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Inky Scrolls

What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?



This story is a sequel to Blue

As Starlight slowly comes to terms with her depression, she considers her options with the help of her friends.

(You don't have to read 'Blue' to understand this story, but it'll make more sense if you do.)

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Comments ( 9 )

Are you going to do a story for the rest of the colors of the rainbow?

Very deep, Inky. I felt a bit depressed when my mom died last year. But, I got over my sadness in time. Part of it is by doing yoga exercises. That makes me feel better. You should check out my stories. They’re pretty cool .

I suffer from depression and I am on an antidepressant for it. I also suffer from anxiety so fun combo there.

Well, I'm not sure - I had been considering it, yes.

Oof. Sorry to hear that.

And those are just 2 of the medical problems I have.

He did. Inky Scrolls even put all of these stories together into one BIG story, “Starlight’s Saga”.

c) Whenever you're at your lowest ebb, and life feels like it's just too much, the whole of the brony community will be here for you. You're one of us now, remember?

What if I’m not into the show like I used to be?

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