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It's not "definantly" or "defiantly" or "definately". It's "DEFINITELY". How can so many people get it wrong...


Hiatus · 10:52pm Jul 19th, 2016

So. Long story short:

My laptop died.


To be more specific, my hard drive finally gave up after 7 years of faithful service. Any attempts to turn my laptop on would never go as far as the password screen for logging in.


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Extra Fan Art by Navanastra (fixed) · 9:42pm Mar 20th, 2016

(Reposted because the images didn't show at first)

I logged on one day to receive a PM about someone wanting to draw art for me.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

In case the images still don't appear:

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One year anniversary of Changing Views! · 8:59pm Jan 25th, 2016

Well... okay, not really since I started working on it for longer than that, but it has been a year since Changing Views was approved on the site!

Rather, it was last saturday, but I was too busy to post this until now.

Anywho, Genbu recently sent me more fan art, and since everything he's drawn so far was made of pure awesomeness:

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Rewritten scene in "[1] The calm after the storm" · 11:15am Jan 16th, 2016

I've almost finished doing a review of all chapters from arcs [0] and [1], and while so far there haven't been any major edits beyond grammar fixes and the rewording of a bunch of sentences, I decided that a particular scene in "The calm after the storm" needed a rework.

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Spooks. · 6:07pm Dec 5th, 2015

I just had one of the biggest scares of my life today.

Fell asleep with my laptop accidentally left on. When I awoke, I saw that it had a black screen, which I assumed was the power saving mode's fault, since I have it set to have the screen fade after a couple minutes. Pressed a button to light it up-

Laptop shut off.

I pressed the power button...

...and it wouldn't turn on.

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Anyone good with psychology? · 10:08pm Nov 10th, 2015

As you may or may not know from the occasional replies to comments I've made in Changing Views every now and then, the only time where I can actually make decent progress on the next chapter is at night. Specifically, from around midnight up to seven or eight AM, because otherwise I'm easily distracted.

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Extra Fan Art by CaDragon1 · 11:27pm Oct 20th, 2015

I was supposed to make this post a good while ago, but as you may have seen from the author notes of the chapter "[2] Interlude: I, Changeling", I kind of forgot :twilightblush:

In any case, CaDragon1 was nice enough to send me the following drawing of Artemis he made, which I also posted in the aforementioned chapter's author notes.

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List of Blog posts related to Changing Views · 11:27am Aug 21st, 2015


Deleted Scenes: Love, sunshine and unicorns... · 9:38am Aug 18th, 2015

You should probably read the actual chapter before reading this post.

The following was how I had originally planned Artemis' first encounter with Shining Armor:

I sensed his panic beginning to emerge. "Oh! Don't worry, she already knows about changelings!" I assured him. "I mean, she did kind of kidnap me from the hive while everyone was gone, but she's not a bad person! I swear! Though, she was kind of lonely..."

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A few polls... · 12:37am Jul 30th, 2015

The following are just a bunch of polls that I thought about for Changing views. Doing this mainly because I'm curious of people's opinions and such.

(Note that you can vote for more than one thing on this one)
Who would you prefer to end up being the one(s) taking care of Artemis?

Would you prefer one large chapter, or two smaller ones?

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