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I'm just a novice writer trying to improve his craft. If you like what I do, I appreciate it. Constructive criticism is always welcome here, as I can always make room from improvment.



Writing Advice: On the Subject of Evolving Ideas · 3:00am Yesterday

So today I'm here to talk about the concept of planned-out ideas for a story changing as the story is put to the page. My on-going story Finding Friendship will be used as an example, so you may want to read that if you haven't already. There aren't any spoilers here, so don't worry. This post was originally going to just be about that, but as I was writing it, I felt like I could use it to give some OK writing advice since I see so many people on this site asking about it.

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A bit about me.

My name, for all intents and purposes on the internet, is Kamen-Zero. You can find me on some other sites under the name "TheZero759," or variations of Kamen-Zero. Though I guess you already knew that, huh? Until we get on a first name basis, just "Zero" will work fine.

Anyway, I'm just a guy who enjoys writing some stories here and there despite not being very good at it. But practice makes perfect, so I hope to become better by eventually churning out enough trash to realize that I'm churning out trash.

I'm a major fan of shows such as MLP: FiM (...obviously), Steven Universe, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider.
Especially Kamen Rider.
Like, I might have an unhealthy obsession with this show.
I'm also a fan of video games and anime. Because I'm a big fat dumb nerd. But hey, isn't that what most of us are?...No? Just me?...Okay...

Anyhoo, I'm not expecting anybody to actually LIKE what I do. But if you do decide that my stories are worth your time, feel free to stick around for as long as you like, I won't try and stop you. Find yourself a comfy chair, and maybe a nice hot beverage. I've always found that some nice hot cocoa goes well with a good read!

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It's an original piece of artwork I had commissioned by one Chris Zito (here's a link to his twitter).

He has a very interesting interpretation of Kobolds, and I wanted one for myself. Commissions are closed at the moment, but he does do art and game streams, and whatnot. I recommend checking him out. He's a funny dude who does cool stuff.

Who's that in your avatar? :3

Thank you kindly :D

Hello and I hope the best of good luck to you.

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