Two Background Ponies Quickie: "What Lies Beneath" Aftermath · 3:24pm Sunday

"Here's your problem, good buddy," the mustached, cap-wearing plumber-pony announced as, unceremoniously, he set a grimy-looking bucket full of what looked like gem shards down on the counter of the Snack Shack. The blue store proprietor gave it an uneasy look before looking back to the stallion across from him, who wiped his brow and gestured. "You had a whole mess of 'em roots clogging up the drain. That's what caused your backup."

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Just read your fic "The Sweet Spot" and then I noticed your My Little Devotional's and read a couple of them.
The fic was really good and so were the devotionals.
It is so heartwarming that you're using something that you enjoy such as MLP to spread the wonderful news of the Gospel and Salvation. I wish you nothing but success to you.
Thank you for making the message of Jesus love, redemption and forgiveness spread more through the world, for there are really people that need it.

May the Lord, Jesus Christ Our Savior and the Holy Spirit bless, protect and guide you always.

You're welcome.

Thank you very much. :twilightsmile: Still got a good twelve hours of 2017 where I live, though.

Happy new year.

You're welcome.

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