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This story is a sequel to The Princess And The Dragon

It has been a week since The Storm King's defeat, but Spike has been acting very quiet and won't open up to Twilight or Starlight. But Twilight calls upon Princess Luna, who also happens to be Spike's dragon sitter to find out what's going on.

This has no connection to a previous story I co-wrote with SuperPinkBrony12 Closure (Which I do love), but I wanted to see what things would be like if it were in my head canon of another story we both wrote, The Princess And The Dragon , where Luna becomes Spike's dragon sitter.

SuperPinkBrony12 also served as an editor and proofreader here! Check out his stuff!

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What if Cadence help Spike with the help of Flurry Heart?

What do you mean?

When Flurry being the center of attention almost forgotten but reminds him that he's part of this family too.

:moustache: I wasted so many troopers and that awful Capper...the fire,
:twilightsmile: It was only a dream
:moustache: Sort of creepy too
:twilightsheepish: the fire?
:moustache: No Capper hitting on Rarity, it would be like me dating Opal...
:duck: really
:moustache: Yeah, but Angel Bunny would kick my butt if I did, :raritystarry:
:fluttercry: It's true Angel bunny's been dating Opal :raritycry: My baby!
:moustache: Boy this sure went down hill in a hurry :facehoof:

I quite enjoyed this fic.

Keep up the good work!

Suppressing urge to blimp little scaled bro...

Glomp is apparently blimp due to auto correct

I wished I was in this story myself, so that I can BOTH comfort SPIKE in his time of need and to give LUNA herself the BIGGEST furry snuggle she's ever felt before. I do hope to see more of her as DRAGON SITTER in future stories for I get to see more of her and Spike sharing more bonding times like this together. For these stories helps me to start liking more of this version of her rather than what's seen on the show.

I'd drink to that

I really like the idea and image of Luna acting all maternal towards Spike.

Hmmm.....Luna as Spike's mother 🤔

What do you mean?

Like instead of mama Celestia raising Spike...mama Luna raising him and seeing him as her son

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