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This story is a sequel to Where there's Will, there's a Way

Seeing a way to relieve both Max's general aggravation and Twilight's irritation at the Canterlot Magic Societies, Pinkie suggests a prank. Max is quick to aim at the unicorns who threw out the purple princess's last research project, leaving the alicorn with no ready excuses. Will she embrace her first taste of blood(pranks)? Will Canterlot survive two immortal pranksters?

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As with all your stories featuring Max, this is pure gold. Favorited, and oh so much entertaining :pinkiehappy:

He's a bad influence on Twilight, and I love it. Celly has the right idea about it :rainbowkiss:

I sense a Celestia Vs Max Prank War episode, and it will somehow end up with both of them admitting defeat and making out, and no I did NOT spell that last part wrong.

This is funny and yet sad at the same time.. Sad because I know this prank has been played on people that took it so VERY seriously

I'll admit it took me until Beaker's reaction to figure out what the presentation was going to be talking about. No wonder Twilight felt torn.

And as I appear to be lacking the same cultural references as Twilight, can I assume Fan=Vanna? Or is this a different reference?

And oh sugar, the part of that Theoden quote which isn't quoted...

Then there was all the practical data they just threw away just because it didn't conform with their way of thinking!

yep, typical. :pinkiesick:
reminds me of a comic called "camp calomine" on RHjunior(.com), where someone tricked an ENVIRONMENTALIST into signing a petition to ban "oxy-di-hydride".

also made me think of this:

Yea, I really can’t think of anyone else when I think of assistants, having grown up watching Vanna White every day on wheel of fortune.

As Max said, everyone likes a crisis.

I swear, you guys would ship a box of rocks. Celestia’s first interaction with Max and you’re already calling for a date.:facehoof:

Let me tell you about the most horrible substance. It is the universal solvent. It reacts with most metals destroying their integrity. It contains untold millions of microbes in a single cup. It is toxic to consume, but we expose our children to it daily. The dread chemical of dihydrogen monoxide. (H2O)


Yes. I was thinking it was going to be something in the same general vein (but more ponified) until Bunsen looked at the stage, and then it clicked that it was going to be the exact original (which, of course, wouldn't have been known about in Equestria). I was thankful that it was only hinted at and glossed over, though - once the nature of the prank was obvious, going over it too closely would have drained all the fun and impetus from the story.

Oh no, not dihydrogen monoxide! Everyone who drinks it dies, no exceptions!

Lol, I loved your Dihydrogen Monoxide joke.


I swear, you guys would ship a box of rocks. Celestia’s first interaction with Max and you’re already calling for a date.:facehoof:

You say that as if you weren't on a site with multiple Boulder X Tom shipfics.

I remember that day. Made me laugh so hard.

Ohh fun series! Is there a master list anywhere to make sure i haven’t missed one?

The ship has gone sailing. :rainbowlaugh:

"Look, Sparky. I get it, you're a smart pone and know scientifically what booze does to someone. In fact I know that alcohol is technically poisonous.



Grain ethanol has an LD50 dose of 7,060 mg/kg, this makes is LESS TOXIC that fructose (the natural sugar found in fruit: 4,000 mg/kg), table salt (3,000 mg/kg), THC (pot's main drug: 1,270 mg/kg), ibuprofen (Tylenol's active ingredient: 636 mg/kg), caffeine (192 mg/kg), and deadly nicotine (which actually requires only about 13 mg/kg to do a person in, making it as equivalently deadly as ARSENIC, which is also deadly at a median dose of 13 mg/kg!)

Studying dose-dependent toxicity is quite revealing. Even many vitamins become poisonous at levels one would hardly believe. Vitamin D3, absolutely CRUCIAL for bone formation, is DEADLY at a dose higher than 37.5 mg/kg!! Too much of a good thing... never has a proverb rung so true! On the opposite end of the spectrum is the least toxic vitamin and one of the least toxic substances of all, good ol' Vitamin C, which takes a whopping 11,900 mg/kg (a 70 kg adult would need to eat about 840 grams of it... nearly two POUNDS of it in one sitting!) to bump you off.

Now here's a shocker; do you like hot peppers? Well guess what, capsaicin, the chemical responsible for the 'heat', is QUITE toxic with an LD50 of a mere 47 mg/kg! That's only slightly more than double the median lethal dose of HEROINE (21.8 mg/kg)!!! Methamphetamine and cocaine are actually LESS toxic (57 and 96 mg/kg, respectively)!!

But that's nothing compared to the most lethal toxins ever created. Agent Orange is LETHAL... at only 20 MICROGRAMS per kilogram! And the most deadly toxins are 100% natural! Botulinum toxin, the substance produced by the botulism bacteria, kill half of those exposed with a minute 1 NANOGRAM per kilogram dose! That's right, an amount of botulinum toxin as small as a single grain of salt would KILL YOU.

When it comes to synthesizing bioweapons, nobody beats bacteria!

Grain ethanol can ALSO be metabolized into basic building blocks (specifically acetyl-CoA) unlike all actual poisons (and most toxins save for some circular peptide-based toxins which can be broken down gradually into amino acids), which must be quickly flushed from the body unaltered or rendered into discrete inert metabolites which are then excreted. Therefore, ethanol is closer to a nutrient than a poison!

So remember kiddies, when some dimwit on an internet forum who's pushing the pot lobby tells you ethanol is more toxic than marijuana, you can tell them SCIENCE MAN is going to pay them a visit and gouge their eyes out with a garlic press for spreading false information! (Alondro is a firm believer in cruel and unusual punishments... as he finds them amusing) :pinkiecrazy:

With your help, we can make Equestria a safer place, free from the horror that is dihydrogen monoxide.

Ah yes, the good ol' DHMO con. One of the best examples of how fear-mongers can make something virtually harmless sound like the worst thing ever when they have an agenda to push.

Same deal with the fear-mongering over saccharine and MSG. You'd vomit from the sheer volume it'd take of either one to kill you. And the studies which showed their 'danger' over a long-term period used rats dosed sometimes 2,000 times the average daily intake for a human... levels at which quite a number of substances called 'safe' would cause most people to drop dead.

8594007 But I'm fine... (Alondro is IMMORTAL!!) :pinkiegasp:

8593882 This was one of the very first Internet pranks, and still remains a classic that fools every idiot who reads it.


If anybody wondering what the h### "Dihydrogen monoxide" is.


You mean UN-Squished.

Made a blog regarding the issue, sorry to get your hopes up but the bonus isn’t done yet. I just have beeg fingers and smol buttons on my phone.

i would have killed those idiotic stallions and shit on celestia for letting those idiots keep their job.
Most people who works on scientific jobs would join me too

I introduced a co-worker & friend of mine to dihydrogen monoxide back when we worked together in a testing lab for a plastics company. He thought it was one of the most hilarious things he had ever seen.

Several months later during in his Public Speaking class at the University of Akron he selected "The Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide" as the subject of his informative speech. Upon hearing the title, 2-3 other students snickered (they were all science and engineering students) and were politely asked to hold their comments till the end.

By the end of his 10 minute presentation the other 25 people in the class, including the professor, were somewhat up in arms over how such a "dangerous" chemical could be allowed to be so prevalent. That's when he dropped the bomb that dihydrogen monoxide is just an unusual and more complex way of saying water. Blew everyone's mind, and angered some of them because it showed their ignorance of high-school level chemistry.

Funny thing is that no matter the prank, there will be people that take it either way. Some will laugh it off, maybe even look at it as a learning experience. For others that embarrassment gets turned to anger.

In a world where magic is so prominent I can easily see science getting pushed aside. Its not interesting to these individuals so they ignore it. In fact because funding is decided on by the crown, if they can convince the Princess that something is useless, they could get even more funding as their competitor, another department for instance, is useless or even damaging to the country. Celestia's smart enough to know better but she's gotten tired of having this argument. Twilight's fresh and willing to take the fight to these guys.


I swear, you guys would ship a box of rocks.


Only with Maud, though...

We suspected the water trick pretty quickly. Serves them right!

Wut? I mist have skimmed past tge pnuchline.

I really like this series of world building shorts, and hope to read more. Thanks for sharing this bonus chapter, only Celestia could use common courtesy to ones family as a revenge for a prank. There is something wrong with that family if they avoid sharing such information.

Nice. Your worldbuilding is always great.

HAH! My Chem teacher played this joke on my freshman class the first week of high school and everyone but the class genius, his sister, and myself fell for it! Heck I even asked the teacher after class why he said water was poisonous and he barked out laughing and told me I could have a free period next class and not to bother with the HW assignment since I already knew that Dihydrogen Monoxide = H2O= Water! It took me until my friends asked me the next day after school why I didn't let them in on the joke to realize it was a joke!



Who told him that one? Ban him!! Baaan Hiiiim!!

Lol. Nice. I never fell for it either, but I never saw it in class!

8752752 I invented dihydrogen monoxide!

It was half a billion years after the Big Bang, if I recall correctly... :pinkiecrazy:

Yet another fantastic Max short. As an astrophysicist, the DHMO joke was both infuriating and highly amusing.

"It turns out both of those can be true, and sustain themselves. The queen redirected them to another hive, one that was causing problems for her. The Crusaders are now honorary drones of that first hive, welcome whenever they're in the area."


Holy shit yes

‘Magic, magic, magic, magic...they’re all magic-based scientists. Where are the chemists? The physicists, the astronomers. Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountain.’ Chuckling to himself, Max found himself the center of another group of scientists, most asking about the presentation but a few asking for his residence.

Rohirrim Lament? Nice.

This has quickly become my favorite series of one-shot comedy fics

Twilight's parents both looked to her confusion written on their faces for only a moment before Velvet slammed her hooves on the table. "He's doing what with Spike!?"


Looking forward to seeing that vacation and/or the aftermath, whenever that minific happens.

Twilight opened her mouth before snapping it shut, her eyes glazing over in realization. Before he had to stop her from plucking every feather from her wings, the door swung open to reveal an older unicorn mare in an apron.

Reminds me of an comic where Twi discovers she can use her own feathers for writing quills.

I mean as the saying goes "I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass".

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