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  • 404 weeks

    So. Long story short:

    My laptop died.


    To be more specific, my hard drive finally gave up after 7 years of faithful service. Any attempts to turn my laptop on would never go as far as the password screen for logging in.


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    Extra Fan Art by Navanastra (fixed)

    (Reposted because the images didn't show at first)

    I logged on one day to receive a PM about someone wanting to draw art for me.

    Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

    In case the images still don't appear:

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    One year anniversary of Changing Views!

    Well... okay, not really since I started working on it for longer than that, but it has been a year since Changing Views was approved on the site!

    Rather, it was last saturday, but I was too busy to post this until now.

    Anywho, Genbu recently sent me more fan art, and since everything he's drawn so far was made of pure awesomeness:

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    I just had one of the biggest scares of my life today.

    Fell asleep with my laptop accidentally left on. When I awoke, I saw that it had a black screen, which I assumed was the power saving mode's fault, since I have it set to have the screen fade after a couple minutes. Pressed a button to light it up-

    Laptop shut off.

    I pressed the power button...

    ...and it wouldn't turn on.

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Hiatus · 10:52pm Jul 19th, 2016

So. Long story short:

My laptop died.


To be more specific, my hard drive finally gave up after 7 years of faithful service. Any attempts to turn my laptop on would never go as far as the password screen for logging in.


I could still login if I launched in safe mode (though it literally took an hour and a half of loading to get to that point) and I managed to retrieve all of my progress, notes, and everything related to Changing Views. Including all of the wonderful art that was sent to me.

Unfortunately, my laptop is still unusable for practically anything. The process of copying everything important to a USB drive took a full day, when it normally would've taken under 3 minutes. That's how slow everything was running.

In the end, I have no choice but to put my story on hiatus for now.

I mean, sure, it's been... what? Half a year since I posted the last canon chapter? I had run into writer's block shortly after that last 'special' chapter, and by the time I got to about 12000 words two months after posting said easter special, I realized that what I had written was... bad.

Like, horrendously bad.

So I put that whole thing to the side and started over, planning to post the failed attempt as a sort of super long 'deleted scene' kind of thing in another blog post.

And right as I was getting close to finally finishing this chapter... well, my hard drive sort of died.

Short term solution, I could get a new hard drive. Would take me a week or two.

Long term solution, I get a new laptop. Not going to happen anytime soon.

Either way, I'll find a way to get back to working on the story, though in the meantime, I... guess I could try to make some progress using these public computers at my local library (the whole reason I could post this to begin with)

Feels really awkward to work on a computer that isn't mine, however...

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Well, that's just fucking awesome. At least we know you are alive, that's gonna be something, right? :pinkiehappy:

Don't lie to us. We ALL know that you're just slacking off playing some joyful video game or what not. Just tell us the truth we won't hurt you. Maybe...


Don't lie to us. We ALL know that you're just slacking off playing some joyful video game or what not.

I wish :fluttercry:

I salute your laptop. And it's good to see that this won't be the third story to die just as I discovered it.

there is always the old trusty pad of paper if your in a bind

I'm going to put this down as some of the worst timing in the world, considering just how aggravating tech-breaks can be.

Best of luck and I hope you get a relatively stress-free fix soonish.

Oh man, that sucks, dude. It's always devastating when your computer burps for the last time.


...Wow, that sucks. Sorry it happened. I hope whatever solution you take is not too expensive.

Well, that sucks.

But, since you were able to get data off of it, if you have gun, some m-80's, some black powder laying around, or something similar, you could go to a field or someplace like that and put it out of its misery in a fun way. Mayeb beat it with a baseball bat and a few friends, Office Space style even.

Well, that sucks. Hopefully you'll be able to get back in business relatively soon! :pinkiesad2:

It's also good that you were able to recover your files from the hard drive, too. When my desktop died earlier this year due to the PSU overloading the motherboard in its death throes, I unfortunately didn't get that luxury. It fried the HDD to the point that swapping it to a different tower didn't work.

We'll still be around when you get the situation sorted, so do what you gotta do. :applejackconfused:

4102277 Heh, record it for YouTube and you'll get enough money for a new laptop.

get a new harddrive dude. I bet the rest of your computer is fine.. And seriously a week? There isn't a best buy or some computer parts store near you?

As long as that Amazing Piece of art in story from is not cancelled and your still alive I say take as long as you need. Fans of your story like us can wait for the chapter. :heart::twilightsmile::heart:

Warhawk, what I do is use Onedrive that is built into Windows 10. Simply make a word document inside it and it will automatically update itself online. I did this for my university work. In the event my computer dies and everything goes to hell, I always can access it through any other device. The most crippling feeling is losing all your works you've put so much effort into.

Well, that sucks. I really loved this story - probably the best one I've ever seen on here.
For some reason, they always seem to die right when I discover them...

Hey, at least you were able to salvage the important parts. No progress lost, Right?

There are moments in time when someone that creates content thinks to themselves "Boy, I should probably make regular backups!"

Normally it's after the content creator has lost everything for the second time.

Daily Incremental Backups via external USB HDD. :twilightsmile:

This issue quite easily redeemable. Buy a new harddrive and clone old one to this new one.
I recommend using Acronis for that.

It would work best if you use Windows 7 at least (XP is a pain to migrate, but also doable).


And seriously a week? There isn't a best buy or some computer parts store near you?

The time issue isn't really about finding where to get it, but I have to entertain guests for a couple weeks; relatives that are on vacation and bunking with us.

4103546 AAAHHH. then that was HORRIBLE timing.

Ive been waiting forever, Thanks for the explanation though. Its an excellent story and i hope you can get your laptop fixed :D

4102660 Clever girl...
Jk im not making jurassic park references#overrated
Anyway what this guy/girl suggested is an incredibly good idea, so even if your harddrive dies you should have a backup of the chapters so you can upload them at a public access point if needed, i backup my 2tb harddirve daily on a 3 tb drive due to the amount of shit i have stored on it, if you dont want to lose stuff so often get a USB

Are we allowed to add slongs to our avatars? hah!

The reason I didn't go with RAID 0 or RAID 10, is that if you get a virus, both hdd's get the virus. The reason I went with external USB storage is if there's a fire, I can grab 'n run. I actually use 2 external USB HDD's, the 2nd one is stored offsite, and each month which one I'm using is swapped around.

But I'm a content creator (photo and video work, mostly) with data going back to 2002 so that's probably a bit much for most people that care only about redownloading their steam library.

4106094 lel, top kek. I use my external drive for all my games, music and videos.

Really short-term solution: USB key or CD with a Linux image on it so that you can still use the computer without a hard drive? Maybe if you use a friend's computer or something to burn the image to disk or USB key? Maybe something like Mint or Ubuntu. (Mint if you're a windows person) https://www.linuxmint.com/download.php or http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop

A 7 year old harddrive? That is practically a guaranteed failure right there

At least you were able to grab the files you wanted. Wish more actually engaged that particular train of thought

If you get a new laptop you should make a video "sending off" the old laptop, get something that floats cover it in gasoline/starting fluid and light it in a nearby lake.

But... Why would you do that? :fluttershysad:

Are you doing alright IRL?? I hope to soon see more updates to your unparalleled stories.

yo te entiendo, hace menos de 1 semana mi laptop de hace 6 aƱos se rindio, ya no tenia caso pues ni siquiera lograba que se cargara. la mande a reparar varias veces durante varios meses e incluso llegue a pensar antes que el problema era el cargador. mi laptop ya no dio para mas. :raritydespair:

More than two years later at this point. Still no laptop?

Hope you make a return soon!

So... it's been more than SIX years now. Still no computer of your own? You're online right now according to fimfiction. Are we just being left high and dry here?

Sorry to seem rude, but if you've decided to just give up on writing, could you at least tell us so? Some of us hold on to hope that, honestly, it'd be better to have quashed rather than futilely wait for something that will never come.

7 years now, still nothing. Yeah, they aren't coming back.


Oh no, they're still here on the website. Thing about fimfiction is it shows when you were last online. It says "last seen last friday" above for me as of this posting. So they're still using the site, regularly. They are just ignoring any and all requests for updates on status. So while the author is still "here", yeah, we can probably consider the story dead and gone. Which utterly sucks.

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