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I Thought I Was Toast

Insanity is just creativity to the nth degree.

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Been awhile. · 6:18pm May 9th, 2023

Hey, everyone. I swear I'm working on more Batty. But between working on the new book and one of my editors being beyond busy, I've often had to choose between getting the book editted or having them look at Batty. Next chapter will be out soon enough, hopefully. It's another one shot for the Echoes of Family story looking at a day in the guard as Tempered.

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Echoes of Family - Has a breath taking great Story cover ♡

'I thought i Was Toast' was made out of a Dounat without a hole in it... What a glorious invention
*look in awe* at the soup :raritystarry:

Your making me want to be toast now ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Not going to lie, it's pretty great

Really? You thought you were toast? Hmm, now I'm wondering what it's like to be toast. Hey, since you thought you were toast, what's being toast like?

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