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I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her. I do crossovers as well.


After Starlight accidentally destroys Twilight’s prized possession, Twilight in rage tells Starlight that she wishes she could act normal. Starlight decides to grant this wish, but Twilight does not like it at all.

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From now on my name is Glim Glam.

Lmao never expected that!

Another interesting story. Can't wait to see how this plays out, and hopefully Starlight will be back to her old self

“Perfectly balanced. As it should be.” Starlight smiled before taking her fork and eating the pancake piece by piece.

This... does put a smile on my face.

A very interesting start. I'm intrigued to see where you go from here I look forward to the net unstalment keep up the great work.

Act normal?

What the hell is that suppose to mean??

Twilight just wanted Starlight to be less reckless, however since Starlight is hurt, she thought Twilight wanted her to change completely.

I can see that alot sparks are going to fly keep up the great work look forward to the next instalment

Unfortunately in this case it was an accident. I doubt that she was always perfect with new spells considering that how she became an alicorn.

No wonder this was a tear jerker. That was kinda sad.

Because she was scared that once she would get back to normal, Twilight might say worse things to her in the future due to her reckless nature. And while the spell wasn't the best option, all she wanted was for Twilight to be happy with her again. Ouch.

And the fact was the figurine was probably able to fixed. Might have been as good as before but things happen and we have to move on from bad luck.

I’m glad you feel that way. The trick was for me to get you to sympathize with Starlight despite her acting reckless.


You know, from the comments you put on my stories. I get a sneaky suspicious feeling that you don’t like Twilight much.

It just sometimes twilight can be pretty reckless too and she tends to have a bit of temper when things don't go her way unless its an authority figure stopping that.


I’m glad you feel that way. The trick was for me to get you to sympathize with Starlight despite her acting reckless.

Well it worked lol


Then I have accomplished my goal.


This one is for both of you, I’m considering adding a fourth chapter where Twilight is still reeling from guilt about what she almost caused Starlight to do.

That would be great a story where twilight actually realized how much she messed up is a rare thing. Usually it's everything is fixed so despite the fact something bad happened we act like we learned and then it didn't happen.

Comment posted by the book keeper deleted Oct 12th, 2022

Absolutely not. I ship TwiStar, that would be so weird.

All your stories that i hace read so far have been really good and i do look forward to seeing what you erite next time. It didn't click you ship TwiStar I thought that they were main charecters of your stories anyway keep up the great work.

A very nice epilogue keep up the great work look forward to your next instalment

Now this is an ending to this story. Tbh it felt off that Twilight went "oh haha my bad that I got pissed at you" or at least not explored her guilt enough. Glad this chapter fixes all that

Hopefully she get a bit of anger management. Considering it is okay to be upset but it not okay to treat those around you badly because you are upset.

I figured Twilight and Starlight needed more closure.

This was a good read. A little disappointed that Sunburst couldn’t be included given that he was responsible more-or-less for Starlight's first drastic change in their foalhood, but I guess this was more about how Twilight as a mentor still has effects on her ex-protégé. It was still satisfying to see Starlight return to her true self and her floating about laughing was super-cute. Good stuff. Off to the next read!

Yeah SpongeBob episode. Lots of ooc here to me. Will see where I goes.

It's funny you neglected to bring Maud in considering she accepted Starlight for who she is.

One would think a story about being yourself would include a character that reinforces that perspective.

Considering the movie, Twilight is prone to snapping at her friends, and while Starlight is better at being ethically sound, she would do this type of spell if it was morally safe to use.

Don’t pretty much all of Starlight’s friends reinforce that perspective. Why would I need Maud?

I don't think Starlight has told anyone else how much she likes kites. You can tell by her expression that was something held very close to her heart that very few if any ponies knew.

That movie was so stupid. Yeah I suppose if you're using that you could justify Twilight doing anything terrible.

So Starlight didn’t tell anypony she’s close to about her love for kites? Not Twilight, Not Spike, Not Sunburst, not even Trixie… okay, now that I say that out loud, I realize she’d totally be afraid of Trixie mocking her, but the rest make no sense.

Sunburst and Starlight aren't close at all. They're old friends trying to build a new friendship. Spike is not as close to Starlight as you seem to think, at least not from what I've seen pre season 9. I mean I know there's that episode where they make the book or whatever but yeah.

I'm sure they're familiar with her enjoyment of kites, but when she tells Maud she's telling her in the vein of "no, you don't understand, I really REALLY like kites." Almost embarrassingly so. She likes them so much she's afraid to tell Maud.

I think she'd tell Maud and not the ones you referred to because she's fearful of rejection. Her and Maud aren't close at that point so Maud thinking she was wierd would just be like ouch well oh well we weren't even friends, whereas she'd be devastated to find her friends think she's wierd.

Fair enough. How’s this story so far?

I see Starlightbob. Gotta finish the whole thing before I can give an honest opinion.

What do you mean by Starlightbob? Starlight seems like the same Starlight she always was. Hopefully you like the ending.

Cause it happens to SpongeBob in his show.

I see your point. How was the story?

Like the format of this chapter, but sad Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash got left out.

Strange that this came after a letter which usually signifies a lesson learned which Twilight apparently hadn't?

A decent one.

It was for those who found that Twilight and Starlight making up was rushed. I mean… Starlight did almost change her entire personality because of Twilight’s hurtful words

“I’m sorry, but the old Starlight can’t come to the phone right now… Why? Oh. Cause she’s dead!”

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