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Just a random thought. · 7:02am Jun 25th, 2016

Why do so many authors here spell "soldier" as "solider" in their stories?
It can't be accidental. It happens too often. There must be some reason--some inside joke, maybe.
It makes no sense. Nobody pronounces the word "solider" when saying "soldier"
I could understand spelling solder wrong, since it's pronounced "sodder," but soldier is sold-ger, not solid-er.
What am I missing here?

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Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

2338513 What a mess, huh?
Well, hey, maybe everything will work out fine, just to shock and astound us all. :pinkiecrazy: <Wat is this I don't even.)

2338510 No, 2 year ago busted left fibula and split ankle AND torn tendon, 4 months later before I could painfully walk again. back in May this year started having pains in my ankle again, by end of month couldn't walk, x-rays showed no gap in my ankle joint anymore, CT bone scan confirmed my ankle has fused possible complication of the fracture and my type 1 diabetes. Permanent disability, inoperable due to my overly long healing problems again from the diabetes. safer to not operate than to do ankle replacement.:pinkiesad2:
My old workplace is still a goer at this stage but am not sure how long it will be, I sorta became pivotal to keeping things running and more competition from big company's have come to town might shorten it's lifespan. Even spoke to the boss recently and I got the impression he was at a bit of a loss as what to do.

2338501 Ah, yet another unexpectedly-ended career. I'll assume the recession got you too.
The place where I worked for more than two decades... Everyone was laid-off, the building was sold, and the work is now being done far less well by a different company in a different city. The worst part is, most of the people I knew ended up scattered across the country, and I've had to move twice myself. Hard to hold onto friendships that way. Thank God (Not Al Gore) for the Internet. :facehoof:

2338386 The rock is probably not a bad analogy of the last decade of my abruptly ended work life, felt like a paper weight on my desk doing the special and/or urgent customer ordering in an auto pars shop. Boss did the overnight stock orders in the morning, I got hit all day with the frontal assault, when things weren't on time, look out. The stress of deadlines I don't want again!:facehoof:
Edit: Probably another reason I've held back trying to start a story in case ponies expect chapters on time?

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