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When human base is discovered inside Mount Everest, 30 years of war breaks out leading to the Final Solution.

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Not nearly Germanic enough. I believe more ponies should have died. I also think that the characters took very extreme personalities as opposed to more realistic ones.

Personally, I hate Conversion fics. I'll just let this lie where it is.

3486100 I'm going to probably make another except this time we will send ponies to death camps and wipe every single one out! Or you could do it.

3486110 Too much work, too much brony butthurt. I'll keep it in my ideas that I'll never produce.

3486125 Just write them down then give it some time and the ideas you have you will want to get them out, that's what I do but my better Ideas come when I am bored and away from my computer... :fluttershbad:

To cheer us up lets watch this retarded video.

Cool lol fluttershy traitor haha keep uo the good work man!!

Lol fluttershy the traitor haha i.like it keep up the great work!!

Looks like my black ass is on the wrong side of the tracks on this one.:rainbowderp:


is it no death at all or you can die in battle?

also since when did humanity become evil?

check that were always evil :pinkiesad2:

3486336 We're not evil. We make choices. The choices can be bad in your perspective, they can be good in others.

We're badasses, not evildoers.

3486336 I blame it on our nature, we have always been like this and forever shall!

3486589 We actually can be both but still, its in our nature


very true

but think about it

we kill on a everyday just to survive

like this the Us we killed Native American for the land and also Revolutionary War we fought and killed for all that

even the ancient empires kills to live on.

so its simple

we kill each other so we can live.

any species/empire/person is paranoid of the things we don't know

also like i said

if there's two different type of sapient and sentient species in a few years there will be a war and only one race will survive

if the TCB actually happen the US will drop the nukes and so will the other countries. Also the US will use drones and planes to attack.
Ponies lose million while we only lose tech and money(maybe some dead)

no infantry fighting

also yes nukes will be dropped hardly any survive surrenders

the magic barrier ain't doing shit cause we fire the inside or outside and when the barrier gets to the radiated area the barrier wont work or the ponies inside will get radiated


5 min typing and you just say yup?

i will find you and i will kill you

or ill follow you hmmmmm what should i do?



then ill would have killed you by then

Next fanfic I'm going to do is probably an Anthro one but Celestia almost forgot humans existed and they almost kill each other out between 2 humans countries,

Germany: Militarized, Fights for Power

Japan: Fights for Honor


im waiting 4 arkwardtaco to respond

holy shit its 1:45 rigt now i gotta be in bed


we kill on a everyday just to survive

When was the last time you had to shoot some guy to get food in your gut?

like this the Us we killed Native American for the land and also Revolutionary War we fought and killed for all that

Those are two completely unrelateable things.

even the ancient empires kills to live on.

Well, yeah. You're not get very far in the world back then if you don't fight for land you desperately need.

if there's two different type of sapient and sentient species in a few years there will be a war and only one race will survive

Doubtful. The governments will all want to negotiate peace and such because war would waste money, time, and resources.

Beyond that, I agree that we are pretty amazing at waging war. I have no doubt the ponies would succumb quickly if the opportunity presented itself.


remember if TCB occurs and i doubt it.

other was just example how human tend to kill like a lot. were all animals we just kill with much more force and deadly weapons

3486671 We have evolved. Even if I don't believe we came from monkeys I think that our brains have evolved and changed.



3486671 We are far beyond animals, my misinformed friend. Much more civilized. Cleaner.


exactly we kill each other in a harshing and more brutal way

and plz stop sending in stuff i am really tired and i have a essay to write tomorrow i have a issue of replying what people say



3486681 We were once primitive but we have changed



look around the world, the truth is out there

ok im done bye guys ill try 2 remember your names i hope

3486704 I have to agree with AwkwardTaco on this one, we have changed... but never the less we are violent, this will always be a part of us.

I was tempted to just write "Sieg Heil" in large bold script upon seeing "The Fourth Reich", but I decided against
Wait, never mind.

3486821 Me too... SIEG HEIL! Damn it...:raritydespair:

Mir gefällt die Geschichte sehr gut :-) Aber bei dem "Hail Reich" hat es mich vor Lachen weggerissen xD

:moustache:you should make a sequel to this.


I may, I may... but this time, humanity will return from the stars or ponies will venture into space and find humanity again with angry or genocidal intentions.

this needs a sequel, i like this

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