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I'm a weird girl who is a professional procrastinator, feels writer and whatever else insane thing i can dream up.


Starlight Glimmer, a troubled pony who was reformed and now seems to live a happy life with Twilight as her teacher and friend. Her life seems to be perfect, but what's going on inside her mind? With ponies not giving her a chance and still changing the details from her past to make it worse, the ponies start to get to Starlight and soon awful thoughts start to plague her mind.

*Updated and fixed all grammar!
*Warning! Suicidal thoughts and some triggers, not meant for small horses, you have been warned of the feels.

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A real tear jerker. GREAT JOB! I feared up a couple times writing a certain part of one of my stories. BRAVO!:pinkiehappy:

It comes down to willpower.

Still the matter of one more thing.

Interesting idea, but sweet Celestia, the grammar made the story a bit tough to get through. I seriously recommend getting a proofreader for future stories. Like I said, nice idea, and hopefully, you'll have other interesting story ideas. But having someone help with grammar/spelling will make your stories much easier to read.

7311792 Well thank you for the advice! Usually I have a certain program for writing stories that helps with the grammar problem, but this time I was gone and only had my laptop to write it on. So this was the first story I published without using the program, since I have a lot of eye sight problems it's hard to notice those little errors, thanks! :twilightsmile:

This is a beautiful uplifting story not that she tried suicide though its the message you give in the 3rd chapter

I tear up every time

When the going gets tough, kill yourself! Starlight knows whats right.

I doubt anyone would know who she is or what she tried to do

Is it wrong that I hope that pony from Canterlot ended up getting beaten?

hell yeah dude, thats whats up!
(apologies, i'm a terrible person-insert pinkie shrugging emote here-)

Not wrong, it's right.

Comment posted by Starlight Glimmer1 deleted Nov 26th, 2020

No we don’t do that. Things do get better, so it’s best you stay alive.

"I can't sleep without knowing you are safe, so I'm going to be your guard the entire night!" he smiled at her, Starlight smiled back as she shifted to one side of her bed to let him stay with her. In times like this all she needs are her true friends right now.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute.

"You monster! Letting this brute take your baby and almost kill the foal? She should have been the one to fall to her death if the foal was with its mother!" said the pony, the mare tried to talk to clear Starlight's name, but they wouldn't let her talk. Starlight saved a foal but someone saw at the worst time, she didn't want to hear anymore, she took off running back to the castle at full speed.

Hey Canterlot snobs how about you shut up before I have Discord make you bald.

I know, right? Starlight doesn't deserve to be treated this way. :pinkiesad2:

I’m glad this never happened in canon. If it did… Starlight might actually go through her own Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep.

Yeah. I don't know how to see that

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