don't gel together quite perfectly; it's more noticeable earlier in the story (or possibly I grew more used to it), but the whole ends up being 'merely' the sum of its parts.

And yet, having said that, this is definitely going into my faves. It's a heck of a fun SF read, and you get double bonus points for taking the title Space Princess and unhesitatingly running with it. (The space-bits were a hilarious detail, as well.) I'm hoping you will be inspired to write more adventures in this shiny crazy pony-filled universe. I'm very curious indeed about what Space Princess Celestia is up to, and would love to see the rest of the Mane Six, too. :raritywink:

PS: Administrator Twilight Sparkle's number one AI assistant is named SPIKE, isn't it?

Liara better watch out if Luna's after her!

And now I'm going to actually read it.

Absolutely fantastic. Reminds me of Bradbury's The Illustrated Man - it's really impressive how you managed to capture the tone and the style and the cheesiness of classic sci-fi. And not only that, it's a riveting adventure and features my favourite pairing to boot.

Top-notch stuff, Chuck. :D

Just too damn good! Write a real sci-fi book someday so I can buy it!

Commence read.

This was quite an enjoyable and vivid adventure.

All the scenery and imagery. The battle sequences and world building.

I would definitely enjoy reading more of this, should it ever continue.

Plus it reminds me to get into reading Vance, since I have yet to make the move to doing so.

Oh my god was that glorious. I was grinning like a madman from word one all the way to the end.

It really does need a dramatic reading for full justice.

A beautifully camp tribute to early adventure and classic science fiction stories.
Do more of these and I will follow, as will many others I'm sure.

This was magnificent.
Unfortunately, about the only older sci-fi authors I have really read are Asimov and Larry Niven, so I have not had the exposure to this old school camp as I should. I do note that it is fairly evocative of Mass Effect, especially New Canterlot, which sort of felt like a combination of the bustling wards and peaceful promenade of The Citadel, and the scale and environments of the Ringworld.
Also, I will be very disappointed in the future if Space Brandy does not become real.

I'm flashing back:

To crumbling issues of Planet Stories magazine, the unmistakable aroma of old pulp paper somehow rising from my computer monitor. Very, very fine stuff.


Man, that was fun. And scattering around the little sci-fi world details that wound up mattering again later was nice, even if I probably missed some on just one read.

Oh, and was Blueblood flirting with Flash Sentry?


This is the exact kind of praise I was looking for when I wrote this story. Thank you.


Yes. I ship it.


I will be very happy if this ever happens.


*glows faintly from praise*


You didn't miss Applejack, or Fluttershy for that matter. If I write a follow up, I will include those two.


Again, you are the type of person I aimed this story at :D


Writing this fic was almost worth it for this comment alone.

No--no words. No words to describe it. Poetry! They should've sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful... I had no idea.

From the cover image, which resembles a Kelly Freas painting, to the headlong and declarative prose that carries the reader through exotic locales of the imagination, this piece is a success. The sophisticated connoisseur of classic SF smiles smugly, recalls pleasant mental excursions undertaken with past masters of the genre, demands another measure of this evocative tipple. Kudos!

In one stroke, we have a gloriously imagined universe that both keeps personalities of ponies intact, yet casts them in an entirely wonderfully purple pulpy light.

This was true Space Opera, and the sort that I can only hope you choose to do more of. It's a crime this was not plastered on the front page from Day 1 of its upload.

The square root of rope is string.

The promised prose was purpler than Twilight herself. I'm glad I was referred to this. Hal Clement is more my style, but you can't not have fun reading this stuff, in small doses at least.

The prose in this story may be purple, but it is the purple of a brilliant sunset. The theatrics are similarly fantastic. Despite the strange setting, none of the characters felt remotely OOC. Exaggerated, perhaps, but still easily recognizable. The pacing was very good; the story never felt rushed or weighed down. Meandering, but far from directionless. The space duel was especially spectacular with its combination of flair, mathematics and combatives. And the romance was cute. :pinkiesmile:

I'm not too familiar with sci-fi tropes, but it didn't limit my enjoyment of the story at all.
Awesome story. It had me grinning from ear to ear from beginning to end.

Listening to The Sword's album Warp Riders, I thought about Space Princess Luna, and felt that the title track might fit this story:

What do you think?

Now I understand why people try to write intentionally campy stories. If they succeed, they get something like this. The pure spectacle in the story is delightful. Yeah, it's campy and purple and all of that, but it's also a spectacularly entertaining story.

good story, i like

i'm on my iPad so if I stay in one tab too long it reloads the page and I lose my comment so you're just going to get a bunch of different comments on this wonderful story.

I love the term Pegaswooper

You know full well that Selene was carved from the psi-bone of a void kraken, it was you who helped me unlock its secrets—”

that comma should be a semi colon


I see what you did there


I looked up this name, what a cool reference. That's one of the things that older more well read writers have an advantage in is that they can drop more references and generally have a larger more precise vocabulary.


I am jealous of your knowledge of French words that have slipped into the English language and become obscure English words.

Yeah, whatever, suck my dick,” muttered the griffon, before fleeing into the streets.

:rainbowlaugh: true to form, Gilda!

which reminds me, I eagerly await more quiet equestrian.

5606446 I have a friend who could probably do a pretty good Luna. And she has a recording Mike. And she already cosplays as Luna at conventions.

It would be pretty tough to cover every major voice part, but I can probably assemble a few people.

Thrice before I visited this story and read some of the comments but not until tonight that I finally read it, and it was spectacular. I shall now rifle through your blog posts, hoping to find an auxiliary blog post that shed some light on the story's construction. And the many many many references to horses of antiquity you threw in. If such a blog post does not exist I would be delighted for you to rectify that.

thanks for the adventure, Chuck.

Do let me know if you start casting, and I'll audition!

Fit to stand alongside Doc Savage!

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