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Minds Eye
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1. All regular site rules apply


2. Submit stories to only one folder

Please try to keep our folders tidy. I'm sure some stories will overlap with the categories I've created, but take your best guess where it belongs.

3. All ideas are welcome

At this stage, there isn't much to these stories to be considered "canon." Any author is welcome to make a character, stick 'em somewhere in Equestria, and try to play around with this setting. When/if the group gets bigger, we might try to nail some things down, sequences of events and whatnot. This rule also extends to Mature rated stories. If you object to such content, please toggle your View Mature option to off.

4. Stay cool with each other

I started writing this series to kill some time and amuse myself. In spite of what it's grown into, I haven't forgotten that fact. So just take this rule as a reminder that if I see heated arguments breaking out in the forums, I'll be laughing at all parties involved for taking this so seriously. It's just ponies. And changelings.

5. Have fun

Where this group goes is entirely up to the authors that sign up. Feel free to use this setting to experiment with a different writing style, dip your toes in a new genre, whatever you'd like. Just keep it on subject and have a ball with it.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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