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Non Uberis

These words were not written for you, but if they speak to you, they're yours to bear. (Patreon/Ko-Fi)

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Hello. My name is Non.

For whatever reason, you have found your way to this page. I am primarily a writer and I work on projects that vary from serious to fetishistic in nature, much of it fantastic in genre with a blend of horror. I have only started being active here relatively recently but I have been writing for over a decade across a broad variety of topics, more than just My Little Pony. I specialize mostly in transformation, expansion, and corruption. You will find a great deal of sexual content on this account but I am not an especially sexual person, I do not seek out pleasure. I pride myself on the quality of my work first and foremost.

I write in the hopes of providing meaningful content that resonates with my readers. If you enjoy my work, please consider commenting and sharing your feelings thereof. I may not always reply, but I appreciate everyone who takes the time to speak to me. <3

If you really enjoy my work, you can support me on Patreon. Patrons get early previews of my work as it's in progress. I also have a Ko-Fi for one-time donations.

I do my best to proofread my work, but if you notice an error in one of my stories please notify me in private so I can address it.


Unredeemable Evil: I don’t care if Chrysalis is your waifu · 9:16pm January 27th

A while ago I wrote a ramble which discussed topics related to villain characters. Shortly after posting it though I came to the realization that it had actually drifted a lot from what the original intention was. It was supposed to be about how redeeming villains or antagonists falls flat when there’s conveniently some other villain who can take the fall in their place, but somewhere along the way I seemed to forget about that and instead started talking about villain motivations and being

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No requests, sorry.

Currently not open for commissions either, I don't have the time for it.

Would you take a request?

Everybody loves weird things!

Oh yeah, welcome.

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