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Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Galorium who was in shock at the huge reveal that Sonic unveiled to everyone and about his parents including the stallion who beat her a while back, “Wait?! You’re their son?!! Then that means…!”

Sonic said back to Galorium as he charged in again with his jets igniting and blasting for her with his sword ready to slash through her, “That’s right!! Stardraius has been passed down to me from my dad!! And I’m not turning the fate of the multiverse over-“ Sonic got close to Galorium and started slashing first with crescent like cut on her left arm slashing it off followed by another slash to her right arm as it suffered the same exact fate before Sonic began to attack her main body with vigorous sword slashes left and right damaging her dramatically to dangerous levels all the way yelling at her, “TO THE LIKES… OF… YOUUU!!!”

Then with a mighty swing of his quasar infused sword Sonic smash his blade into Galorium sending her flying backwards screaming and crashed into the army of drones behind her like a bowling ball. No one had ever seen this kind of strength before and Twilight who was still shock that Sonic was Gale and Wind’s son watched with utter amazement. He was a greater warrior than his father was before he and Gale disappeared 7 years ago on Terra! The Teku, Metal Maniacs, and Silencerz couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Could Sonic actually do it?! Is he going to destroy the drones once for all?!

Just then Stardrauis flew up behind Sonic after it was finished with the Drone vehicles and roared ready to to end this fight once and for all, “RRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRRRR!!!”

Sonic looked behind him and grinned at his legendary Pokémon partner and said to it, “You got it Stardrauis! Let’s end this… ONCE AND FOR ALL!!”

Stardrauis replied with another mighty roared as it charged up a Cosmic Quasar Flare attack in its mouth ready to fire it at the drones. Sonic on the other hoof did the same with mighty slam of his forelegs as the armor’s main blasters came online before a slightly bigger high tech laser railgun cannon appeared from the center of the back of the armor. The nozzles for the blasters and the cannon opened up and started charging up with highly concentrated quasar and dragon energy forming spheres of energy as they reach critical mass as Sonic exclaimed out loud at the Drones, “ARMORED EVOLUTION!! QUASAR RAILGUN NOVA CANNON… GO!!”

Then Stardrauis unleashed its Cosmic Quasar Flare attack while Sonic fired Quasar Railgun Nova Cannon from the armor at the same time which turned out to be a massive light blue, yellow, and white beam of energy and merged with the star dragon’s signature move becoming even more massive to the size of a huge asteroid as pieces of earth, dust, and rock flew in every direction. The Drones saw the massive attack coming and had no time get out of the way as it struck them with Galorium getting hit first by the blast let out a an agonizing scream of pain as she and her fellow drones were being disintegrated, “UGHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Then Galorium’s hulking form twisted, bulged, and distort before disappearing in the blue light of the beam. Seconds later a massive explosion of sky blue and white energy formed a dome of the same colored energy.

Thank you for watching!

Thanks for the follow :)

Thanks for the follow, I'll do my best to not disappoint

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