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The Wind King

A natural born editor, sometimes I edit blank pages into stories.


The title explains it all, these are snippets that arose from my conversations, or if I wanted to thank someone.

They're all short, disconnected, and on occasion, completely mad.

There may may be sexy times, connections to other fics, massive gore, or just "huh!?!"

Have fun, and if these inspire you to continue your own version of these be cool, be wild, and be groovy.

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Wow, thanks again for doing this. I hope you don't mind my posting a link to this in a journal so others of my readers can see the wonderful work you did here.

I'll also say that I consider this canon to the Ardiverse stories.

There may may be sexy times, connections to other fics, massive gore,

In that case, this story should have a sex tag and a gore tag. Why doesn't it have one?


Because they aren't there yet, Snippets that do have those, are also going to get tags on the chapter titles, but it's not applicable. Yet.

7237124 What are the Ardiverse stories?

Did you make the sprite in your avatar?


Nah, I'm not very arty.

I nabbed this from an old (and now sadly defunct) avatar maker for Gaia Online, it was called Tektek, but it got taken down after a bunch of legal bullshit.


Awesome. They're awesome.

More accurately, they're a set of comedic stories detailing cultural segregation through fear/misunderstandings and Discord fucking shit up during his first go at the whole thing.

Here's the first story "A Wolf In Ponys Clothing"

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