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Mostly crossovers. WARNING: Not A Fast Writer

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Yeah, for those keeping track... at some point I thought the last three chapters would have fit into a single chapter. I'm... kinda dumb sometimes.

TTwTM, Chapter 9 - BEFRIEND ME!

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Hey, thanks for commenting! I'm glad my work got your creative gears turning. And looking at how much you've put out over just a few months, I'm more than a little jealous; as you can probably tell, I'm not exactly a fast or consistent writer. But yeah, writing is pretty awesome, and you should keep at it!

Hey! Just wanted to comment real quick and say thank you! Your stories have inspired me to write my own on Fimfiction. In fact your story "The Tirek Who Tolerated Me" is probably one of the first I've read on this website (though I'm not exactly sure how, it just happened one night). Though I haven't yet posted the story that's meant to be an inspiration to your fanfiction, I've still made many others. Now I get to share what's in my head, lol.

Thanks for writing Kotatsu! :heart:

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