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Want to know how far someone can get writing fan-fictions without watching the show? Lets find out together!


I'll add more as they occur to me

Passing a story I like on the list in the featured tab after posting at almost the same time.

Two stories featured at once.

Getting a comment from an author I like (Thanks Redskin122004!)

50 followersThanks, Dawnscroll
100 followers (I'm getting greedy)
200 followers (MOAR!)
500 Stalkers
Story breaking 100 likes
Story breaking 500 likes Substitute Demon
Story breaking 1000 likes
Story breaking 2000 likes
Story breaking 3000 likes (I'm getting greedy :pinkiecrazy:)
Story breaking 500 views
Story breaking 1k views
Story breaking 5k views
Story breaking 10k views!
Story Breaking 50k Views
Story on the popular stories section on front page
Story getting featured Substitute Demon, 4/28/15
Video Comment Lupus
Get a "Please sir, may I have some more?" comment.
Someone sending me fan-art of a story.(Sorry Nether, I can't count the cover image.)
"Still a better love story than Twilight." comment
Write an alicorn fic that doesn't get downvoted into oblivion Cost of Asylum
Color my Mass Effect character based on an MLP character.
Watch a full episode of MLP from start to end.
Become another author's 'sempai' (I love you in a totes homo way, Sober)


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Apologies, guys(and gals) · 11:30pm Monday

Been a bit distracted by a warhammer event. I haven't done much if any writing the last few days between work and the "skulls for the skull throne" event. Wanted to get in on the killing. Vermintide is my game of choice at the moment, and the dev's set up a ridiculous goal- kill 100 million skaven(the rat monsters) in 4days. To give you an idea, while in left for dead you can now zombies down with relative ease with your rifles and MG's, ammo is relatively precious in Vermintide. With my

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. . . well if this isn't some nice news.

Shh shh, it's okay... Sober could never love you like I can Reyrey.

Old account got converted into a collab account. Making the rounds with my senpais those that have restraining orders against me.

"No homo"
Who are you and what have you done with Sober?

I love you Reykan. You are the banana to my cream pie. No homo.

Hey if u need to know what a gary is. You should asked me for I am one.

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