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Welp, I guess this is a thing now. · 11:21pm October 5th

Due to popular demand, I guess Just a Little Batty is now an anthology of one shots. Don't always expect new content this fast, though.

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Did you change your username? I feel like this wasn't your username before.

I saw on your page that you're a member of the lunaverse group!

I used to be heavily involved with them, drawing cover art for fics and making animations and such. That was a while ago but I had a lot of fun working with them' they're swell people :)

Instafollow for the username, profile picture, and bio. :heart:

No problem. You have a great story on your hands. Honestly it was hard to come up with any real cons. Most of what I mentioned were only potential issues down the road. They could easily be things you were already prepared for without me giving the review.

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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