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Credit where credits due. · 1:43pm February 6th

Two things:

First, thanks to Ashinda for a new custom page break. If anyone reading this has a few seconds to spare, please check the page breaks out and let me know if they're working for you. I've implemented them in all the chapters, but one of my prereaders reported seeing broken images, so I'd like to see if it's an isolated incident or not.

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Happy 200 shitlord.


Did you change your username? I feel like this wasn't your username before.

I saw on your page that you're a member of the lunaverse group!

I used to be heavily involved with them, drawing cover art for fics and making animations and such. That was a while ago but I had a lot of fun working with them' they're swell people :)

Instafollow for the username, profile picture, and bio. :heart:

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