• Published 15th Jun 2016
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Forgive and Forget - ArtsyUnicorn

Starlight Glimmer seems to be happy with her new life so far, However some things appear to be perfect on the outside are not so good on the inside. Gossip, Rumors,ponies giving her hateful looks. Then her thoughts start to get to her.

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Hear me out

Rarity and told Starlight about how each and every line of clothes goes to a different store, now she was helping her with a new Manehattan line that would go to that boutique. The next few days she would spend with two of her friends, today was just Rarity and Fluttershy but tomorrow would be with Rainbow, and then Pinkie and you get it. Starlight would be busy hanging out with her true friends.

"Why darling I love that star pattern! We should do a magic theme for this line what do you say?" Rarity asked as Starlight was sewing stars on fabric.

"Sure! In fact I know a book that has a lot of patterns we can use, I'm going to head down to the library and get it" Starlight hesitated for a bit about going outside, but the library was just across the street, no harm right?

She trotted outside and saw it was free book day for the school fillies; hopefully they still had a book she was looking for.

"Hello Miss, more books for Twilight?" asked the librarian, at least she wasn't scared of her.

"Not this time, I just wanted to check out a book starry patterns." she said, she was pointed in the direction where it was, however there were a lot of little ponies there.

"Hi Starlight! Can you help me get that book down, it's the one about Pegasus in the old days" asked Scootaloo who was hovering around trying to get the book.

"Sure I can," she said as she levitated the book down for her.

"Hey guys! Starlight Glimmer is getting books down for us! Come and ask her if you need help!" Sweetie Belle shouted to them, and pretty soon a crowd of fillies and colts surrounded her. It took 30 minutes but she managed to help almost all of them.

"What generous acts of you miss, would you like to help at the library every free book day for the school? I'll even recommend you to Cheerily at the school house" the librarian said to her, Starlight was shocked but happy that someone was being nice to her and she was telling the school teacher about her deed.

"STARLIGHT! Oh thank goodness you are alright dear, I thought something bad had happened again" Rarity burst in to see that she was talking to another pony.

"Oh sorry Rarity, the fillies needed my help so I helped them with the books, here I got that book with patterns for you" she said giving her the book, this made Rarity smile; other ponies were giving her a chance just because of one little deed.

"It's alright dear; now let’s get back to the boutique"


The past few days had been good for Starlight Glimmer Rarity designed a whole new line with Starlight that turned out amazing, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash raced her, Twilight had been giving her more lessons, Pinkie had another party just for her, and Applejack hung out with her at the farm and gave her a nice talk about friends and family. So far no incidents have happened and she has calmed down a lot since the beginning of the week, now it was the end of the week and Starlight had decided to just walk around town with Spike.

"And that's how I became the dragon lord!" Spike just finished telling her the story about how he and Ember got the staff before anyone else. Starlight giggled before hearing someone scream for help.

"Help me someone! I've lost my foal!" Starlight rushed to the mother’s aid to help find the foal.

"Okay stay calm real quick, what does the foal look like?" Spike asked her

"She's a pink unicorn with a gold mane, her magic is off the hook and she just disappeared!" said the mare

"STARLIGHT LOOK!" yelled Spike as he said the said foal floating at the top of town hall, it was dangerous up there and that foal’s magic was too, she could fall at any time. Starlight panicked, she used her magic to levitate herself towards the foal and quickly grabbed her, however her magic was still weak and couldn't carry herself much longer, holding the foal close as she fell to the ground hopefully the foal would be okay instead of them both dying.

"I'm coming for ya Starlight!" said a familiar voice, Rainbow Dash saw the two falling and flew as fast as she could and caught them just in time, if Dash would have went any faster she would have made a sonic rainboom.

"R-Rainbow?" Starlight stuttered as she found herself and the foal safely on Dash's back. As soon as they landed Starlight kissed the ground and returned the foal to its rightful mother.

"Thank you miss, I can't tell you how thankful I am" said the mare, only to be interrupted by a couple of Canterlot ponies who arrived just in time to see Starlight fall.

"You monster! Letting this brute take your baby and almost kill the foal? She should have been the one to fall to her death if the foal was with its mother!" said the pony, the mare tried to talk to clear Starlight's name, but they wouldn't let her talk. Starlight saved a foal but someone saw at the worst time, she didn't want to hear anymore, she took off running back to the castle at full speed.

"STARLIGHT WAIT!" Spike yelled but decided to try and reason with the pony with the mare, they saw Starlight save the foal, so did other ponies but why didn't they speak up?


At the castle Twilight was writing things down when she heard both the front door slam open, and soon after another door slammed shut. She got up from her desk to go see the commotion.

"Starlight? Spike? Who's there?" she asked, only to hear heavy sobs coming from one of the rooms.

"Twilight! Starlight ran off again we don't know wh-" he stopped as he and Rainbow Dash heard the sobs coming from her room again.

"Spike what happened?! Everything was going so well!" Twilight asked him.

"Starlight saved a foal from falling and then she fell too but she wanted to save the foal! But someone saw what was going on at the wrong time and called her a monster and said she should have died..." he said, he left the situation once Dash started running off for her, the mother of the foal started to yell at the other pony about how nice Starlight really is and how we should give her a chance.

*CRASH* Thoughts interrupted once the three heard glass breaking from Starlight’s room, the sobs had stopped and so did the other noises.

"DASH BREAK DOWN THE DOOR NOW!" yelled Twilight, she did it again, but that was a lot of glass. Dash busted down the door and the three saw something horrible, Starlight lying in front of the mirror shaking, she slammed her head into it and broke the mirror. She was bleeding fast.

"SPIKE GET THE MEDICAL KIT NOW! DASH CALL AN AMBULANCE!" Twilight shouted in panic as she ran to her, Starlight was still crying but starting to lose consciousness. She wrapped her head in bandages and put a pillow under her head.

"No no no Starlight why did you do it! You were doing so well" Twilight couldn't hold it in anymore, she started to cry as she held her close keeping her warm. Starlight’s hearing and vision started to go, the last thing she heard was the siren from the Pegasus in the ambulance.


Starlight Glimmer found herself in a pool of shadows once again, this time a tunnel of white light blinded her through the shadows.

"Step forward and into the light my child" said the voice, it was a mare’s voice that she knew of but she couldn't figure it out yet. She walked forward into the list and saw many doors, each a different shape, color and design.

"Luna? I'm sorry I lost control again... i just couldn't take it anymore" she said as the Princess of the night came into view.

"Walk with me Starlight Glimmer; I saw what happened back there it wasn't pretty. Your friends are very worried about your health, Twilight Sparkle hasn't left your side since they brought you to the hospital" said Luna as she showed an image of a very tired Twilight waiting by her bedside to wake up. "The mare that you saved the foal from is very grateful for what you did, and many bystanders saw your good deed and wanted to congratulate you but you ran away before the other pony had left"

"But I was called a monster Luna, I feel like I just bother other ponies by being alive, and that doesn't feel good I felt like doing the world a favor so I slammed my head into the mirror" she explained to Luna as she listened.

"I understand very well what it is like to be called a monster, especially by the ones you thought you knew well. The point is that suicide isn't the answer, your friends are terrified for you and care a lot, I'm going to wake you up but you must promise to give your friends a chance if they want to help you Starlight... Many ponies care about you and want to see you happy, especially the fillies and colts at the school house. They all need you, I will always be here if you need to talk to me, face your friends Starlight.


Starlight’s eyes opened to another blinding light, this time it was the hospital room she was in, she looked around and saw many ponies starring. Twilight was asleep at the bedside, that’s when Pinkie woke her up.

"STARLIGHT YOU'RE ALIVE!" shouted Pinkie startling Twilight awake, the six ponies looked at her and smiled and cheered, Rarity's eyes were red from crying like Twilights. They all gathered in for a hug.

"We were so worried!"

"Don't ever do that again!"

"We love you GlimGlam!"

"Are you feeling better?"

"We thought you were a goner!"

And many more things were said as they hugged her tightly, Starlight Glimmer was surprised to see her friends and a bunch of ponies from town that came to see her. She thought no one would care if she died, but no so many ponies came here for her just to see if she was okay, she never realized how many ponies knew. Even the mother of the lost foal came to see her.

"I want to thank you again for saving Tulip Rose, I never listened to that gossip anyway but I figure anyone who will save a strangers foal is a good pony at heart, the world really needs to learn how to forgive and forget. I'm glad you’re okay too, after the town heard about all of the deeds you've been doing around town and what happened, they all defended you and came here once they heard you were in the hospital" Starlight couldn't believe her ears, so many ponies defended her and came to visit...

"Thank you all for coming to see me, and thanks for caring that much" she said with a tear in her eyes. Luna was right, there were many ponies that cared for Starlight, she just needed her friends and everything will be just fine.

Author's Note:

Finally this story is done, I'm not going to lie i actually did tear up when writing this... Well i hop everyone enjoys the story maybe even learn something? Doesn't matter i love you guys and hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile: :ajsmug:

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A real tear jerker. GREAT JOB! I feared up a couple times writing a certain part of one of my stories. BRAVO!:pinkiehappy:

Still the matter of one more thing.

Interesting idea, but sweet Celestia, the grammar made the story a bit tough to get through. I seriously recommend getting a proofreader for future stories. Like I said, nice idea, and hopefully, you'll have other interesting story ideas. But having someone help with grammar/spelling will make your stories much easier to read.

7311792 Well thank you for the advice! Usually I have a certain program for writing stories that helps with the grammar problem, but this time I was gone and only had my laptop to write it on. So this was the first story I published without using the program, since I have a lot of eye sight problems it's hard to notice those little errors, thanks! :twilightsmile:

I tear up every time

Is it wrong that I hope that pony from Canterlot ended up getting beaten?

Not wrong, it's right.

Comment posted by Starlight Glimmer1 deleted Nov 26th, 2020

"You monster! Letting this brute take your baby and almost kill the foal? She should have been the one to fall to her death if the foal was with its mother!" said the pony, the mare tried to talk to clear Starlight's name, but they wouldn't let her talk. Starlight saved a foal but someone saw at the worst time, she didn't want to hear anymore, she took off running back to the castle at full speed.

Hey Canterlot snobs how about you shut up before I have Discord make you bald.

I know, right? Starlight doesn't deserve to be treated this way. :pinkiesad2:

I’m glad this never happened in canon. If it did… Starlight might actually go through her own Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep.

Yeah. I don't know how to see that

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