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What's a species to do when their entire population is thrown into an invasion against a peaceful country, only for every single one of them to get scattered to the wind in crushing defeat? Well, why would they all want to go back to the life that put them in this predicament? Maybe they'd just try to settle down and stay out of trouble.

Inspired by my series about a group of changelings finding a home under Twilight's eye at her library, the goal of this group is to welcome any and all authors that may want to take a crack at writing their own takes on that subject. Authors may choose to continue the tale of the characters raised in those three stories, imagine their own characters living under the circumstances in a different town, or any other clever idea that I may not have the time or imagination to write myself.

Though this universe is open to all writers, I do ask that you take some time to familiarize yourself with some core principles to avoid confusion.

You will find our rules here.

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