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This story is a sequel to A Question Better Left Unanswered.

Twilight had seen them all. The party cannon, Pinkie's spy gear, her flying contraption. None looked like they should work, like they were the idle fantasies of a foal. So why by all that is logical do they work?

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Oh hay, a Max story where Twilight actually learns something, and grows as a character.


......are they going to learn the wall walking thing?
imagine, walking up a wall instead of having to take the winding stairs....

Silly Twilight. Even Fantasy and Chaos can be logically defined, otherwise you couldnt even state what they were.

Of course, demonstrating the theoretical basis of the research required got me quietly removed from the Department of Will.

I wonder. Was it the orangutan, or the bananas?:trollestia:

I also wonder, does Discord have this realities Klein Marble?:Discord:

Twilight doesn't have a breakdown from things that should be obvious.... This flies against avarything I've been taught!

A new Max story! Squee!! :rainbowkiss:

"Now I want to know who convinced her that everything she hits will break."

And then you went and made it sad :fluttershyouch:
Who was so mean to Derpy?!? :flutterrage:


Cant read TV Tropes. Its reading what my computer is doing with teh Ad blocking and refusing to display the basic public information without those Ads being displayed.

And then they complain when their head is suprise slammed against a wall.

Why? Theyre demanding equal treatment.

Where there's Will, there's a Way

Paint it Red

Where there's Will, there's a WAAAGH!!!

hey doofus tvtropes literally only scans for adblocker, use literally any other blockinh app that works on ads, like a flashblocker or something, and they wont detect it.

Probably some dumb bully in school, you know how cruel kids can be.

Have you seen season 1 episode 7, "Dragonshy?" They casually walk up the side of a nearly vertical (I'd guess around 60-70 degrees) mountain, while holding a conversation.
It shouldn't take much to convince them to try something a little closer to 90 degrees, and from there, maybe they could try walking across the ceiling.

No, Twilight, please stop dancing up there. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should... :twilightsmile:

Pinkie went up a wall in 'Filli Vanilli'


You're right! I just checked. Weirdly, Pinkie went up the wall like she was climbing a ladder, where the fun would have been seeing her just walk up as though the wall was a floor... But hey, Pinkie. :pinkiesmile:

Of course, when Pinkie was foal-sitting for the Cake twins, one of them apparently scurried across the ceiling...

Okay, I think we can call wall-walking more or less "canon."

More than likely she raises one hoof too early and for a split second she's touching nothing and faceplants.

Also, I wonder if its possible for this series to be the 1000 year old Max

PS: I like this headcanon, but to my dismay I don't think I can do too much with it.

Sometimes limiting your abilities is the way to make it work, not the other way.
Like in Pratchett's Discworld, there is a reason wizards' main task is to refrain from using magic.

I like this theory :D Twilight learns! I like it even more!

Is it wrong that I want to see Twilight start a school teaching this sort of magic as a counterpoint to "Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns".

"Sparkle's Magical Academy for the Resourceful & Talented" (S.M.A.R.T for short)

dangit you, get out of my drop box i was working on an explanation for discord like power exactly like this!
always amazing though

In ur mind, stealin' ur ideurs

Just found this (series??) today. Will there be any more additions to this intriguing line of stories?? :pinkiesad2:

8436776 I have one that's just about half-done if not more. Max and Pinkie convince Twilight to seek revenge against the Magic Studies group for rejecting her papers.

Great to hear this universe ain't through yet!!
They should prank them using only Will casting, see how they like not having a clue how something is done. :pinkiegasp:

That wont work. They already either dismiss it as chaos magic and a 'deal with Discord' or assign its effects to other theories. No, it has to be something much...meaner...

I love this theory!!!!!

This is my new headcanon.

Just found this series
I am very impressed with your theory on mlp unclassified magic and how it relates to standard.
Also that despite having difficulty wrapping her head around the concepts Twilight manages to come out of it with a new view point and an area of magic to study she has nit seen before.
I wonder if this is at least part of how Celestia and Luna move the sun & moon?
I always thought that it ruined the dynamic of the group slightly with Twilight alone ascending although with Ponyville being such a close knit community the change in status is often lampshade. The idea of the others working their way towards alicornhood is something I think could give the show a lot of material especially how it affects their circumstances such as how it would affect Rarity’s business, Rainbow’s career and Applejack’s farm and family life? I not sure how Fluttershy vet business would be affected save having others following her around when she is doing her rounds to check on her animals,maybe being too frightened of the attention to leave her abode.

Regardless I look forward to future instalments of this series.

Awww I was like #99. I need to make an alt account to make #100.

"Chaos magic is actually a secondary casting method. It involves using your will, your desires and wishes, as the catalyst instead of an array or formula. In this way, we can actually quantify what Discord does. It's not that he doesn't make sense in his spells but that he has so much magic. He can literally overpower reality, and he's been doing so for such a long time that he knows he can do these things.

This reminded me of Lord of Dornkess’s story, “Dark Horse - A Five Score Tale From the Dresden Files.” Princess Luna’s reaction to Harry revealing that every wizard in his world are “chaos mages” is pretty similar to Twilight’s freak-out here.

Ignoring the pink pony that was now sitting next to a gob smacked Twilight, as well as the sign said pony was holding that said 'the party will last FOREVER!', Max flipped the board back over to his first drawing.

I've seen multiple stories with an Alicorn or Dracoequus Pinkie Pie. It never fails to make me very scared.

This works so well. Adopting and forwarding...

I really wish that Alicorn-everyone was canon, personally. And yes, the SCP foundation already has their eye on Case Roseate Pastry (Blame Friendship Is Sufficiently Advanced for that one).

Hello, new headcanon! This was absolutely fantastic, from the freakout to the explanation. Five stars.

"You know at first I assumed it was because she was more durable," Max said as the mailmare looked around in confusion. "Now I want to know who convinced her that everything she hits will break."

Screams in horror and dismay...

That is actually how most magic systems work in their core. Form Harry Potter to Dresden Files to Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. If you break them down, discard the spells, techniques, runes and wands as what they are, namely crutches to help the human mind visualise it and channel this believe, it all boils down to: If you have the ability and really believe in it it WILL work.



Is it wrong that I want to see Twilight start a school teaching this sort of magic as a counterpoint to "Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns".

If you count friendship magic as will magic that sounds just about right.

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