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I Thought I Was Toast

Insanity is just creativity to the nth degree.

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The First Person Paradox · 5:52pm September 22nd

New chapter coming soon. Trying not to make chapters too long since I can split up various arcs now, and any more would have risked over shooting the mark. That said, this is not just filler. Odd as it seems to me, a few of you seem to have taken the bet from last chapter a little too seriously, and I'm not sure if you actually expected Mercy to fight Morning or not, but that's what a few of the comments came off as to me which says I'm not doing my job right.

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You thought you were toast, but it was I who was the actual toast.

you just got faved on all but 1 fic

Well I'm glad to hear you're alright. A lot of authors I enjoyed kinda just up and vanished.

Me and my editor have been even busier than normal between family issues and health concerns for the both of us. I had to pause writing the last chapter of Batty for a bit, but I am working on it. Actually hoping to get to it a bit today since things are finally slowing down a bit.

You alright? Been a couple of months since I've seen you update.

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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