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And it's out. · 7:01pm September 30th

She Drives Me Batty is out folks.

TShe Drives Me Batty
For five long years, Nightingale Mooncrest has suffered from a terminal infection of Diamond-studded cooties; she is perfectly alright with this.
I Thought I Was Toast · 14k words  ·  153  8 · 843 views
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Well I'm glad to hear you're alright. A lot of authors I enjoyed kinda just up and vanished.

Me and my editor have been even busier than normal between family issues and health concerns for the both of us. I had to pause writing the last chapter of Batty for a bit, but I am working on it. Actually hoping to get to it a bit today since things are finally slowing down a bit.

You alright? Been a couple of months since I've seen you update.

Holy mackerel you write a lot! Its all fairly high-quality too. Always use your talents for good!

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