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Want to know how far someone can get writing fan-fictions without watching the show? Lets find out together!



When humanity is on the brink of destruction, they shine brightest. When men have nothing left to lose, they put everything on the line. When the children of Adam have everything taken from them, they return the favor. With interest.

I've read a few TCB fics with humans winning, but I don't think I've seen it done this way. Enjoy the ride. First serious fic, will still have a few jokes though. I can't take anything too seriously. Hope you like it.

Edit: Popular stories bar on the same day it was posted? wow o.O

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This was awesome:rainbowdetermined2:. Faved:coolphoto:.

Better written then most my friend. Personally, no author love`s the first, second or really any draft of their writing. Read any autobiography: Arthur Miller, shake spear, they all had some grudge or complaint in some way or another. "0o this draft is too short" or the most famous "I liked the original better."
Really the fact it was original is far more important "but not a redeeming quality" easy to digest quickly is a feet to how good it is.
Hope you continue.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Nice story. Elaborate on the story of the coming of the rebel anthros, plz??? I'll give you a virtual cookie.

Holy shit that was awesome.

wlam #6 · Jan 21st, 2015 · · 8 ·

serious fic stuff

That's the misconception right there. Nothing anyone can conceivably write for this site is serious. The harder you try, the less you'll appeal. Then again I parsed this as humor from the moment it opened with a butt joke, so it's not like that doesn't work.

Hahaha, I posted this, thinking it wouldn't be well received and headed to bed, then to work when it wasn't approved by then. So much for that, huh?
5531031 All my others so far were mostly joking one-shots. While this story was still a one-shot, it was quite a bit more serious than the others. Well, about as serious as a fanfic about ponies can be :applejackunsure:

Other then that.... holy hell, every time I post something new, it gets more hits than the last one faster than the last one.

AWESOME! :pinkiecrazy:
HELL YEA :flutterrage:
*cough* sorry, that got away from me for a bit.

wlam #8 · Jan 21st, 2015 · · 8 ·

Fair disclosure: If it had said conversion bureau in the short description, I probably wouldn't even have clicked on the story. It's about the stupidest thing this place has to offer and I don't know how it ever became so popular. I was also expecting something a bit more... immediate, I guess? The mention of claws and fur made me curious whether this would actually feature people killing ponies to take trophies and eat them for their power. I'm sorta disappointed it's nothing that interesting.

5531125 Not a big fan of misc. murder, 'specially after reading redskin's TCB story, which had the guard under a compulsion charm, and the elements very souls subverted to aid a corrupted Celestia destroy mankind. When Luna from the other Equestria enter's the TCB Twilight's mind-scape, Twilight literaly begs Luna to kill her, so she doesn't have to live with what she's seen her body do..

If you don't want spoilers, lets just say there was more to it than "ponies want humans gone"

wlam #10 · Jan 21st, 2015 · · 8 ·

Like I said, stupidest thing. Good thing I wasn't planning on reading it either way.

5531173 That's... whatever to each their own. I found the story pretty interesting, and quite intense. A nice twist on a scary thought.


You've captured my attention

I'd love to see the court trial :pinkiehappy:

This I enjoyed greatly keep it up!

I want more.
I know I won't get more.
But me want more.

oh..... oohohhhhhh. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, giVe mE MORE MOWR MOOOOORRRREEEE! but for real if you can't write anymore then give the story to someone that can because this story needs to continue!

5537130 I don't really know where I would go with this, but if someone likes the idea, go for it. Just give me a shout-out as the origin of this version of the TCB-verse. Speaking of which, anyone know who started TCB?

it's good.

5533354 Basic rundown:
:moustache: "All rise!"
:flutterrage: "In the case of Celestia empress of the Solar Empire versus humanity the accused is found guilty of slavery, genocide, resisting arrest, and being an all around b:yay:. Case dismissed!"

Fuck yeah Humanity Owns All!

humanities final moments

Humanity's final moments

The comment jarred Celestia out of her regal walk to her thrown, almost leaving her to trip on the first steps of the throne.

First throne is spelt wrong, and repeated words are a big no-no anyway.

That's all I caught on my quick glance through.

5569088 Got back from work to see your comment, thanks. Changes have been made.

Really great story, always nice to see a TCB story that ends another way other than the ponies winning. And now I want to see how the rest of Equestria reacts to this. Huh.

So in your version. Humans 'lost', only to bounce back, now able to use magic, fly, shape shift, breath fire, and lift tons? (Unicorn, Pegasus/griffon, changeling, dragon, earth pony.) And on top of it all, still have our mastery of technology?... I like.

I felt that this could have been slightly lengthened a bit. Maybe a little over 6 to 5,000 words, mayhap. Still, I like the feel this little read gave me. Personally, I'm not a super fan of Celestia being the bad girl, but I do love it when the underdogs win. For what this fic is... I appreciate it. Fav'd, liked. Good job, sir.

5575685 Thanks, I actually expected this of all the stories I wrote to sink almost as soon as I posted it, but couldn't think of anything else till I wrote it out. So I wrote it, cleaned it as best I could, and set it loose on the site. Imagine my surprise when it ended up in the popular stories bar later that day, and given enough time, will most likely pass all my others, even combined. Next closest in even views is my Nightmare Moon fic, and this one has almost 3X the likes.

Alien's reaction to the invasion:

"Welp, they're fucked."

Hmm, i agree with 5575685. This could be made into an epic story if lengthen. I had the feeling you are just doing it to get it out of the way, but it is a promising one. I suggest you take a step back and think on what you can improve on it. It has a lot of potential to even be greater.

Otherwise its great!

5681357 Ha, seeing you commenting on this made my day, since The Other Side of the Spectrum was the first real CB story I read. I may go back at some point, but I've no idea what I'd do with it at the moment. My current story idea may give me something to work with though, as it will start in the aftermath of this 'verse.

5584916 Thx for the link to that amazing video.

Dark and strangely satisfiying.
Just how I like it.

As Nelson so eloquently puts it, HA HA!

Now I want to see a story that explored the interactions between the two worlds after all of this settles and Celestia is giving her just deserts. It'd be pretty interesting when you think of it.

Anything you say will be ignored unless we can twist it to use against you in a court of law. How you plead doesn't matter, and please, feel free to resist arrest."

Alright, all we need us racial profiling for the ponies and we'll be set!

>>greatest line in the story

"With that, the Chaotic creature donned a strange uniform, caught a slice of toasted bread in his tooth,"

Is this an anime reference?

Even if the way humans were brought back was a bit bullshit
I prefer underground resistance setting myself
It was awesome nonetheless, I love when humanity finds a way, just about but we always overcome


on the moon of the earth

"Celestia, the Solar Tyrant, you are hereby charged with the attempted enslavement and genocide of the entirety of the human race, as well as threatening the existence of all other sapient species on Equis. Anything you say will be ignored unless we can twist it to use against you in a court of law. How you plead doesn't matter, and please, feel free to resist arrest."

best line ever:trollestia::moustache:

6664217 Internet arguments in a nutshell.

6677389 Thank you. I do try. :twilightblush:

okay I still say loss because this isn't winning we all died also on the show she has the power of a cannon in other words nuke to op

also this is horrid turning the perfect thing that is mankind and mutating it! it disgusts me!

6781129 you realize that once our tech advances enough we'll just mutate our selves to have aspects of other animals. Right?

6854517 do you think all will do it ? no their will be purists and I would be one of them

6866263 It's not something everyone will do, and I even acknowledged that. Hell, the guy leading the op was a pure.

6866263 I doubt that everyone would be all for it. the way I see it, there will be a point in the future where so many people mutate them selves the number of mutated people and "normal" people are 50/50, (the "" because when this happens it will be so far in the future that we might not recognize them as a future version of our race) as time goes on we will naturally mutate or be forced to mutate our selves. now there will be those that refuse to mutate and the chances of them dyeing are 50/50 depending on the situation(Ie. rapidly spreading virus, alien bio warfare, black plaque reborn, etc.) in what ever the situation is, two things will happen for sure. One: the human races self-preservation instinct will kick in and we live on. Two: the most stubborn of use refuse, and don't.

so correct me if I'm wrong here, we not only had new foals s the three tribes but as changelings and dragons, or did they rewrite the genome to match them to those species, just curious.

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