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I Thought I Was Toast

Insanity is just creativity to the nth degree.

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The First Person Paradox · 5:52pm Sep 22nd, 2020

New chapter coming soon. Trying not to make chapters too long since I can split up various arcs now, and any more would have risked over shooting the mark. That said, this is not just filler. Odd as it seems to me, a few of you seem to have taken the bet from last chapter a little too seriously, and I'm not sure if you actually expected Mercy to fight Morning or not, but that's what a few of the comments came off as to me which says I'm not doing my job right.

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Really? You thought you were toast? Hmm, now I'm wondering what it's like to be toast. Hey, since you thought you were toast, what's being toast like?

You thought you were toast, but it was I who was the actual toast.

you just got faved on all but 1 fic

Well I'm glad to hear you're alright. A lot of authors I enjoyed kinda just up and vanished.

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