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Just an MLP supporter with loads of ideas trying to improve my writing through fan fiction!


Princess Luna took it upon herself to become the guardian of the dreams of her subjects, and for a long time it was the perfect way to serve her kingdom. After all, she was able to see the inner workings of ponies that nopony else could see, and in that way she was able to help her friends and subjects work through their problems more successfully than anypony else could. It was the perfect way for Luna to serve, and the perfect plan to reconnect her with her subjects...

...until she found a blight that could not be extinguished by dream guile alone. A dark shadow so deep, a pestilence so pervasive that nothing she could do from the dream world could possibly make it better.

Her subjects were suffering... and only the Princess of the Night knew the cure.

Chapters (2)
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Would it be wrong for humping at midnight?

You sir. Are bloody brilliant. More is needed.

Twilight "Drunk-Off-Her-Ass" Sparkle was the FUNNIEST thing I've read in awhile!

Without further ado Princess Twilight Sparkle turned and hurried off down the street, weaving and wobbling her way off into the shadows as she levitated a taco to her mouth and began to eat noisily. “Oh mah gawd, these are DELICIOUS!” she shouted at the night. “LUNA MAKES THE BEST TACOOOOOOOOOSSS!”


And this is one of many reasons why I will never drink an alcoholic beverage.

When I read this, I smell cookies and guacomole.


Look out for Lord Business, BTW; I hear he's going to end the world then.

Would you believe that I TOTALLY FORGOT about Sonata and her Taco Tuesday thing when I wrote this? I can't believe I did- I wrote this the same weekend I saw EqG2, for Celestia's sake! Oh well, maybe we can have a special chapter in here somewhere just for Sonata. X3

Well thank you very much! I'm in the process of writing the next installment, hopefully it will be finished soon! I'm kinda dual-tasking on stories though, so we'll see which one gets the most attention in the near future. XD

I had SO MUCH FUN writing her that way! I won't lie, I think of all the Twilight Sparkles that I've ever written, she's my favorite. X3 I'm glad you liked her! XD

This is definitely why you should not over-indulge in alcohol, no matter how much like delicious candy it tastes.

“Fluttershy, would you like a taco?”

In a heartbeat Fluttershy’s crying ceased, and in one swift motion the other pony sat bolt upright on the grass, her eyes burning with need and desire.

“…did you say… tacos?” she hissed into the silence, the moon dancing in her eyes.

Luna froze, and as she watched Fluttershy she felt a horrible twisting sensation in her stomach. Oooooooh… oh dear… oh my… dammit

Adorable FlutterBat is BACK! And those must be some hella good tacos!

Damn, now I want some...

(Sees last sentence) Ya think?

Hope to see Tiberius again I like the little guy.

“Your cart is the cart that will pierce the heavens! Believe in the Celestia that believes in you!!!” From outside the door came a very loud, very aggravated groan

Yeah I can imagine! Yeeeeesh, Celly, don't you realize only Pinkie can pull that off? :pinkiehappy:

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