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It's not "definantly" or "defiantly" or "definately". It's "DEFINITELY". How can so many people get it wrong...

Current Progress on Upcoming chapters for Changing Views

[Despair...]: 9701 words

[...Darkness...]: 6377 words

[Secret title]: ~9000 words
-Stored previous attempt of ~12000 words
-Chapter rework In progress

[Act 3 intro]: ~500 words
-On hold

Future scenes: more or less 10k~15k words

Note: If I don't login to the website for longer than a week, then it's safe to say that something happened to me in real life.
...And that came off as ominous. Sounded better in my head.

Status Updates

Next status update: ???

May 15th
So... it's been a little more than 5 months since my last post :X
In regards to the lack of updates, I don't have much more to add from the post I made on December 4th. However, I've realized that I might be able to put some time aside for Changing Views from Tuesdays to Thursdays, so I'll try my best to get as much done in that time frame from now on.

December 4th
It's been quite a while since my last post on here, and the reason is mostly because I didn't want to just end up reposting different variations of "I didn't get to work on the story because I'm low on time".

Plus, for the last month, one of my coworkers took a month-long vacation to care for his newborn baby, and all of his work got piled on me in the meantime. Then I learned recently that he's taking another month in vacation, sooooo...

Nevertheless, though I haven't been able to progress much, I've come up with more ideas of how things will go, and I've determined the path that the next three chapters will take. There will also be a rework of "The harder they fall" from act 0, in which I'll add some more backstory and refine the rest of the chapter to make it flow better. I'll make a blog post (and link it in here as well) once those changes have taken place.

October 21st
Prologue has been updated with the changes. It was mostly about restructuring various sentences, moving some paragraphs around, and overall making everything flow a bit smoother. Will work on the next unpublished chapter when I got time.

October 19th
Finished applying the edits on the prologue; having some people look over the changes to make sure that it's alright before I update the already-published version. Will spend time on finishing the next chapter before I focus on editing.

October 13th
Prologue will be updated within the next few days. I'll change this message when the changes are applied. Because of how long it took me to take into consideration all of the suggestions that my editor had left, I'll advance on the story next, and only work on editing previous chapters when I wait for a response from my pre-readers and editors.

October 10th
Finally done with the extra hours at work, and I will be dedicating most of my free time on this week to the story.

October 7th
Brother's birthday happened, but now I got a bunch of free time for the weekend. Probably.

October 5th
Couldn't do much progress at all on the story due to having to work overtime at my job. I've got Friday off, at least.

October 3rd
I'll be fixing the first few chapters over the week after receiving various suggestions from an editor. Once that's done, I'll be going straight back to writing the next chapter. Currently half-way done with the prologue at the time of this post.

October 1st
Stumbled upon this... 'Inspirational' video the other day.

September 29th
...Whoa. Time flew by. Didn't even realize that 20 days had passed since the last progress update.

Despite my extremely limited free time nowadays, I've been getting the increasing urge to progress on the fic. Though I've barely progressed in these past few months, I have been accumulating a whole bunch of ideas for scenes that would occur in the near future.

All that's left is to sit down and write the rest of this chapter before I can get to putting those fluffy and drama-inducing scenes into play.

I'll probably start doing that "one post every two days" thing again as well.

September 9th
Alright, its been a while since I posted any updates (both here and for the story...) but I do have a few things to say, for now.

I received a new HDD as a gift from someone (who wished to remain anonymous). They contacted me shortly after I posted the blog post explaining the Hiatus, and it's been working perfectly fine so far. Since I managed to save my files from my previous HDD, I am now able to resume working on the fic.

However, I also mentioned a few days ago that I got a stable job, and while it's a great thing for my life in general, it's... sort-of eating up a very large portion of my time...

Coupled with the fact that I get easily distracted with the internet (which I recently got) I am finding it exceedingly difficult to find time to work on the story. If anything, I'll have to start disciplining myself and set up a specific period where I'll ignore everything else but Changing Views.

Next, I have decided that I wouldn't post the next canon chapter immediately, once it is ready. After such a long time without updates as well as what the upcoming chapter will contain (which will most likely end in a cliff-hanger; this one's necessary, sorry) I don't want people to get hyped too much and have to hang on for too long while waiting for me to finish the chapter following it. You guys deserve more than a meager chapter of 10k words.

That, and I tend to take a lengthy break whenever I post a chapter, skimming through the comments for a week or more. If I don't upload it, I'll be able to keep the ball rolling and have the next one ready much faster.

August 24th
Managed to actually get a stable job recently, thus I should finally be able to afford my own internet for the first time in about 4 years.

August 22nd
The hiatus will probably end near the end of this week. Will still need to finish the chapter, though.

August 5th
I may not be able to write, but heck if I'm not getting new ideas in my free time. I'm coming up with a bunch of future scenes that WILL happen.

July 24th
I dreamed last night that I uploaded one of my other story ideas; one that I wasn't planning on writing yet. I woke up, panicked about it, then realized that it was all a dream because my laptop was still dead, thus I happily breathed a sigh of relief.

Then I realized my laptop was still dead, and I was sad.

I'll be busy with life and family for a few days, but after that I can focus on fixing it or getting a new one.

July 19th
Enough said... :(

July 13th
Didn't have time to make any progress as most of my family was preparing to go on a 2-week vacation to their birth country. I stayed behind to take care of my grandmother, and...

The house just feels so... empty right now...

July 11th
Spent the weekend having a sleepover at a friend's house. T'was a nice break.

July 7th
[Secret Title]: ~9000 words

July 5th
[Secret Title]: ~8500 words
Once I'm done with this chapter, I believe the next ones will take significantly less time to write.

...I really want to go back to writing fluff :c

July 3rd
[Secret Title]: ~8000 words
Couldn't post earlier due to an unexpected change of plans regarding my local library's schedule, resulting in me having no access to the internet until now.

June 29th
[Secret Title]: ~7000 words

June 27th
Estimated word count might be extended to about ~15k words, depending on whether I decide to end this one in a cliffhanger, or incorporate what would've been the act 3 intro as part of this chapter's ending.

June 23rd
[Secret Title]: 6000 words
If I can manage to write 1000 words between each of these posts, then I could potentially post a new chapter every two weeks.

June 22nd
To put myself under pressure (because I work better under pressure, I'm pretty sure. (Heh, that rhymes)) I will now (try to) be posting updates every two days, starting tomorrow. Also will be adding the estimated date of the next progress update from now on.

June 21st
[Secret Title]: ~5500 words
I don't think this will surpass 10k words, but we won't know until I get that far.

June 19th
I caught myself in an endless loop of "I'll work on it tomorrow". Unlike before, I do know what I want to write now, but I guess I just haven't invested time into it yet. Going to fix that.

June 14th
Time sure flies by; I didn't even notice that it's been THAT long since my last post. Almost feels like I wrote that yesterday... In any case, work on the story will be resuming now.

June 4th
Nearly done with a side-project that I've been working on, and then I should have more free time to dedicate on the story.

May 31st
[Secret title]: ~5000 words
I think I'll also make a few changes to some of the earlier chapters. For example, that part where Chrysalis talked with Cadance about what happened thousands of years ago that made her hate Celestia? I can make that part have wayyy more feels. I'll let you guys know through these updates whenever such changes occur, if I don't make a blog post about it first.

May 27th
Well... damn. I was going to work on the story last night, but I guess I must've been too tired because next thing I knew, I was waking up in the morning.

May 24th
[Secret Title]: ~4000 words
Shhh, you hear that?

May 22nd
[Secret title]: ~3000 words
Haven't gotten a lot of time to work on the story, but I have tomorrow off.

May 19th
[Secret title]: ~2500 words
There's a few more scenes I can salvage, I believe.

May 18th
[Secret title]: ~2000 words
I was on a roll for the few minutes that I got to work on it, but then I had to stop because of unexpected events. :c

May 15th
[Secret title]: ~1600 words (starting over)
In the two hours that I put into this rework, I've already made this much progress. Granted, 300~350 words were recycled from my previous attempt, and I think I can bring back a couple more scenes for a total of more or less 2000 words, but still. Not only that, but I'm actually liking this new version a lot more, and have found my motivation to write again.

Here's to hoping that it'll last.

May 14th
Whoa whoa whoa, apparently some people took what I wrote in the previous post the wrong way, and some even sent me PMs about it.

No, I am not starting the whole story again from scratch. What I meant was that the one chapter that I've been working on would be scrapped.

May 12th
A few people have suggested that I give a reminder at the start of the upcoming chapters about what happened previously, due to how long it takes for me to update and readers forgetting over time what had transpired. While I won't quite be doing it that way, I have figured out how to remind people of what happened before the next chapter gets uploaded, though you guys won't see it until the chapter itself is ready.

Speaking of, I'm actually considering scrapping it entirely and starting over. For the greater good.

May 9th
Seeing as I'm having trouble figuring out how to write what I want to write, I decided that I would progress on the chapter that would be following the one I'm stuck on, in the hopes that I'd get an epiphany of any kind. This means that while it will take longer for the chapter to get published, I would at least have more content at the ready.

Also, I find it unnerving surprising that people still check out these posts I make.

May 5th
Oh geez, I just realized how much time has passed since I've made any progress. I didn't lie when I said that the chapter was close to finishing; I pretty much just have to write 2~3 short scenes, and it's ready. The chapter that would come after this one is practically fully planned out already, and is one that I've been wanting to write for a good while.
Alas, this one must be finished first.

On an unrelated note, my birthday is in 2 days! :>

April 30th
[Secret title]: ~10000 words
This is the largest scene that I've scrapped so far (2000~3000 words cut).
Perhaps I could salvage a few things out of it, though...

April 24th
I've been really busy as of late, and I've managed to get a sort of temporary job starting tomorrow.

...Of course, while this is a good thing for me, it isn't quite as good of a thing for the story because, well... there goes practically all of my free time :x

Unless I can figure something out...

April 21st
[Secret title]: ~12000 words
After a few discussions with friends, I'll have to rework around ~3000 words, so expect a decrease in word count. Probably.

April 15th
I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. A lot of things happened to impede progress on the story, one of them being that my grandmother (who's been living with us for nearly twenty years) got sick enough to warrant a visit to the hospital.
She's back home, fine and alive... but, 90 years is getting pretty close to "that time" in life.
In any case, I should have free time soon.

April 9th
It won't be ready for tomorrow, but the chapter is nearly ready. I'll stop giving estimates for now, and will only post the release date if it's definitive.
Word count hasn't changed much, but again, there were various edits.

April 7th
[Secret title]: ~11200 words
Didn't quite finish it, but I'm getting close. If I include a one day period to let pre-readers take a look at it, I'm estimating the chapter to be ready by Sunday. Maybe. I'll confirm whether it'll happen or not on Saturday.

April 6th
[Secret title]: ~10000 words
Finally, finally got past that block. I know I promised that I'd try to get the chapter ready for tomorrow, but as it stands, I'm not sure I can do that on time. I'll be dedicating around 10 hours today, though, so we'll see how much I can do in that period. Estimating final size of chapter to be around 12k words.

April 5th
Do you know how frustrating it is to be able to plan + write an entire side chapter for 5k words in nothing but three days, but when you try to advance on the storyline that actually matters, the words just refuse to come?

It's pretty frustrating, let me tell you.

I'll try scrapping the last section I wrote (800 words 'ish) and see what I can do from there.

On a side note, I came up with a way to perhaps introduce romance into the story later on in a way that would probably be interesting. It would be awkward, hilarious, and the 'relationship' could work out just as much as it could fail spectacularly, but there are still a ton of things that need to happen before I can even think of working on Artemis' "adult" period.

April 2nd
[Secret title]: ~9600 words
Word count hasn't changed much, but an entire scene was rewritten, among many minor changes across the chapter.

March 30th
[Easter special]: 5238 words - Chapter posted
[Secret title]: ~9500 words
I think I should make a separate story that will have any one-shots or extras I make, including both non-canon chapters I've posted so far....

March 29th
[Easter Special]: 5190 words
While I am not entirely certain that the chapter is 'good enough', I'm waiting on pre-readers to be sure.
This bonus chapter will be posted tomorrow. Will resume working on the actual story in the meantime.

March 27th
[Easter special]: ~3500 words
Welp, I tried, but I couldn't finish it for today. I'll try to have it ready for tomorrow Tuesday. Unfortunately, I won't have access to the internet until then.

March 26th
[Easter special]: ~2400 words
Putting the main story on hold for today and tomorrow while I try to rush this bonus chapter to have it ready on time for Easter.

March 24th
[Secret title]: ~9200 words
I've started working on an easter special, but I don't know where I'm going with it yet, therefore I'm not sure it'll even be ready on time.

March 21st
[Secret title]: ~9000 words
I have 5 days to write something for an easter special.
I also have no idea what to do for an easter special.
Thus, I may have to delay said easter special for next year, unless I can quickly come up with something.

March 18th
[Secret title]: ~8600 words

March 17th
Just received more fan art, but I'm out of time to prepare a blog post. Will have the picture up tomorrow.

March 16th
[Secret title]: ~8500 words
Might have to up the final estimated word count again.

March 13th
[Secret title]: ~7400 words
I should be able to give a definite release date sometime 'soon'.

March 12th
[Secret title]: ~7200 words
Getting relatively close to finishing the chapter, missing around two scenes. Unless something else comes up that I decide to add.

March 11th
[Secret title]: ~7000 words

March 8th
[Secret title]: ~6500 words
Word count hasn't changed much, but a couple scenes were rewritten. Progressing much faster ever since I figured out how to get past a certain block.
No status update for tomorrow.

March 7th
[Secret title]: ~6300 words
I'm estimating the final size of the chapter to be around 8~10k words.

March 5th
[Secret title]: ~5400 words
I could maybe have it ready for next week.

March 3rd
[Secret title]: ~5300 words
I'm actually closer to finishing the chapter than I thought...

March 1st
[Secret title]: ~4800 words
Don't expect any status updates tomorrow.

February 29th
[Secret title]: ~4500 words
Progress is slow-going for now. I'll give an exact date for the chapter's release when I'm sure of it, though for now I'm estimating next week. As long as I keep this pace, at least.

February 28th
Took a break to ponder on things, will resume working on the chapter very soon.

February 25th
[...Darkness...]: 6377 words
Chapter posted

February 23rd
The next chapter should be posted on Thursday, if everything goes well. There won't be any status updates tomorrow, as I'll be spending the day working on the third chapter among other things.

February 22nd
Resuming work on the third chapter, and will probably get to reviewing the chapters from act 2 to make them better.

February 19th
Chapter posted. Also, the chapter "Out of the frying pan" was updated, and reworked in a few places. Word count for that chapter increased by at least 1500 words, I think.

February 18th
Ran into a few problems and couldn't get internet, but everything should be K now. Went to a friends' house for a sleepover that will last the entire weekend, and they got internet. Chapter will be up tomorrow. (Friday)

February 16th
Nearly done correcting the chapter I mentioned below, and I will be publishing the next chapter on Thursday. Unless something somehow happens to stop me from getting internet at my local library. At which point I'd try and get the chapter up ASAP.

February 15th
Going to correct "Out of the frying pan", as well as fix a few things that were pointed out to me for the upcoming chapter.

February 14th
[[x] National food day (non-canon valentine's day special)]: 3611 words
Chapter posted. I'm... not quite happy with how I wrote the ending, but meh. As long as the chapter gave you guys a chuckle or two, I'm happy with it as a whole.

February 13th
[Valentine's day special]: ~2500 words
I think it'll be ready for tomorrow, but it'll be posted a bit late.

February 12th
[Valentine's day special]: ~2100 words

February 10th
Putting that last part on hold for now, because I just had one of the best ideas ever for a valentine's day special (at least, it feels like it to me) and I only have three days to write it if I want to post it on time!
Added a side thing to keep everyone posted on progress with pre-readers.

February 8th
[Third part]: ~4000 words
To avoid cluttering this page too much, I'll only post updates for the last chapter of the three-part-cut I made. Also, still waiting on all of my pre-readers for the first part.

February 5th
[I might have found names]: 9633 words
[That would go well in tandem]: 6265 words
[For these three chapters]: ~3000 words
Still waiting on replies from pre-readers on the first part. Might try to look for one or two more pre-readers, too.

February 3rd
[Gotta think of new names]: 9633 words
[Since I split this one in two]: ~9500 words
Maybe even three chapters, by the time it's done.
Sent the first half to pre-readers. I'm hoping it's good enough.

Also, why does this make me laugh every time I see it?


Newfound respect for Authors. · 8:14pm Jan 24th, 2015

I had been reading fanfics for years now, both on fanfiction.net and here. I've seen nearly every excuse for people cancelling their stories or putting them on hiatus.

And then I decided to just go ahead and write my own.

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As a result of this information, I shall place your story in the long term following category. (It is good to know that you didn’t die or something as well (The story is good after all))

Any update on your musing?

Glad your doing alright tho :)

Well, that’s better than outright death of the story. I hope your muse returns soon. Good luck.

No, however I'm lacking the motivation to continue the story, and I'm not sure when my muse will return, though I do want to eventually finish it.

Is your computer still broken?

Seconded. We're willing to wait, but even a "I'm not dead!" blog post would be appreciated (as would spoilers, if you're willing).

Based on observations of your blog posts, last login, an notes, ECT, I have concluded neither you or your story have died and whatever life has thrown you is still in its throes of plaguing you. Even if it is more years until an update, I will patiently wait. All I ask is conformation that your at least all right and doing well, and that the long wait is merely you focusing on more important real life stuff and not anything crushing or highly draining. If it is the latter I want you to know you have my full support thru it, as worthless as that may be from some random stranger who can't actually do anything for you:(
But I have learned to never underestimate the power of thoughts and words and it is the absolute least I can give

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