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Twilight Sparkle thinks all a pony needs is some friends to show them the way; Princess Luna knows some ponies need to well and truly break before they can ever hope to heal.

Starlight Glimmer is the latter.

An entry for Famous Last Words Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord Contest.

Proofreaders/Editors: Dreams of Ponies

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There's just no getting through to some mares. Not until they've split open those thick skulls of theirs by hitting rock bottom. At least Starlight will have something wonderful waiting for her when she comes out the other side.

Lovely slow-burn romance. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

If you really wanted to help, you’d be plotting here with me!

Well, yeah, kinda. Starting from "yield to mighty princess me, it's for your own good" is not really inspiring start for "helping" instead of pretending that she's at least tiny bit on her side, for example.

Celestia, I missed those muffins.

Muffins from Our Town?

She gave an uncertain smile. “Yes, I would assume you’d have a lot of those as a fugitive on the run.”

She knows and her previous "you're not alone" was a trolling?

“That’s exactly the reason why my sister and Twilight will not be knocking on your door any time soon.”

Perhaps, if they knew precisely when she's asleep and distracted...

“Liquid starlight.” Luna smirked.

Sounds like a threat :rainbowlaugh:

Very nice, and interesting, and I like how you can see that she'd be happier if she stopped and she knows it, but can't let go of her rage. I also like how conflicted Luna is about this, and the implied conflict with Celestia over it.

Kind of want to see a sequel for after Starlight reforms.

Could be nice, the main problem would have it be something besides tearful apologies and spending a week in bed together.

Maybe have Starlight and Luna talking at various points along Starlight's long road back to 'functioning pony'.

Huh, coulda sworn I'd responded to this. Anyways, thanks for the well wishes. I think I have a pretty good shot for this contest just on the merit of the idea. I did a lot of brainstorming to try and figure out how to use one of the main villains for this prompt, and I'm really proud of this idea for how much sense it actually makes. I could actually see all this happening behind the scenes in season 5.

That said, a good idea this might be, but the prompt itself makes even the best ideas require careful execution. I won't be mad if I lose to somebody else who executed their idea better.

What a great angle on this relationship! I wasn't too sure about it starting out, but you really sold me on their relationship, and both ponies felt very in character. The way you wrote Starlight's character in particular was fascinating, it really married the mare we get to know Post Season 5, and the villain we only see a glimpse of before hand. Luna as well - it's hard to get the balance between her playful streak and her quite serious personality right, but you nailed it.

As a fellow contestant, I wish you the very best of luck in the contest. This is certainly a damn good entry!

I'll be honest (since I didn't read the tags). It was only until the kissing part that I realised that Luna was romanticising Starlight.

Doesn't necessarily have to end in tragedy here. Heck, in canon they could still end up together.

That scene in To Where and Back Again makes me think that this story could work while staying in canon. The fond look Luna gave Starlight while saying that Starlight reminded her of herself. And the happy look Starlight got.

I very much like how you blended this into how the show went - I was hanging onto every word while reading it.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of this.

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