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Want to know how far someone can get writing fan-fictions without watching the show? Lets find out together!


I'll add more as they occur to me

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Apologies to all. · 9:38am Yesterday

Working on a bonus chapter for Prank and tried hitting the edit key. I’m on a phone so I fat-fingered it.

Yes there will be more, however. I want to do a chapter of Max and Twilight having to deal with Celestia’s prank.

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I was never interested in her, to be honest. She was just never appealing to me. I prefer Nekros, because necromancy.

That makes me sad. She’s an awesome frame who can solo corpus defense missions quite easily. The plasma shots just whip away. She can also clear some levels without touching the ground.

...I also like that she feels floaty when you’re jumping or falling.

PC. That's true, though. I had completely forgotten about Zephyr.

Nobody...what? I’ve been in a squad of three trinities before. What do you mean nobody uses her? I think Zephyr gets less than a fraction of the love Trinity gets, which is a shame because she’s fun as well. Are you on pc or a console?

Oh. That's why I don't recognize her. No one ever uses her. I can actually build her, but much like Nyx and Vauban, they're not interesting enough for me.

  • Viewing 110 - 114 of 114
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