• Published 15th Jun 2016
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Forgive and Forget - ArtsyUnicorn

Starlight Glimmer seems to be happy with her new life so far, However some things appear to be perfect on the outside are not so good on the inside. Gossip, Rumors,ponies giving her hateful looks. Then her thoughts start to get to her.

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Another day of peace in Equestria thanks to the princess and her friends, even Starlight Glimmer got to play an important part in saving Equestria from going to war with the yaks again. That’s right, Starlight became Twilight's student 10 months after her whole 'be equal or get out' incident with the cutie marks, after learning her mistakes from messing with the space time continuum Twilight took her under her wing and started to teach her the true magic of friendship. Her lessons have been going well so far, she made up with Sunburst, the village she enslaved, and made news friends! Especially Trixie who decided to turn her ways around. Yes things have turned around for her indeed, but not all ponies have forgiven her for her past mistakes, most of the village still shuns her, ponies all over Equestria (especially the snobby high and mighty ones) are still hearing horrible things about her almost destroying the world and shocked that a princess is caring for her. Starlight Glimmer may seem to ignore all of the hate towards her, but on the inside it still breaks her heart.

While cleaning the castle once again Starlight just finished organizing Twilight's library, wondering what to do next she trotted over to Twilight's room.

"Hey Twilight I’m finished with the library, anything else I can do?" she asked as Twilight finished her reports,

"As for cleaning no, but can you help Spike deliver these spells back to the Canterlot library?" Twilight said as she dumped a pile of scrolls on the pony,

"I'll have it done in no time! Come on Spike we have a job to do!" she smiled as she used her magic to levitate half of the scrolls and gave Spike a decent amount (well he is a baby dragon).

"Should we take the train? I think it's about to leave for Canterlot anyway" Spike asked her as they walked out of the castle.

"Nah today is a perfect day to go walking! Besides it's always good for a dragon to go on walks" she said as they started their journey to the capitol.

"I'm not a dog you know..." he said with a puff.

As Starlight had said, it was a beautiful day out and great for a walk, even the fillies and colts could go swimming at the beach. Many ponies were outside today whether it was a picnic, a walk, or just hanging out with friends! Lots of ponies were outside enjoying the sun, there would surely be many in Canterlot as well. As the two made it into the city, many ponies gave them strange looks more directed towards Starlight, soon she saw them whispering as they stole glances towards her and Spike. Spike saw the panic going on in Starlight as he noticed the gossip groups.

"Just ignore them Starlight! They don't know you like the girls and I do!" Spike said in an attempt to cheer her up, the last thing we would need is her hearing what they have to gossip.

"I know but it's just hard having them remind me of the things I did but in greater detail...”

"Most of it is exaggerated anyway! We all know you didn't hold me hostage with evil magic, they're just jealous you get to be the student of Twilight!" She listened to his kind words and decided to ignore them, besides a lot of it was exaggerated anyway, we all know that Time Turner doesn't have a blue box and didn't save the day with it.

Arriving at the library she returned the scrolls and a few books and advanced science, while also checking out a few comics for her and Spike to share.

"You sure do love these comics Spike, will Twilight let you go to the Power Ponies convention next month?" said a voice; Starlight turned and saw it was Moondancer who was also checking out some books. "Oh hello, I don't think I’ve met you before, I'm Moondancer, what’s your name?" she said as she looked at Starlight with curiosity.

"Twilight has mentioned you before, I'm Starlight Glimmer it’s nice to meet you!" she said while putting out a hoof to her possibly new friend.

"S-Starlight Glimmer?! You're the pony who tried to destroy Equestria! Please don't hurt me!" Moondancer shouted as she ran out of the library leaving a shocked Starlight and Spike. Starlight looked around the library and saw ponies hiding their fillies and staying as far away from her as possible, this left Starlight feeling so sad and hurt that she couldn't even make friends properly without someone bringing up the past.

Seeing the unicorn run out of the library brought attention to Starlight and Spike, hence more of the gossip ponies to appear. They started saying things like 'There goes miss equality scaring pony kind again' 'I hope she doesn't try to enslave me!' 'Why doesn’t she go back to the middle of nowhere?' And many more horrible things like it, Starlight felt the tears coming and decided it was best if they would go back to Ponyville now.

As they walked to the train station Starlight didn't say a single word, surely the ride home would still be quiet but everyone knows that a train is always packed. Starlight just kept listening to the others gossiping about her, she would truly never live this down especially since more fake details are being added on the story every single time.

"Look it's that power crazy unicorn"

"How does the princess even bother with her, she's just a lost cause"

"I heard she was also going to take Celestia and Luna's cutie marks so she could take over Equestria" said the pony, that’s when Spike had enough.

"ENOUGH! You think a pony can't change? Stop making stuff up and just forget what happened! Starlight Glimmer may have been a bad pony once but now she has changed for good!" he said to the two, they just looked at him and scoffed. Spike felt a hoof on his shoulder,

"It's okay Spike, I’m the one who should be used to it by now, no need to try and reason with them" she said with sadness in her voice, it really did hurt her when she heard these things but she grew to realize that nothing would change. Spike didn't know what to do at this point, he hated to see one of his friends hurt like this, but not everyone is good. As soon as the train arrived in Ponyville, the two got back to Twilight's castle and Starlight locked herself up in her room.

"She heard more gossip and rumors again today didn't she" Twilight asked with a frown as she noticed the unicorn lock the door.

"It was worse this time, we ran into Moondancer and she got scared and ran off before she could properly introduce herself" he told Twilight, she knew a lot of what was going on, and everything she did wouldn't stop the gossip from spreading, now it was at a point where she couldn't even make friends? It was getting worse every time and even Sunburst couldn't do anything, and he's the one who had known her since they were foals.


It was getting dark and Starlight Glimmer was still locked in her room, Spike had been waiting outside her door with a plate of food since dinner, he decided to knock on her door one more time.

"Starlight it's me Spike, please come out and eat dinner, you need to eat something and I need my friend. Just please" he waited for a reply but nothing came out, he turned the knob and surprisingly it was unlocked! He pushed the door open and saw her lying down next to a mirror.

"Starlight, are you awake?" He poked her but no reply, her breath was steady but slow and suddenly he smelt something lingering around the pony. He sniffed around and came to a halt, he smelt blood, that’s when he picked up her hoof and saw small bloody cuts all over.

"TWILIGHT!!!! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, this is what they feared would happen.

Author's Note:

A new story is born, like i said this story would be kinda sensitive for some people that had to deal with bullying and depression. As a past memory for myself i do know that depression is not fun to go through, but at times like that all you need are your friends to help you get through. Enjoy the story! more to come :ajsmug: