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I'm a weird girl who is a professional procrastinator, feels writer and whatever else insane thing i can dream up.


Rainbow Dash has never been able to feel emotion since the war of the Crystal Empire began, who can feel anything else when everyone you meet just dies the next day? However, once Celestia brings in the new soldiers a certain one catches Rainbows eye for some reason, but how can anypony love or feel another emotion on the battle field? It's useless, it's stupid, it might be what Rainbow needs now.
Set in the universe where Sombra has taken over the Crystal Empire.
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My god why!!!???
I lov it so much!

How can something be so sad and depressing but be beautiful at the same time?

Lol XD

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

it's complete? sequel pls I mean if you don't want to I'm fine with it :twilightblush:

It was so beautiful. So beautiful that almost choked me up:fluttershysad: and believe me, I don't cry on any story. Now, all I can say is, AWESOME JOB. KEEP IT UP!:pinkiehappy:

great Fic man, really liked the whole idea of the war against king sombra. The only thing that seems off is the part where maud yelled at flash, it doesn't really fit maud's nature to yell. other then that, it was a great fic. i'd really love to see a sequel to this, something to continue the love story between Soarin and Rainbow Dash. keep up the good work ^-^

This story is AWESOME!!! :raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

Such excitement! glad you like my story my friend :derpytongue2: and i can tell by your profile photo you do like War-Torn Dash!

OMG! I love that you put urself in the story. That's really cool

Thank you! i'm glad that you enjoyed the story :pinkiesmile:

No hate against the flash fans, but I just wrote it in as a joke. Besides I needed a character most people knew and hated in order to show something like development in the story. Still I don't really hate him, he just ones that get enough show time.

Finally a romance thats dark with gore and is my fav couple!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!

Heh, no problem. I also love a good Gorey romance! :pinkiecrazy:

DAWWWWWWWW SUPER CUTEcute i tell u:rainbowkiss::heart::raritystarry::duck:

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