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The Wind King

A natural born editor, sometimes I edit blank pages into stories.


Midnight's Wildcard Feast · 8:21pm May 20th, 2018

... Got coverart.

Courtesy of Lupin Quill.

I can't link his blog 'cause it falls under NSFW, but he's just a google search away.

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Stories I've Told

The Roads I Walk

CPL - Chapter 9
Purgatory (Holding Patterns)
2,600 words 45-50%

Game of Princesses
2,400 Words, 45-50%

Hot Dam! - A Fiction of Human Wizards and Magical Pony Anthromorphs
Prologue done besides grammar pre-reading
Arc 1 plotted
Chapter 1 - done and up
Chapter 2 - Mostly written, and Authors notes written up 80%


So I'll be the first to say that I have some trouble coming up with original content, while still enjoying writing.

As such I'm opening myself up for requests/commissions, so that people may bring me their ideas and I shall bring them to life with the glorious medium of the written/typed/stencilled word (just as soon as I figure out how to get paid for commissions I'll open those up so just requests for now)

Rules for requests

1 - Be polite, if I end up not choosing your request out of all the options I have (because I'm so bogged down for choice at the moment), I'm sorry, I really am, but I have to balance my time somehow.
2 - One chapter stuff only, I'm not going to write sweeping epics for other people for free, do you think I'm MAD!?!?! (I am, but not in that way)
3 - No porn, please no porn, it's really hard to write (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
4 - No "Mah super OC saves teh day" type requests; that's Barbed Retorts job, at least until bites off more than he can chew and kills himself trying to save the day. I'm serious on this though, none of that, I'd like to believe I have standards, even if it is a hollow lie I tell myself so I can sleep at night .
5 - Lastly, I reserve the right to back out of a request if you start demanding alterations that break these last four rules

Requests Slots 1/3

1 - Game of Princesses for Rebus Brown
2 - OPEN
3 - OPEN

Commission Rules to come as soon as I figure out the best method for payment, and how much to be paid.

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Do you want me to PM it or could I put it here?


I can give it a shot, but I've never tried it before.

Would you be willing to include hypnosis in a request fic?


You're welcome, Mister Man, it was a fun read.

Thanks for the fave on Tastes Like Heresy.

Thank you for the following:twilightsmile:

Congratulations [SUBJECT NAME HERE], you have earned the...
You must be the pride of [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE]!

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